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By Joshua Graham | Comments: ( 629 ) | Date: ( Dec 15, 2019 )

A ruthless hit man confronts his destiny in a tale of redemption.

  • Title: The Accidental Hero
  • Author: Joshua Graham
  • ISBN: 2940012694935
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Nook

About Author:

Joshua Graham

JOSHUA GRAHAM is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Beyond Justice, Terminus, and Darkroom, the winner of the International Book Award, Forward National Literature Award, USA Book News Best Books Award, and host of Thriller Radio His award winning novel DARKROOM hit 3 bestseller lists on the night of its release.CBS NEWS described DARKROOM as a book with action, political intrigue and well rounded charactersa novel that thriller fans will devour PUBLISHERS WEEKLY described BEYOND JUSTICE as A riveting legal thrillereaking new ground with a vengeancecally entertaining and surprisingly inspiring Suspense Magazine listed BEYOND JUSTICE in its BEST OF 2010, alongside titles by Scott Turrow, Ted Dekker, Steven James and Brad Thor.Many of Graham s readers blame him for sleepless nights, arriving to work late, neglected dishes and family members, and not allowing them to put the book down.Josh grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he lived for the better part of 30 years He holds a Bachelor and Master s Degree and went on to earn his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University During his time in Maryland, he taught as a professor at Shepherd College WV , Western Maryland College, and Columbia Union College MD.Today he lives with his beautiful wife and children in Southern California.For Film Rights Josh is represented by UNITED TALENT AGENCY Please use the CONTACT button on his website joshua graham contact for all inquiries.Connect with Josh on Facebook joshua graham fbTwitter J0shuaGrahamjoshua grahamSign up for exclusive updates, interviews, and to be entered for giveaways by subscribing to Josh s newsletter joshua graham GIA

Comments The Accidental Hero

  • Allie Castillo

    A real man's man / boy's boy adventure. I enjoyed watching it descend into violence.

  • Rebekah Rodda

    This is a redemption story that will make you want to start writing scripture references on fast food cups! A respected hitman takes on a job to take out Pastor Rick who has been opposing the sale of porn. What will happen when they finally meet face to face? My highlight in this was the hardened criminal trying to blend in with the Christian crowd. This is a short story and a fast-paced read. I want to add that as an Australian I did not find any of the language used offensive (we have differen [...]

  • Dolores Ayotte

    It has been some time since I downloaded my copy of this book. Due to this fact, I didn't realize that "The Accidental Hero" by Author Joshua Graham is a fictional novella and not a full sized novel. Therefore, I can honestly say that I found it to be too short. It seemed to end so abruptly, leaving me wanting a better understanding of the events taking place.I usually find it difficult to give most novellas higher than a 3 star rating. I have on occasion but it depends on how I view it on compl [...]

  • Michael

    I picked up this short story because it was free for kindle and quiet frankly founded interesting. I like the idea of an internal struggle and this story is about a hitman; Pete who was hired to kill a preacher, the only problem was he was raised in a church. This could of played out so much better instead the book was overly cheesy with the Christianity. The author really could of done so much more with the story but in the end it felt very preachy and predictable.

  • Loraine

    This novella was not the least what I expected. A great, transforming, redeeming story. I would have given it a 5 if the langauge at the beginning had not been so offensive. I know the author was trying to portray the characters as they truly were but I had to work to get past this section.

  • Olethros

    -Entre el thriller, la catarsis y la epifanía.-Género. Relato.Lo que nos cuenta. Brian nos cuenta cómo conoció a Big Pete en la penitenciaría de Salton Sea State, una famoso asesino y delincuente en los ambientes más lumpen, y vamos sabiendo el camino que llevó hasta allí a Pete, cuando hace cinco años se le contrató para asesinar al Pastor Rick durante una de sus homilías.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolethros/

  • Ashley

    The premise of this book was both interesting and compelling; who wouldn't want to read about a mob man who wants redemption? Howevere premise of the book was where the interest stopped for me. It became very preachy, very much a religion based novella instead of anything else. Religion has its place in novels, but I am not a fan of the ones that shove the religion down your throat and make you feel like the scum of the earth. So, for me, this gets one star.

  • Lori Henrich

    Wow! Not what I expected when I started reading. What a wonderful story of the power of God's redeeming love. It is amazing what God can do when He touches a heart.

  • Dana Burkey

    Short, but truly wonderful and beautiful all the same! :)

  • Naomi

    This is my favorite short story from Joshua Graham so far. A definite must read!!!!

  • Marcus

    I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a very short read/novella and has to deal with the choice of what is right or wrong. It does this by examining the issue by using the protagonist, Big Pete, on the more mundane level and on a religious level. Normally, I do not like religiously themed stories,but the author did a respectfully job at making his point without clubbing the reader over the head

  • Samuel D. Fisher

    Gods word is truth. Joshua has done a great job of bringing to light the power of Gods Word. No matter who we are or what we have done Gods Word tells us of His redeeming love for us. The blood of Christ cleanses all our sins

  • Michele Crimson

    Horrible, pushy religious novella. I was expecting a thriller novella and instead got 25 pages of preaching.

  • Pat Welte

    A very interesting view of a hit man. I will be looking for more books by this author.

  • Andrea Attana

    Hope foundWow what a surprise. A very good short story. Very powerful and moving. A story that stays with you long after you read the last page.

  • Terri Armstrong

    “The Accidental Hero” by Joshua Graham:What can I say? I am by far, Joshua’s biggest fan (self-proclaimed). Everything he writes is literary gold and his latest creation is nothing short of captivating and real. Every time I pick up something he’s written I know I’m in for a real treat and I count the minutes until I can put my feet up with a hot cup of tea and dig right in.Big Pete, a man without recriminations or regrets of any kind as far as he was personally concerned. But what’s [...]

