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An Ancient ManuscriptWhen ten year old Pidge finds the crumbling pages of an old manuscript in a second hand bookshop in Galway, he unwittingly releases the serpent Olc Glas and the forces of good and evil gather to do battle The Morrigan, Goddess of Death and Destruction, has set her evil heart on gaining Olc Glas and adding its poison to her own, thereby casting herAn Ancient ManuscriptWhen ten year old Pidge finds the crumbling pages of an old manuscript in a second hand bookshop in Galway, he unwittingly releases the serpent Olc Glas and the forces of good and evil gather to do battle The Morrigan, Goddess of Death and Destruction, has set her evil heart on gaining Olc Glas and adding its poison to her own, thereby casting her shadow over the world.A Lost StoneTo thwart The Morrigan, Pidge and his little sister Brigit are sent by The Dagda, Lord of Great Knowledge, on a quest to find a stone that has been lost for countless years th only means of destroying the serpent.A Perilous AdventurePidge and Brigit s journey begins in Irelandeir destination is unknown All true creatures help where they can, but ultimately, it is up to steadfast Pidge and courageous Brigit to find their own way And always at their heels are the terrible hellhounds the hounds of The Morrigan.A classic tale that has been unavailable in paperback for almost ten years, The Hounds of the Morrigan is a book to treasure and to keep alongside the works of J R R Tolkien, C S Lewis, and Philip Pullman.A splendid fantasy rich and satisfying.

  • Title: The Hounds of the Morrigan
  • Author: Pat O'Shea
  • ISBN: 9780064472050
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Pat O'Shea

Pen name of Patricia Mary Shiels O SheaPat O Shea 22 January 1931 3 May 2007 , was an award winning and best selling children s fiction writer She was born in Galway and was the youngest of 5 children Her first novel was the best selling The Hounds of the Morrigan, which took 13 years to complete It was finally published in 1985 by Oxford University Press, translated into five languages, and is still considered among the best classic children s books.Born in Galway, O Shea moved to England at the age of sixteen and worked in a bookshop She began to write theatre plays in Manchester and got a scholarship from the British Art Council.In the late 1960s her early theatre writing career proved unsuccessful, though it was supported by David Scase, director of the Library Theatre, Manchester and his successor Tony Colegate She also tried writing for television, but that also failed to work out, so in 1969 she began to write short stories and poetry, as well as an unpublished comic novel.By the early 1970s she began writing The Hounds of the Morrigan to please herself and close associates by producing something she could deem worthy of her favorite children s novels, but with little expectation of getting it published.In poor health and well into her fifties at the time of that novel s first sudden success, she completed only a few chapters of the unpublished sequel in the subsequent decades, although those also remain highly regarded in their own right.In 1988, she published a second children s book, Finn Mac Cool and the Small Men of Deeds, through the publisher Holiday That book consisted of her retelling of folklore tales, and was illustrated by Stephen Lavis In 1988 Horn Book Magazine included it in their annual list of notable children s books, giving it a Horn Book Fanfare Best books of the year award In 1999, she published a third and final book, The Magic Bottle, which was published by It was also illustrated by Lavis.She died in Manchester in 2007, at age 76.

Comments The Hounds of the Morrigan

  • Elizabeth

    It's difficult to know what I could add to this discussion thread that hasn't been covered, as I agree with so many of the accolades given to O'Shea's lyrical storytelling and the richness of the world he's created here. Like several other reviewers, I find this is a book I return to because I just never tire of this finely wrought fairy tale. One reviewer used the term "lovable" and though it's one I normally wouldn't apply or even spontaneously think of in relation to a book (sounds kind of go [...]

  • Michelle Durnsford

    I have a very warm place in my heart for this book. I was given it as a Christmas present when it first came out in paperback, many moons ago when I was of the target age group and I was instantly swept away to the emerald isle and lived in its wondrous mythology from start to finish. I reread it many times and found new bits everytime, and I guess it became a comfort read for those times when I needed to escape reality for a while. Now many years later I have children of my own and I read it to [...]

  • Ellinor

    The Hounds of the Morrigan is one of the best children's/YA fantasy novels I .ever read I wish it was better known outside Ireland, the place where it is set. It deals a lot with Irish/Celtic Myths. This makes it special and sets it appart from the fantasy books you usually find, which are often more or less just variations of The Lord of The Rings or Narnia.The story is set both in modern-day Ireland and in a fantasy world through the two protagonists, ten-year-old pidge and his little sister B [...]

  • Tim Collins

    I so seldom give 1 star and this really should be more of a 1.5. Never have I been so incredibly bored and unmoved by a young adult book. The real issue here is how pointless the entirely plot is and how weak the main characters are. The plot is summed up best by this: Pidge and Bridget must stop an evil witch. They have no idea where they are going but they go. A god-like good guy (the Dadga) is watching over them and sending animals to help them along there journey. The journey includes Pidge [...]

