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Feisty, fast talking P.R executive Elaine Zimmerman and her best friends Jackie Gault and Pat Kovecky have taken their annual vacations together ever since they first met in the courthouse getting their respective divorces Together, they ve been everywhere and done it all, from herbal wrapping to white water rafting to running with the wolves at some New Age place in theFeisty, fast talking P.R executive Elaine Zimmerman and her best friends Jackie Gault and Pat Kovecky have taken their annual vacations together ever since they first met in the courthouse getting their respective divorces Together, they ve been everywhere and done it all, from herbal wrapping to white water rafting to running with the wolves at some New Age place in the Catskills This year, Jackie and Pat have talked the land locked Elaine into a seven day cruise aboard the spectacular megaship, the Princess Charming It isn t her idea of a good time especially when her luggage is mislaid and she s forced to resort to the ship boutique s tacky version of cruisewear It s a chip on her shoulder Elaine s proud of, until it s knocked off by a surge of romantic electricity the first night at sea when she s seated next to Sam Peck, a cross between John F Kennedy, Jr and a Greek god.

  • Title: Princess Charming
  • Author: Jane Heller
  • ISBN: 9780758211699
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jane Heller

Jane Heller, a New York native who recently moved from Santa Barbara, CA to New Preston, CT, is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 13 novels of romantic comedy, including Name Dropping, Lucky Stars, and Best Enemies Nine of Heller s novels have been optioned for film or television, and all of them have been translated in countries around the world Her first book of nonfiction, Confessions of a She Fan The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees, is a humorous look at her passion for baseball Her book about caregiving, You d Better Not Die or I ll Kill You A Caregiver s Survival Guide to Keeping You in Good Health and Good Spirits, combines Heller s personal essays about being the wife of a man with Crohn s disease and the daughter of a mother with dementia, plus interviews with other caregivers who deal with everything from autism to Alzheimer s and advice tips from experts You d Better Not Die is upbeat and inspirational a cheerful companion to the over 60 million caregivers in America Heller s new novel, Three Blonde Mice, a spinoff of her bestselling novel Princess Charming, was published on August 2, 2016.

Comments Princess Charming

  • Ankur

    This was another book that took place on a cruise ship that came recommended to me so I decided to read it while cruising the Caribbean. This was more of a whodunnit (or who's gonna get it dun to) as we are told in the prologue that someone is being hired to kill one of the three main characters. That aspect of the book had me curious, and the cruise-ship elements were pretty accurate. However, about halfway through I got kind of bored with this story and just kept reading in order to be finishe [...]

  • Jenna

    i tried to read this one but there was just too much going ono many characters introduced to keep track of was too busy.i gave up about 1/3 inere was humor. and i'm sure the mystery was intriguing but i didn't get that far.

  • Linda

    A quick, fun read. An unbelievable plot about three women dubbed the "three blond mice" who have bonded over their divorced status and take vacations together yearly. This time they decide to take a cruise tothe caribbeanon the "princess charming". Elaine, the skeptical, paranoid one, overhears a phone conversation between two men (one of whom is a hit man and the other a disgruntled ex-husband who has hired the hit man to kill his ex-wife before the end of the cruise). Elaine worries that the " [...]

  • Cirrus Minor

    Tja, ich frage mich gerade selbst, warum ich zwei Sterne und nicht nur einen gebe. Vermutlich, weil ich mit Elaine der Größe wegen mitfühlen kann. Ansonsten ist dieser Schund als Urlaubslektüre vielleicht ganz nett, aber abgesehen von der Geschichte werden mir sicher die vielen Kleinigkeiten im Gedächtnis bleiben, die am Drumherum störten: 1. Was soll die junge Frau auf dem Cover, wenn es um drei Frauen in den Vierzigern geht? 2. Der Klappentext spricht von "frisch Geschiedenen" - sechs Ja [...]

  • Miranda

    This book was a fun story about three divorced women who go on a cruise. One of the main characters accidentally overhears a phone conversation on the ship and realizes that one of ex-husbands has hired a hit man to kill one of the divorcees, but it is never clear which divorcee is in danger. They meet a bunch of weird characters on the boat all kinds of hilarity ensues. To be honest I never figured out who the hit man was until the very end when it was revealed. I love Jane Heller's books, they [...]

  • Selenitachan

    De la creadora de Internal Affairs, The Club y Chá Chá Chá, nos llega ésta increible novela que tocará el corazón de todos aquellos que la lean. Con una mezcla de romanticisimo y misterio, Heller nos mete en el papel de una mujer cuya vida parece estar en peligro, ya que su ex-marido pretende matarla. Sin embargo, en ese crucero nada es lo que parece y cualquier acercamiento puede ser sospechoso. Os lo recomiendo fervientemente si os gustan los cruceros ( a mi me encantan) y las novelas de [...]