  • Diana Johnson

    One mans amazing transformation and incredible insight into good vs evil.I found the "Accidental Series" of novella's while searching for something new and actually found an amazing author who has believable characters and shows how even what society would consider the worst have the capacity to change!! Joshua Graham has an excellent grasp of human moral ineptitude and their ability to change in the light of all that is good. I particularly enjoyed how he incorporates scripture to help his char [...]

  • Philip

    I'm a sucker for a good conversion story. Really, it doesn't need to be particularly good. This one wasn't, really, so I should probably give it only three stars, butAnyway, this was short. Like very short. The number of locations for the Kindle book were few and only about 40% of them were actually the story; the rest of advertisements for the author's other books. Which, I mean, makes sense, but it, to me, seems like he only wrote the story as a vehicle to get us to buy his other things and le [...]

  • Ragne

    Well, this is probably some of the worst crap I've ever read. Even though it's only 25 pages, I considered giving it up halfway through. I picked it up from the Kindle store because it saounded interesting. What I didn't know, was that it is a purely God-loving, preaching book. The author seems like a "born again christian", which is never ever a good thing. The story is as thin as Palin's resumé. Seriously, what God-hating, priest-hating hitman goes into church to kill the minister and is sudd [...]

  • Daniel Shields

    It's a short story, It was over right when I got into it. That ended quickly. Anyways some notes: 1) I found it cliche the porn industry took out a hit on a preacher.2) The author tried way too hard to make the inmate sound "gangster" 3) While it's nice to have a story of redemption, it seemed kind of seemededI say that as a Christian. Too many tropes and the such. I'm sure some found it heartwarming and inspiring as a beautiful story of forgiveness, but I expect more from books. I'll give it tw [...]

  • Raja Subramanian

    Why did I even pick this up? It was recommended to me by a friend. Now I realize why he did that.This is a short story that does not even have a story. A violent criminal, a brutal murderer to boot, discovers religion when he is contracted to bump off a priest. Predictable, numbingly proselytizing, and extremely preachy! I am sure that this appeals to folks who want to wear their religion on their sleeves. Not my cup of tea! That was just 1 dollar, but it was MY dollar - and what a waste! Dear f [...]

  • Karunakaran N.

    The Accidental Hero by Joshua Graham This was free at Kindle Tried it out, though a short story the added preview of 4 chapters of Beyond Justice by the author gave an insight into his writings In fact his writing seems to be exemplary. Except for the fact he reminds of John Grisham in certain aspects In all probabilities his writings will stand apart to create a niche for himself. The accidental hero Big Pete could have been a full fledged novel. Quite interesting without any backdrop incidents [...]

  • Urs

    This book is a very short story. It is a basic redemption story of Big Pete, a former killer now on death row. Big Pete is sent to do a hit on a preacher at a church and things go differently than planned. Since it is so short, there is not much character development and the complete turnaround took a bit to swallow considering how the main character was before redemption. It was a bit cliche and predictable. Nevertheless, it is still something quick and decent to read on a break. I downloaded t [...]

  • Michael E.

    Very quick read, even for a short story. There's not a lot of depth here, either in character development or in plot line. With a story as short as this, it's hard to get that level of depth. The salvation message is wonderful, but overall this wasn't a great work. I'm intrigued by the preview included with the book for Joshua Graham's next book, so I can't help but wonder if this "Free" short story was only intended to be an enticement to get a glimpse of his work. Well, that may work, as I may [...]

  • Justin Kean

    Awful on many levelsI have no problem with Christian authors, nor do I have a problem with devout Christian characters in books. What I do have problems with is a poorly written attempt to proselytize under the guise of an actual story. There is no story here. All that this books has going for it is a collection of words vaguely resembling a story. Unless all you want is overly saccharine platitudes about "finding Christ" avoid this book at all costs. Even free is to high a price; the author sho [...]

  • Beata

    Joshua Graham's short stories are more like sermons wrapped up in stories. Not my cup of tea… There are three chapters of his book Beyond Justice at the end of the novel. They’ve really captivated me and made me want more… To be honest if it wouldn’t be for that I wouldn’t read anything more by this author. Beyond Justice is really good. I’ll definitely try more of his books (but not short ones though…).

  • Janine

    Big Pete is the man to go to if you want anything doing as he won’t turn anything down no matter what it is. Well except this job is about killing a priest which he agrees to do but when he goes to do the job and sits at the front ready with his gun he can’t do it, he starts to see the light whilst listening to the priest.Pete turns himself in and tells of all his crimes and who paid him to do the killings.

  • Vicki - I Love Reading

    Firstly this is a very short story.The kind of short that you can read while sat in a waiting room waiting for you appointment.It's also free so that makes the fact it is so short ok.The idea behind the story is very good, and I think given some thought this could have been made into a really good book, a really interesting story.For me it was way to short, you don't get to know enough you feel you are just getting to understand the story and it that's it THE END.

  • Maria

    Interesting concept of a bad guy gone good in one night. It could happenwritten well. Easy to read short story. Expected more - the way it was advertised made me think it was really 41 pages but it's not. Thought the story would be different than what it was - was very simple but maybe that's the whole purpose. It would've been good if they'd really gone into detail re: religious battleotherwise, the sudden finding of God again seems cheesy and unrealistic - or maybe it's just me.

  • Wanda

    Big Pete was hired to take out a man of the cloth. But, something was troubling him a mixture of sadness, anger, relief, and worry. For the first time in his life, he admits he's been wrong he feels love and forgiveness.Big Pete is known as the scariest man at Salton Sea State Penitentiary. Is he ready to walk the Sunset Mile that long orange corridor to the chamber?This is a great short story by Joshua Graham - a story about redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.

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