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By W. Dale Cramer | Comments: ( 818 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

Will flees his Old Order community at the age of 19, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend and all things Amish He begins a new life, joining the army and later marrying and having two sons of his own But his life and his new family are tainted by the hidden sins of his past Hoping to patch things up with his father, Will takes his new family to meet the old one Levi sWill flees his Old Order community at the age of 19, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend and all things Amish He begins a new life, joining the army and later marrying and having two sons of his own But his life and his new family are tainted by the hidden sins of his past Hoping to patch things up with his father, Will takes his new family to meet the old one Levi s Will is the haunting story of a fallen man seeking to build a bridge across three generations A beautiful and original story This is an accomplished work Booklist starred review With beautiful prose and captivating characters, Cramer has crafted an unforgettable tale Beverly Lewis, New York Times bestselling author

  • Title: Levi's Will
  • Author: W. Dale Cramer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

W. Dale Cramer

also writes Amish genre under the name Dale Cramer

Comments Levi's Will

  • Joleen

    So a couple weeks ago I read a W. Dale Cramer book called Sutter's Cross. Then I went on to read 2 or 3 more books I don't even remember because Sutter's Cross totally eclipses them. So I thought I'll read another of Mr. Cramer's books. I just finished Levi's Will and again, I'm so impressed. I love this man's writing. As soon as I finish this review I'm starting Summer of Light. What I didn't know as I read Levi's Will is that it is greatly based upon his father's life. An Amish boy, finding hi [...]

  • Shari Larsen

    In 1943, Will Mullett leaves his pacifist Amish community and his domineering father to find a new life. He joins the military, marries, and starts his own family. He can't completely leave his roots behind him though, and after years of estrangement from his father, discovers he doesn't want to. Levi is slow to accept the return of his prodigal son, and Will's frustration with trying to earn his father's forgiveness affects his relationship with his own two sons, especially younger son Riley. I [...]

  • Dan

    A great story. I loved that it was based on the life of the author's father. I found myself reading lots of sections to my wife, because of the humor that was woven into this sincere "prodigal son" story.

  • Joyce Peak

    This book is more than just an older Amish family and life in that world, but it is basically a story about forgiveness on intergenerational lines. The good and bad of the ways of his childhood and the good and bad about his father's shunning, are inter-connected in the shunning of his own son Riley.

  • Mandi

    Easy read, wonderful storyI didn't want it to end!

  • Lynn Spencer

    I’m a fairly eclectic reader (just check my account for proof of that), so when confronted with a theme calling on me to pick out something completely different, I found myself at a bit of a loss. I decided to go with the “outside my comfort zone” side of things, and I picked up Levi’s Will by W. Dale Cramer. I read plenty of inspirationals, but I have often been candid about Amish books just not being my thing. I only had this 2005 novel in the TBR because a couple bloggers I respect h [...]

  • Nora St Laurent

    This story is told through Will’s point of view. Will experiences dramatic things in his young Amish life that change his view of the world. He runs away from the Amish life style and his family. He embraces the English world. In the meantime meets a woman and marries. Will's wife very much wants to meet Will's family but Will is not ready to go back to all that. Will's wife insists after they have children that they need to meet. Will does go back to his Amish family and has to deal with his [...]

  • Kimberly

    As a general rule, I steer clear of Christian fiction. For the Amish, however, I will make an exception. I've always been fascinated by them, and curious about the stories of people who have experienced both the world as the Amish believe it to be, and how we "English" believe it to be.I really enjoyed this novel--Cramer's writing is gentle and he weaves Will's story beautifully. This is the kind of book that works well as a long read over a few days or even a week or two. Sometimes that kind of [...]

  • Lynn

    My most important piece of advice. BE SURE TO READ THE AFTERWORD WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED THIS BOOK!!!I don't always read forewords and afterwords when reading a book. If you skip the afterword, you will be missing a really important part of this book.This book is loosely based on factual events. It is the story of a young Amish man who runs away from his family and community. He leaves behind a bitter father and a pregnant girl. After a brief stint in the army he spends the next forty years searc [...]

  • LadyCalico

    Although this book touched me personally, it would not be everyone's favorite. I was into Amish books for awhile, having moved from PA to SC and being very homesick, I read them by the ton. This is my favorite of all those Amish books since it was the only one NOT told from the female point of view about star-crossed romances and family secrets magically resolved. It had more depth, character, and realism and felt as if I was reading a real man's autobiography instead of just fiction.

  • Karen

    This did not compare to the other books I've read by Dale Cramer. Very depressing for me and just wanted to hurry up and finish the book so I could return it to the library. Struggle b/w father and son, sin, forgiveness.

  • Loraine

    I have read other Dale Cramer books that I liked, but this one was just so slow moving that I couldn't get into it. I gave up after 100 pages.

  • C.

    A surprising eye-opener on how the Amish practice of "bundling" can be used to "entrap" Amish teens into joining the church because of pregnancy!

  • Lola

    Levi is the head of an Ohio Amish family. He's stern, unyielding,& very strict. Not being able to live with his father any longer,Will leaves while everyone is asleep. He's 19. He jumps into atrain's cattle car where a hobo is already riding. The hobo adviseshim, if he doesn't want to be found he should never give his realname or trust anybody. He puts on "Englisher" clothes & changesfrom his bowl haircut to something more commonly seen.He joins the army, gets married, & has two sons [...]

  • Sue Kelly-Kohlman

    Wow! The story of how a an Amish boy runs away from home and starts another life compounded with secrets about his past life is woven so well that the reader understands his plight and how it affects his English family and his Amish family. The author weaves together details from both worlds and the choices the boy makes throughout his life so that we end up learning about the south, the Amish, the army, life as a workingman . the list goes on from one generation to another. We learn that decisi [...]

