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By Gayle Carline | Comments: ( 964 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

It s Minn ee OH pa Peri Minneopa has heard her name mangled a thousand ways to Sunday and hates them all What she does like are clean houses, and dirty martinis She recently traded in her housecleaning business for a P.I license Her timing seems perfect, when she cleans a former client s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring The client, It s Minn ee OH pa Peri Minneopa has heard her name mangled a thousand ways to Sunday and hates them all What she does like are clean houses, and dirty martinis She recently traded in her housecleaning business for a P.I license Her timing seems perfect, when she cleans a former client s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring The client, Benny Needles, is a Dean Martin fanatic who swears he s innocent But where there s a hand, there s a body, waiting to be found.It s a brand new world for Peri, and she has a lot to learn Her boyfriend, Skip, a detective in the Placentia Police Department warns Peri that this case could be dangerous, but she can t stop sticking her nose into the middle of things Her first lesson is that investigating murder can have bad consequences In the middle of trying to solve the case, Peri takes on a surveillance job The philandering husband is unhappy with her, and she discovers that even surveillance isn t always low risk As the two cases collide, will Peri learn the truth behind both of them And important, will she ever get that dirty martini

  • Title: Freezer Burn
  • Author: Gayle Carline
  • ISBN: 9781590806074
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Gayle Carline

Gayle Carline Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Freezer Burn book, this is one of the most wanted Gayle Carline author readers around the world.

Comments Freezer Burn

  • Jenny Hilborne

    Freezer Burn is a delightful mystery set in Orange County, California.The book opens with a great hook: Peri Minneopa is a former housecleaner turned PI. When Benny Needles, the son of a former client, needs her help to locate a treasured Dean Martin item, Peri finds a lot more than she bargained for. As she hunts for the item in the back of Benny's freezer, she finds a severed hand wearing a pricy jewel. Whose hand and whose ring? Benny swears his innocence and Peri wants to believe him.Peri's [...]

  • Anne Carter

    What a romp! Freezer Burn is funny, sharp, easy to get into and introduces us to a group of characters you'll love. "Peri" is a cleverly written, cozy sleuth you'd want in your neighborhood anytime. This is going to be a great series and I can't wait to read the next one. Gayle Carline is one talented lady.

  • Gloria Bernal

    I've never read anything by this author, but you bet I will read more by her. This drew me in right quick, and another plus for me is that the locale of this novel is in north Orange County, where I lived for many years. Being familiar with the streets and places she mentions make it even more enjoyable to read.It also moved along at a quick pace, never got boring. Peri (short for Periwinkle) is a new Pvt. Detective who gave up her house-cleaning business to do something more exciting. She has a [...]

  • Leise Chadwick

    I enjoyed Freezer Burn: A Peri Minneopa Novel. I like Peri, she is independent, strong and determined. She is hesitant to commit to a live in relationship with her long time love, Skip, a detective. Peri has changed careers and become a PI, sans a weapon, leaving Skip concerned about her well being. Bennie Needles is one of Peri's first clients. Bennie is looney, and that's being kind. He is obsessed with Dean Martin memorabilia and hires Peri to find the Dean Martin ice cube tray he put in his [...]

  • Sherry

    Peri Minneopa, recently turned P.I. after years of cleaning houses for a living, is called to a former client (house keeping) to clean his freezer. When she does she discovers a severed hand with a million dollar ring on it. She immediately calls in her homicide detective boyfriend. From there the two attempt to figure out, whose hand, whose ring and who dunnit! Lots of crazy characters and oddball connections make this a really fun read.

  • Chris Mclean

    Cute, occasionally funny mystery about a peri menopausal private investigator who used to clean houses. It's nice because she is 50 and acts her age: she is still sexually active and fit, but she isn't acting dumb all of the time. The mystery is pretty well done.

  • Skeeter Jorgensen

    I loved the humor in Freezers Burn. Great read, Cozy mystery. I liked it, gave it 4 stars. I will read more by Gayler Catlike.