  • Alberto

    It makes me wonder if I've ever gone on any adventures I've forgotten, as well. Do other people ever get an inexpiable feeling whenever they see a weasel?

  • l.

    Growing tired of looking at the table landscape, Breda Fairfoul yawned and allowed a small frown to appear on her forehead.‘It becomes tedious between moves,’ she remarked and to pass the time, she began to read a book by a great Russian genius whose name was Tolstoy. The name of the book was ‘War and Peace.’ As she read, she chewed her tobacco quid with relish and spat from time to time.[]Breda closed the book.‘Too much Peace; not enough War,’ she complained with a profound, critica [...]

  • Elizabeth

    Just like the protagonist, Pidge, who finds a book under strange circumstances, I found this book originally at a library book sale and was strangely drawn to it. I loved it! O'Shea is (was?) a wonderful storyteller. The characters are alive and vivid. The dialogue is very well-written and gives a very Irish flavor to the book. The exposition is never heavy-handed or clumsy, which I always find is a tendency in books with a fantasy setting. The fantastic aspects themselves are told so simply and [...]

  • Laura

    I love to re-read this novel every couple years. It should be considered a children's classic. It's so amazing! Pat O'Shea's writing is lyrical, beautiful, humorous, and incredibly imaginative! The twists and turns are unexpected but believable. Even though I know what's going to happen, I always feel the children's fear and tension when the hounds are nearby. Pidge, down-to-earth and protective, and Brigit with her courage and literal humor are two of the most delightful characters in children' [...]

  • Kim

    There are many books I read as a child that I've thought to pass on to my own children, but only rarely have I discovered the same sort of books as an adult. The Hounds of the Morrigan absolutely fits into this category. It's longer than many of those favorite childhood books, but it contains just the right amounts of adventure, humor, and sweetness. And if it proves too long for the children in my life to read themselves, I think it'd be tremendous fun to read aloud. If you enjoy fond memories [...]

  • Mai

    Let me just say, if you haven't read this charming, adventure packed book, you are missing out! I suppose it falls into the category of fantasy, technically, but it differs from standard fantasy in a lot of ways. The protagonist, Pidge, is quite young and the main relationship dynamic of the book is between him and his younger sister Brigit, who is, as he describes her, "five years old and five years daft." They're extremely protective of each other and perfectly happy in each others' company, w [...]

  • Michelle

    Equal parts humor, cute, suspense, folklore and fantasy makes for an excellent read. I wish I could compile all my favorite passages to just prove that this book was very artfully written and deserves a high rating.Ten-year old Pidge (nickname for P.J. which is short for Patrick James or something) and his five-year old sister Brigit expect to have a normal day waiting for the return of their father from a trip. But they are soon approached by Boodie and Patsy, a delightful odd couple who explai [...]

  • Clare

    I read this beautiful Irish story in the 8th grade. If you're not one for thick books and small print, I wouldn't suggest this one to you. Or at least, find it in on tape or something. It's a story about a brother and sister who become caught up in a magical battle between good and evil and will ultimately determine which way the world sways in terms of sin or salvation. It's a gorgeous celtic tale that I would recommend to anyone with a vivid imagination. There's nothing that can't or wont happ [...]

  • Laura

    Seriously the best book I haphazardly stumbled upon and bought impulsively at a bookstore. It is a fantastic youth lit novel, about magic and godesses of destruction and death and celtic mythology and ireland. also, it is deliciously long so there is plenty to read and enjoy.

  • Becca

    Hm, I wish I could give this 3.5 stars.This landscape crackles with Celtic magic. Every weed in the sidewalk and cloud in the sky is weighty with folkloric significance as two spunky children go on a brave journey to thwart the evil Morrigan--the triple goddess of death and war and destruction. They encounter the whole pantheon of Celtic gods and goddesses-- Brigit and Angus Og, The Dagda--heroes and warriors-- Finn MacCool and the seven Maines, druids and giants and helping beasts.This is the o [...]

  • Alex

    A beautiful tale through the Irish Mythologies. It makes me want to read more about it, and see if this story and the myths line up. Following Pige and his sister Brigit this story is about how they meet many of the heroes in Irish folklore all while trying to defeat the Morrigan and her brood. Really can't say much more than that without telling the whole story basically if you can get a copy to read do it, as it is magical, sweet, and one of those stories that you can read again and again and [...]

  • Kathi

    I found _The Hounds of the Morrigan_ to be a light fantasy. The story moves right along and probably is more appropriate for a YA audience, but I enjoyed it. I have a fascination with Irish mythology and history, so that was part of the attraction for me. There are many good life lessons throughout the story--pay it forward, be kind to the earth and its creatures, be attentive to the moment, distinguish between wants and needs, etc.--but the author manages to not lecture the reader. My main quib [...]