  • Anna

    I picked this book up for 50 cents at a thrift store thinking, "what have I got to lose". As it was published by Bethany Publishers, I knew it would have a religious bend to it, and generally I avoid this genre. However, much to my surprise, I enjoyed this book a lot. It was well written I thought, and had a exciting and entertaining plot line with enough real life issues thrown in to make it a credible tale. I really felt empathy with and for the main character, having left my own religious "co [...]

  • Shirley Gregory

    This was a thoughtful story of the Amish tradition, family dynamics and struggles, and the coming of Faith in God. It is told from the heart of the central character without a preaching style. The backdrop is the historical period from World. War II, through the Korean War until after the Vietnamese war. It was uplifting yet realistic. Well with being noted as a “good read.”

  • Annie

    After having read the first Paradoxe Valley series, I was looking forward to reading this book (I didn’t realize until later that this is book two in this second series). Even with one of my favorite narrators, George Guidall, this has been so incredibly boring. I give three stars to this book. (1) Author’s superb writing skills, (2) narrator’s wonderful performance, and (3) overall impression.

  • Julie

    This was an excellent book that I’m finally getting around to review. There are many lessons to be learned from this book about love, lies, forgiveness, family and tradition. I also learned about the Amish culture which was very interesting. I would definitely recommend this book!

  • Ann Torrey

    Not my favorite book. Very dry.

  • Camille

    Levi's Will by W. Dale CramerI received a copy of this book for review purposes from Bethany House Publishers. I am under no obligation to write a positive review, just an honest one.Levi's Will is quite unique as far as Amish fiction goes. It is historical Amish fiction, which I always find very intriguing because it's a blend of two of my favorite genres: Amish fiction and historical fiction!Levi's Will centers around the life of Will, a young man who left the Old Order Amish when he was just [...]

  • James Korsmo

    Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for the review copy. In Levi's Will, Cramer brings the modern-day Amish community to life. He crafts a powerful story of a son, Will, who leaves the Amish community of his birth under a cloud of disgrace to find his way in the world. Eventually he reestablishes contact with his family, but his reception is mostly cold, especially from his father, Levi, who considers Will to be under the ban imposed on him for his youthful waywardness. As the years go by, and he [...]

  • Joyce

    I did not enjoy Levi's Will by Dale Cramer as much as I did the 3 books in the Paradise Valley series because the plot was not as compelling and it seemed to drag for me. The book takes place later in time after the novels in the Paradise Valley series but has some of the same characters. I think reading that series would definitely before this one would definitely benefit a reader and I'm glad I had. The Levi mentioned in the title is introduced in the Paradise Valley series and in those series [...]

  • Deb

    Plot Summary: What happens, When & Where, Central Characters, Major Conflicts[return]Follow the life of Will McCruder--also known as Will Mullet. Will changed his name after running away from home. He was raised old-order Amish by a father who is unyielding--so unyielding that when Will gets into trouble with a girl he doesn't want to face his father's wrath. Nor does he want to face the discipline of the Amish community, so he runs away and Tobe, one of his many brothers, joins him. Will kn [...]

  • Debbie

    " Levi's Will' by Dale Cramer gets 5 stars from me. This is a fiction novel based on actual events from the author's own father's past. This story is a stand alone but I am glad that I read it after reading The Daughter's of Caleb Bender first. This story tells about Will running away from his home and leavening a pregnant girlfriend and his father because he feels he cannot measure up to his father's strict Amish ways and his life and his coming back to His father and God but not as an Amish ma [...]

  • Michelle Rayburn

    I loved this book. It isn’t like any other Amish fiction out there. It isn’t about the pull of the world or struggle to leave and face the ban. Instead, it’s a story of a legacy of fathers to children, good or bad. The story unfolds with Will leaving his Amish community and the rest of it focuses on the pain of unforgiveness, the loss from severed relationships, and the wounds that run deep in a shunned man. The book alternates by chapters between the present and the past. But it’s easy [...]

  • Tasha enderby

    I started off with a distaste for this book, I guess I get stuck in the rythems and stucture of writtings of my favorite Amish Authors and this is not like that at all. This to me reads of an outsider in looking in on Amish and when I read the author's notes it totally explains why. This is not his story but a story handed down to him from his grandfather. This book will make you stop and look at the way you raise your children, our past in an imprint on them but we as parents have to let them g [...]

  • Cindy

    Levi's WillW. Dale Cramer2005Bethany HouseContemporary Fiction/AmishReviewed by Cindy LovenReprinted with a new cover, and a wonderful afterword W. Dale Cramer's book Levi's Will will reach out and grab your heart strings. Will Mullet, aka Will McGruder, was born Amish, and brought up Amish. However he chaffed at some of the Amish ways, especially the ones he felt were designed to trap Amish children into never leaving home. Having sinned against the church and his family, Will runs away. He spe [...]

  • Talia

    The first thing I liked about this book was the authenticity of Will & Tobe. More often than not, books featuring Amish have mild characters who all act the same - always happy/solemn, etc. One of the reasons why Will left is enough to interest me. When you you ever hear about an Amish person doing that? They are not sinless. Even though so many people portray them as so. And Tobe I can picture him easily as well! There is one cuss word I have found so far, being the 'N' word. I don't think [...]

  • Keiki Hendrix

    In W. Dale Cramer’s novel Levi's Will, you will find rich storytelling, an eloquent writing style, and thought provoking dialogue.Returning to his Amish roots to attend his Father's funeral, Will McGruder, an Amish prodigal, remembers the span of his life from the time he originally fled in shame.Traveling with his son back to Amish country, Will recalls his life as the scenery and the conversation spark flashbacks of his childhood and the events that propelled him to leave.The story is told i [...]

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