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By Jamie Craig | Comments: ( 752 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

Halloween is a night of tricks and treats, but an assassin doesn t expect either until he meets his mark and realizes nothing will be the same againArgenti agent Darren Sumner was born to hunt and terminate rogue werewolves, and his assignment to target Aden Richter should have been like any other Guilty of seven murders, the werewolf needed to be put down.UnfortunatelHalloween is a night of tricks and treats, but an assassin doesn t expect either until he meets his mark and realizes nothing will be the same againArgenti agent Darren Sumner was born to hunt and terminate rogue werewolves, and his assignment to target Aden Richter should have been like any other Guilty of seven murders, the werewolf needed to be put down.Unfortunately, Darren s assigned to infiltrate a Halloween party in a leather miniskirt, high heels, and a wig To make things difficult, once he comes in contact with Aden, the last thing he wants to do is kill him.Distracted by lust neither can control, they stumble over a conspiracy that involves the darkest magic, betrayal, and murder A conspiracy that binds Darren and Aden inextricably tighter as the danger moves closer

  • Title: October: Trick of Silver
  • Author: Jamie Craig
  • ISBN: 9781602723863
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Jamie Craig

Jamie Craig is actually a pen name for the collaboration of authors Vivien Dean author show and Pepper Espinoza author show ABOUT JAMIE CRAIGVivien Dean and Pepper Espinoza have been writing and publishing together as Jamie Craig since 2006 They have published with Juno Books, Samhain Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, and multiple titles with Amber Quill Press.Pepper Espinoza has been writing and publishing erotic romance since 2005 She grew up in Utah and lives there now, where the landscape and history provide a great deal of inspiration for her work Besides writing, she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and going to concerts.Vivien Dean returned to writing in 2005, and has published with Liquid Silver Books, Samhain Publishing, and Amber Quill Press She currently resides in northern California with her husband and two children.

Comments October: Trick of Silver

  • Kaseka

    I had a lot of fun reading this!Darren and Aden's steamy relationship begins with unexpected twists for both, and propels them into an investigation that could get both killed--even without the other as a sexy distraction. I like that their attraction played an important part in the plot, not just the bedroom; it ratcheted up the tension and made for a more convincing read. I also like that Craig didn't gloss over Darren's past as a specialized assassin, nor the fear and revulsion most humans wo [...]

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~

    This story was so much better than I thought it would be. Darren, a wolf hunter employed by a special agency created to contain werewolves finds his target, Aden, a sinfully sexy werewolf on Halloween at a costume party where Aden shows up in leather pants with a guitar over his shoulder. Darren, who happens to be dressed as cat woman, complete with mini skirt, high heels and wig, immediately attracts his attention. Actually, the attraction is mutual. The guys end up working together to solve th [...]

  • Emily Moore

    4.5 starsThe Calendar Boys series, as obvious from the title, has a new book each month. The books have spanned multiple genres and each has some aspect that ties to the month it is assigned. I have been following this series from the beginning and have enjoyed all of the books ~ some a bit more than others. The October story, Trick of Silver, is by far my favorite of the books released so far. I can't say for sure that it will be my favorite overall ~ after all who knows what November and Decem [...]

  • Tam

    Darren works for the Argenti, a group who hunt down werewolves. He's tasked to take out one of the most powerful ones at a Halloween party, whom they suspect of killing several people. However, Aden KNOWS there's someone there to take him down, and he also knows someone is setting him up and he's determined to find out who. Darren is thrown when Aden reveals him as the assassin within minutes, and despite his better judgment is willing to give Aden a chance to prove his theory. When it seems Dar [...]

  • Lily

    Human vs Werewolf. Assassin vs Target. This sexy novella tells the story of Darren and Aden and the totally unexpected passion and eventual love that grows between them. Darren is sent to kill Aden who is thought to be a crazy murderer but instead he ends up protecting and saving him. Hot sex, lots of action and two smoking hot Alpha males very entertaining.I really enjoyed reading this novella. It starts off strong from the first page and kept going til the end. Well drawn characters, an intere [...]

  • Chappy

    This book was hot, hot, hotIt starts off with Darren getting dressed up as a women disguised as "cat-woman" to go to some exclusive Halloween party. He's under cover for the Agenti organization and his mission is to kill the werewolf Aden.Suffice it to say that things don't go as planned and an explosive sexual chemistry develops between these two. The sex is pretty raunchy (just the way I like it) and Aden is a great top seeing that he's an alpha werewolf.The whole bad-guys with nefarious plot [...]