  • Erica


  • Heather

    I give this book 2 stars because it just isn't very good. It's not horrible. There will be many people that enjoy it. I found it to be simple in it's plot, simple in the character development, and generic in the characters. If you want light reading where you don't have to think much, this may be the book for you. The last 5% of the book had a few editing issues, but the rest of the book seemed clean. And now for the issues I had with this book:-I think the author thought she was being creative [...]

  • LeviSamJuno

    The premise of Freezer Burn being a sharp-eyed, middle-aged woman leaving behind her house cleaning days for a new career as an investigator of insurance fraud-slash-marital infidelity cases really caught my attention. Not just that whole unique combination, but also some protagonist features that I really haven't encountered before. Most of the time our literary hero of the mystery genre is a seasoned veteran of the police force stepping out on his own, or a highly intelligent fresh-out-of-crim [...]

  • Pat aka Tygyr

    Peri has recently traded in housecleaning for being a PI. One of her former clients is a bit of a nut job and he comes into her office and wants her to find his ice cube tray - he claims it was used by Dean Martin. He last saw it in his freezer, but his freezer has frosted over so bad he can't find it. He wants her to defrost his freezer so he can get Dino's ice cube tray back. Peri decides she can look and heads for Benny's. She is amazed at how much more Dino stuff he has collected since she q [...]

  • Beth Peninger

    I love murder-mysteries. I think it's because I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Mary Higgins Clark and watching shows with my Dad like Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Remington Steele, Moonlighting, etc. So I'm always willing to read a murder-mystery and give the author a go. Gayle Carline probably saw how well Sue Grafton was doing with her woman PI that she decided to jump on that bandwagon. She has crafted her own woman PI named Peri Minneopa. Unfortunately Peri is too similar to Grafton's Millhone [...]

  • Leona

    After finishing 62% of the book according to my Kindle, I just can't take it anymore. Two things I really hate are when (1) the author expects me to suspend all reality and (2) a character is so stupid that I can't believe they do anything other than hand out carts at Target. Well, Peri, whatever her last name is, a private detective, falls in the second category. She is involved with a police detective and between the two of them, they don't have enough sense to use protection every time they h [...]

  • Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar

    Full and Detailed review at cynthology/2015/0Freezer Burn by Gayle Carline was a cosy fireside mystery that I quite enjoyed reading. The story is written from the third person point of view of Peri. The dialogue is realistic and credible, but the manner in which the two leads are just one degree from talking about sex almost all the time is annoying. Peri is an unusual character. For one, she's 50, and she has the guts to opt for a career change at 50, after decades spent cleaning people’s hom [...]

  • Annette

    Peri is 50 years old and starting a new career as a PI. She was a house cleaner - but is beginning a new phase of life. I like the fact she is not some sweet young thing with no brain.Skip is a detective - also 50 - and in love with Peri. He is a very patient man who seems to be willing to allow Peri to have access to anything in the police departmentat is not realistic at all. He appears to be nice but not as observant as Peri.The plot is different - there are murders, attempted murders and a o [...]

  • Diana Donnelly

    The was a delightful mystery about a 50-year-old woman who has just recently become a P.I. after 30 years in business cleaning homes. This worked out well but she was tiring of the physicial labor. Her first client as a P.I. just so happens to be the son of one of her former cleaning customers. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer with a strong passion for Dean Martin. He has a wide collection of Martin mementos and he wants to hire Peri to find one that is missing--a Dean Martin ice tray. [...]

  • DeAnna

    When I picked up FREEZER BURN, I knew I was in for a great cozy mystery with some twists and turns that kept the story fresh and interesting. What I didn’t expect was the humor! Writing humor can be such tricky terrain for writers, but Gayle Carline does it brilliantly. Whether it’s her interview with an old lady with a thing for taxidermy or her misadventures with a home pregnancy test, our intrepid heroine, Peri Minneopa, had me laughing out loud and rooting for her from the first page. Bu [...]