  • Nic

    Has a straightforward, classic plot - children attempt a journey, aided by magical allies, to find an item that will allow them to cast down a villain, while the villain's minions follow them. Many of the minor characters are original and fun or have interesting mythological basis.All that said . . .My biggest problem with this book was the utter lack of tension for most of it. The pace picks up at the very end, when suddenly the villain's hounds become actually almost dangerous, but for most of [...]

  • Cin

    Me llama mucho la atención el asunto de la mitología celta. En el libro aparece más de un druida, además de algunos personajes famosos de esta cultura. Y quiero dejar bien claro que yo de los celtas no sé más allá de la existencia de los druidas, así que este libro me deja con ganas de aprender más de esa cultura.Respecto a los personajes principales debo decir que estoy encantada con Brigit. Es una niña enérgica y parlanchina que nunca se calla lo que piensa. En su inocencia (tiene c [...]

  • Echo

    I'm not entirely sure what I think of this now that I've finished. I enjoyed the story and most of the characters (a few of the minor characters the children interacted with got on my nerves a little). I thought it was interesting and well-written. On the other hand, it seemed a little long. It's not that it dragged in any particular spot, or that there was any place where I could say, "That wasn't important and could have been cut out." It's just that 600 pages of following two young children s [...]

  • Ethan Rose

    I found this book to be a fun romp through Irish Mythology. It is definately a middle reader book without any really horific or tragic happening. The protaganists are two young children who wander almost aimlessly through the adventure. They are helped along by various characters out of Celtic mythology. Pat O'shea knows her myths and presents them in an amusing way.

  • Will

    THIS BOOK IS AWESOME (or at least that's what I said when I was 10).

  • Cristina Cumbo

    Alcuni elementi ricordano incredibilmente Narnia, altri invece (la maggior parte) sono legati alla mitologia celtica. La storia è ambientata tra la verdeggiante Irlanda e un altro mondo parallelo, dove tutto può accadere. Eppure, nonostante ami il fantasy, questo romanzo non è riuscito a farmi volare con la fantasia, a rapirmi dal mondo reale, a far sì che la voglia di proseguire la lettura fosse più forte di qualsiasi altra occupazione. Più volte mi sono persa e questo è forse dovuto anc [...]

  • Matteo Mazzoli

    "La pietra del vecchio pescatore" è una storia affascinante, emozionante e che lascia un segno come un bel sogno da cui ci si è appena destati al mattino. I due protagonisti, Pidge e Brigit, sono ragazzini brillanti, che si lasciano trasportare dall'avventura ma che al tempo stesso plasmano il loro destino, immersi nel carosello di personaggi magici, siano essi buoni o malvagi, che altro non sono se non la personificazione e la rappresentazione "fiabesca" dei miti celtici. Vengono citati il Da [...]

  • Kiri

    How have I not read this book in years?! I used to read this book almost once a year when I was around 5 or 6 all the way up to my teens. I randomly remembered it and knew I had to read it. It's a big book but zooms by.The plot is very basic to any Hero mythology but I'll flesh it out in a few sentences: Pidge and Bridget are an older brother and younger sister who get chosen to lead a fantastical adventure in another world parallel to ours in Ireland. Their quest is to rid the world of evil in [...]

  • Kristin

    A formative book for me during my middle-school years (for heaven's sake I still am waiting for an encounter with a talking fox) that went hand-in-hand with my love of The Hobbit and A Wizard of Earthsea. It's definitely aimed at a younger audience, but with plenty of good stuff, both mythology and humor-wise for adults to dig into. I realize it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it so much I own three different copies! I will forever be mis-pronouncing "Morrigan" though.

  • Silvia Martinez-Markus

    Aunque en la contraportada del libro lo comparen con Tolkien, no llega al nivel de las obras maestras de este autor único, pero sí al de Michael Ende y su "Historia interminable".La escritora tardó diez años en escribirlo y se nota. Las descripciones son muy buenas, aunque en algunos momentos ralenticen la acción principal. La trama está bien desarrollada y los protagonistas resultan muy simpáticos y tiernos.

  • LeonaCarstairs

    The Hounds of the Morrigan is such a wonderful tale and I very much enjoyed it when I found an old copy at my library a couple years back. The Irish mythology is well executed, the plot is interesting, the villain is creepy, this book was just great in all aspects. I highly recommend this novel, and I feel it is very underrated.

  • Anne Marie Gazzolo

    I read this for a class about Celtic myths in children's literature. An engaging story of a 10-year-old boy and his five-year-old sister who meet many strange, wonderful, and terrible beings from Irish myths while on their quest to save their world from the evil queen/goddess the Morrigan. Fun to read.

  • Veronica Zammarchi

    La storia è bella, ma leggere questo libro è stato difficile per me.

  • Darth Miky

    Da bimba me lo sarei goduto di più. Oggi mi ha un po' annoiata. Ammetto di aver saltato dei capitoli. :P

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