  • Grace

    One of my favorite writers. She's incredibly hilarious, and I definitely go back to her. This was the very first book I read by her, about three divorced women who take a cruise and finds out that one of them is about to be killed by her ex-husband. Fantastic. Just what every woman wants to happen. It's not enough you had an ex (failure), and now that failure wants you dead. But funny for all that.

  • Yang Shu-yuan

    Die drei frisch geschiedenen Freundinnen Elaine, Jackie und Pat wollen sich eine Woche lang auf einer Kreuzfahrt so richtig amüsieren. Kaum hat der Dampfer abgelegt, stürzen sie sich ins Vergnügen - und auf die männlichen Passagiere. Doch dann wird Elaine Zeugin eines Telefongesprächs und erfährt, dass ein Mann seine Exfrau umbringen lassen will. Und damit könnte jede der drei Freundinnen gemeint sein. Elaine muss den Täter finden, doch eine Woche ist eine verdammt kurze Zeit

  • Sharon

    I went on a little Jane Heller jag after we moved into the house and I was still feeding Tommy two or three times a night. They were light, late-night reading. Her characters are slightly older version of the typical chick-lit heroine. Each friend has her defining characteristics and endearing character flaws. I don't even remember the solution to the mystery.

  • Robin

    Three divorced friends take an annual vacation together. This year their going on a 7-day cruise on the Princess Charming. One of them learns that somebody's ex-wife has been marked for murder and the hit man is on board the ship! Could it be one of the shipboard Romeos who have been hanging around the ladies?Cute story with Jane Heller's usual humor. My rating: 4 Stars.

  • Kathy Piper

    This was another of our book club picks. It's not one I would have otherwise read, but I must say I enjoyed it. Light, humorous, entertaining. It would be a fun poolside or beach read.But on what cruiseline can you get a single stateroom without paying double?

  • Sharyn

    A fun quick read, though a little dated. 3 divorced women who have bonded and vacation together take a cruise. There is a little bit of mystery after one overhears a murder plot, a little love story, some humor. Glad the cruises I take no longer have arranged seating times and tables!!

  • Catharine

    I picked this up at the used book store because it looked like it might be a fun "beach read." (trip to Hawaii). It kept my attention, which is more than I can say for the other book I bought and threw away, but I'll probably never read another "Jane Heller" book.

  • Bette Stanek

    I just couldn't get into the characters or the story. It was my borderline OCD that made me finish it. I skimmed the last third of the book. I don't know, the storyline had a lot of promise, it just didn't deliver for me.

  • Graceann

    Jane Heller takes on the cruise scene in this hilarious send-up - there's a murder mystery in the background, but the real fun is reading about the cruise ship cliches and the "dream vacation" that is more nightmare than anything else.

  • Stefania

    E' un romanzetto senza nessuna pretesa, in alcuni punti divertente e arguto, che fa anche pensare. In questa edizione trovo che sia penalizzato dalla traduzione italiana, sicuramente in lingua originale risulta un po' meno banale.Adatto comunque per passare qualche ora con finale a sorpresa.

  • Deborah

    Three divorced women, who do not have good relationships with their exes, go on a cruise of the Caribbean. Elaine overhears a conversation from crossed phone lines that there is a hit man aboard and the ex wants her dead. The hit man can't possibly be Samor???Funny story, easy read.

  • Ellenjsmellen

    This one was cute too.

  • Jo

    Kind of silly

  • Katharine Ott

    "Princess Charming" - written by Jane Heller and published in 1997 by Kensington. An amusing romance/mystery.

  • Cin

    Ich habe ein Buch bei BookCrossing registriert!BookCrossing/journal/14007745

  • Amy

    I liked this book. Just a fun read after reading a dreadful book.

  • Kenneth Flusche

    A quick read with the typical movie ending

  • Maria

    It's a fun beach read. After reading this book I really wanted to hop on a cruise.

  • Susan

    Cute but a bit repetitive at times

  • Jennifer

    This book was funny, a bit predictable and there was some language (three women from NYC)but it was an enjoyable read.

  • Sherri Hunter

    This book was very enjoyable. Lots of laugh out loud moments interspersed with a mystery all on board a cruise ship. The hitman's identity came as a complete surprise as well as the would-be victim.

  • Shawna

    For me this was a slow book. It really didn't have the mystery factor, nor the humor I was hoping for.

  • Laurie

    This book is suspenseful and funnyry good fun light reading.

  • Sylvia


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