  • Sandy Grissett

    Great murder mysteryThis is a story of Peri, a Private investigator, and Skip, a detective. Peri cleaned houses for a living and now she is searching for cheating husband, etc. Benny comes to her office one day and she tells him that she is not going to clean his house. Benny begs her to clean the freezer which she finally agreed to for $250.00. Benny is a character, he loves Dean Martin and his house is full of memorables of Dino. Benny can not find his ice tray that was autographed by Dino. Wh [...]

  • Carlee

    I give this book about 2.5 stars, actually. It's a little more explicit than your typical cozy mystery which I mention only because it didn't really add value to the story. I also thought Peri was a bit unrealistic - at one point of the story, (view spoiler)[Peri thinks she might be pregnant, but she keeps putting off buying a pregnancy test and then actually taking the test (hide spoiler)]. I also thought it was unrealistic that Peri was able to get so much access to the case - yes, her boyfrie [...]

  • Babs

    I really enjoyed this book. Peri use to clean houses for a living until she got her PI's license. She does small work at the moment with insurance companies etc until Benny Needles calls on Peri to help get an artifact out of his freezer as he is a big Dean Martin's fan. Peri comes across a severed hand with a big expensive ring and the fun begins when all sorts of shady characters come out and play. With so many interesting characters in this book, it keeps you guessing right up till the very e [...]

  • Nola Arganbright

    This review is from: Freezer Burn (Peri Minneopa Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition) Freezer Burn was one of the best cozies I have read in a great while. Peru Minneopa is sassy and lovable! Skip her police detective boyfriend has his work cut out for himself trying to keep up while they solve crimes together. Supporting characters are as funny as the hero's. Who knew going from being a housekeeper to a private detective would be so dangerous and hilarious!I am so anxious to read the rest of the [...]

  • Patricia

    I thought I had a review of this book on here already but couldn't find it, so here goes based on my memory, which is not the best these days. I enjoy the Peri character (I think we share a similar sense of humor), her relationships, the setting - it's always fun to read about places I actually know and love. The mystery itself was ok, but I am not a huge fan of Benny. He just doesn't seem very real to me in all his child-like, Dino loving glory. Still a fun read.

  • Yvonne Taylor

    This book was a lot of fun. There were so many zany characters it just sucked you in. I really wasn't sure who was behind the murders until the end. You kind of have an idea, but more than one person looks guilty. I really enjoyed Peri's character. That girl has a mind of her own, and she doesn't care who she offends. I am really looking forward to reading the other books in this series

  • Teresa

    Enjoyable read! When Peri Minneopa cleaning lady turned PI finds a severed hand in a client's freezer that is the basis for a good mystery. When the hand has a priceless ring on it and it is in the freezer of an eccentric Dean Martin fan who is terrified of police stations it becomes a great mystery. This is the third book I've read by Gayle Carline and it didn't disappoint. I loved the characters, the humor and once again the plot made me think.

  • Stacy

    I really liked the characters in this book. Peri is smart, snarky, and a little hard headed. Her boyfriend is a detective who encouraged he to start a PI business, along with her best friend and assistant medical examiner. Great story line, a lot of people, but they all play a part. Looking forward to the next bool in the series!

  • Marilyn

    This was a very good cozy mystery. I like the main character and her age group. It came with the aches and pains of a middle age woman. Her man(boy)friend was also likeable. She investigates a case for a quirky friend and all does not go well.

  • Enid

    When I first started this book I wasn't sure I would get through it as it seemed too tame for my taste but I grew to actually like the protagonist and the story was really entertaining though not macabre. Great use of all the characters and their various roles.

  • Robbie

    A decent mystery; likeable characters, a fast read.

  • 3 no 7

    Fun "mystery" read, especially for So Cal readers who know all the Placentia locations.

  • Teresa

    Carline has written a fabulous mystery with delightful new characters. She uses humor to lighten the gruesome events providing twists and turns that keep you trying to solve the mystery. Fun read.

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