  • Arthur

    Darren is an Argenti agent, an organization that aims to kill rouge werewolves. Aden is an Alpha of werewolf pack. An encounter in Halloween party (where Darren is supposed to kill Aden), makes them aware of their attraction to each other. Can they be together for real?I like this book. A bit different from the rest of the 'calendar series' (I really have no idea what make them a series, except some books are associated with the important dates of particular month). Both Darren and Aden are grea [...]

  • Leah

    Honestly I only read this because it was the prequel to On The Ragged Edge Of The World, which has been highly rec'd to me by several friends. The geek in me needs to read things in order *shrug* It was a quick read; action packed, interesting plot, characters that pulled me in right away; great sex, oh and a teaser of D/s at the end *swoon*. I think the reader has to suppress logic but what the hey it's a werewolf story--resolute logic isn't exactly the point. The pacing of the story was a bit [...]

  • Wendy Ann

    Aden is literally one sexy beast and Darren his tempting little distraction in this Halloween treat. I enjoyed the hunter meets shifter angle to the plot but wished for a little more background to round out the story. The one thing I noticed in the story that made me pause each time was the rough bareback sex with nary a drop of lube in sight – it’s not something that typically stands out or bothers me, but in this case… just ouch. Other than that, enjoyable novella.

  • Meggie

    Each time I re-read this story it's still the same, pulling great HOT story. Sure this plot story give us only one part,the one were Darren enters Aden pack at the end. But still a lot problems stayed unsolved. I have to say, damn Darren and Aden were amazing pulling characters. The main animalistic attraction between them was hot, and this cat and mouse game was trilling from the start till the end. I loved it, but sadly it ended to soon.

  • Ami

    I think I can start associating Jamie Craig with hot scenes *g*. I enjoy this story so much. Falling in love with the enemy is always fun to read -- Darren is an Argenti agent, whose job is to hunt and kill werewolves. His current target is Aden, who is said to be a murderer werewolf. But when the two meet, the heat between them is explosive. It is intense and hot and sexy and makes me all shivery. It's a great read and I definitely will check out the sequel

  • Kari Gregg

    Interesting story world, but frustratingly so since I wanted to see so much more of it. A novella isn’t meant to be a literary all-you-can-eat buffet, granted. This story, I think, would’ve been better served as the buffet. Still a good read. Aden is hot, hot, hot and Darren, a character the reader can identify/sympathize with.

  • Gwengwel

    I wanted to make it a 4 stars but the fact that we are pulled in the middle of a story without background, explication make it impossible. The world around the story's not enough developped to help the reader.The sex scenes were hot as always however and Aden and Darren burn the pages together.Not a bad book, just simplified.

  • Carycleo

    Brutal werewolf erotica, which I will confess squicked me out so much that I only read the first third of it. Darren Summer, an Argenti Agent, does undercover drag to kill book dealer, werewolf Aden Richter at a Halloween party. A duel of mutual murder and seduction. The blood & violence with sex was just ick for me. For someone else, it might be just the thing.

  • Jerry

    This was a pretty good werewolf story. Slightly different culture from the normal wolves. Interesting to have a wold killer turn into the major character. Darren and Aden were nicely fleshed out. I would have given 5 stars but for the shortness of the book in relation to the cost. On to the next in this series (which if combined wiukd probably equal a satisfying 5 star book).

  • Andrea

    I cannot rate this book. It would be unfair. I've read this book as part of a reading challenge. Otherwise I wouldn't have because this whole paranormal mm romance genre is not my cup of tea. I enjoy some vampire series and I enjoy MM romance but I don't like the mix. I don't know why. That's just the way it is. And therefore this book is not for me and I won't rate it.

  • Ravyn

    Quite enjoyable little novella. Werewolves, assassins, hot sex. What more could I want?Be sure to catch the sequel: On The Ragged Edge Of The World

  • Chris

    Good paranormal m/m romance about a werewolf hunter sent to kill an allegedly murderous werewolf but the evidence doesn't add up. And the werewolf is really sexy

  • Elisa Rolle


  • Renee

    hot werewolf!

  • Justin

    3.5 stars (rounded up)

  • Kristy Maitz

    That book has everything: good plot, perfect couple and emotions.

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  • ☆ October: Trick of Silver || ☆ PDF Download by ¾ Jamie Craig
    223 Jamie Craig
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