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By Julia Gregson | Comments: ( 596 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

This compelling saga draws on the true story of a young Welsh woman who ran away to nurse in the Crimea alongside Florence Nightingale

  • Title: The Water Horse
  • Author: Julia Gregson
  • ISBN: 9781409102656
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julia Gregson

My father was in the Air Force, so after thirteen schools I left early longing to travel and have adventures I worked as a jillaroo in the Australian outback, a girl groom, a shearer s cook, a secretary, a hospital cleaner, and later, back in England, as a house model for Hardy Amies in London.In the seventies, and back in Australia again, love of horses led to riding out with Mick Jagger on the set of Ned Kelly and my first published article in The Sydney Morning Herald Gave up paid employment, poverty and panic followed, but eventually got work as a journalist Secretly wrote short stories that were never published I eventually started to write regularly for Australian magazines In the seventies, I was sent to Vietnam and India to write stories, and later to New York as a foreign correspondent for a group of Australian magazines Sungravure where I also worked for Rolling Stone Magazine.During this time, spent four days with Muhammad Ali in a boxer s training camp in Pennsylvania, interviewed Buzz Aldrin in Houston Ronnie Biggs in a Brazilian jail at midnight president s wives, film stars in Hollywood and several notorious criminals All good grist to my story writing mill.I enjoy writing short stories and have published in places like The Literary Review, The Times, Good Housekeeping, and read on the B.B.C.Orion published my first novel, THE WATER HORSE, in 2005 I rode a horse across Wales to do the research a wonderful experience and then went to Istanbul and Scutari where the rest of the novel is set.Writing EAST OF THE SUN involved two research trips to India, A great highlight For MONSOON SUMMER, I went to Kerala, and lived with an Indian family, and travelled in a rice boat up many of the back waters I describe I m married, have one daughter and four stepchildren and live in Monmouthshire with two rescue ponies, two chickens and a collie.

Comments The Water Horse

  • Misfit

    Catherine Carreg, unhappy with her life in Wales, dreams of running away to London and convinces long time friend Deio Jones to help her do it - dressed as a man and on a cattle drive to boot. Once in London without many options for her, she takes employment at Florence Nightingale's home for sick governesses and she signs up to follow Miss Nightingale to aid the wounded in the Crimean war. Catherine and her fellow nurses are in for quite a shock at the brutal conditions in the Scutari hospital, [...]

  • Pamela Pickering

    What to say on this one? I really liked Gregson's East of the Sun but just couldn't find the same level of appreciation for this one. Although I tore through it rather quickly it seemed like it just lacked depth and character development. Despite depicting the hardships of the Crimean War, it eventually did not seem more than a run of the mill romance novel. For that I would normally rate a 2 but I still found myself coming frequently back to the book to finish it.

  • Shonna Froebel

    This novel begins in Wales in the mid-1850s where Catherine Carreg was allowed to grow up freely, running around with the young son of the local drover Deio, riding horses and spending lots of time outdoors. But now she is growing up and her parents are restricting her to more ladylike activities, something she finds hard to adjust to. When a medical tragedy hits her family and Catherine is the only one on hand, she realizes how helpless she is and determines to overcome this lack of knowledge.W [...]

  • Ape

    Lordy it was a relief to finally get to the end of this book this evening. I suppose overall I liked it on some level, but I did find that it drivelled on too much for me. Too much petting of ponies, and the two star crossed lovers alone and simpering with their thoughts and how much they missed one another was just on constant repeat.It's about a Welsh girl, Catherine Carreg, who feels frustrated in her mid 1800s life with nothing more to look forward to than being a farmer's wife. So she runs [...]

  • karen

    So I made it about halfway through this book before I gave up. It was just disappointing all the way around, not at all on a par with Ms Greyson's other novels. Maybe she had a really bad ghostwriter for this one? It lacked pretty much everything that drew me to love her other books. Oh well. Characters were all portrayed as shallow selfish children & plot dragged horribly. I got bored with both.

  • D.A. Cairns

    Essentially a romance novel, The Water Horse, is a long, long way from Mills & Boone. Set in the mid 19th century, it tells the tale of a young rebellious Welsh woman, and her quest to break away from the traditional expectations of women.Equally stubborn, independent and ambitious is her love interest, Welsh drover, Deio. This love story is one of destiny, and one which testifies to the truth of the maxim "the course of true love never did run smooth."The beautiful, almost idyllic landscape [...]

  • Brian

    An historical novel and romance in the classic style presented in beautiful prose - even when describing the grotesque of war. I've thought of the two protagonists several times even a few weeks after finishing the book.

  • Vicky

    Ποιοτική γραφή, αλλά η ιστορία με κούρασε Θα έλεγα ότι δεν χρειάζονταν καν τόσες πολλές σελίδεςΌσο για το τέλος, ήταν προβλέψιμο από πολύ νωρίς

  • Πάνος Τουρλής

    Μπορεί να κινούμαστε στα ίδια μοτίβα με το επόμενο βιβλίο της συγγραφέως, το Γιασεμί της ανατολής (ένας άντρας αγαπάει μία γυναίκα και οι περιστάσεις τους χωρίζουν αλλά ο έρωτάς τους θεριεύει με την απόσταση και όταν επιτέλους οι συνθήκες τους φγέρνουν κοντά ζουν την απόλυ [...]

  • Carey

    Catherine Carreg grew up in Wales, racing horses down the beach with her neighbor, Deio Jones. Though her father, a gentleman farmer, considered their family far above the Jones family in social status, her mother's frail health created the opportunity for Catherine to spend quite a lot of time with them. The Jones family was a haven for Catherine and she developed a deep love for Deio.As they grew older, the talk began. A young woman should not be spending time alone with a young man, especiall [...]

  • Littlebookworm

    Set during the Crimean War, this is the story of Catherine Carreg, a young Welsh farmer's daughter, who runs away from her restricted home life hoping to find her place in the world. Catherine's adventures takes her from working in a home for invalid governesses in London to joining Florence Nightingale's brigade of nurses to the Crimea. Her journey and experiences wake Catherine up to the harsh realities of the wider world, though through her hardships she also makes some good friends as she gr [...]

  • Kate Winiarska

    The Water Horse was a fantastic read and definitely deserves all the praise it can get.I'm a huge fan of anything to do with medical history, so this book was a real treat for me.Florence Nightingale for me, was a name I recognised yet did not know a huge amount about, but after reading The Water Horse I know a little more and I'm very interested to find out more about the Crimean War and Florence Nightingale, as well as doctors and nurses in that era.Considering that Julia Gregson based the sto [...]

  • Marina Maidou

    I didn't expected many things from this book even if it's about a country area which is famous these days, Crimea. Welsh girl loves a wild welsh boy (a fade type of Catherine and Heathcliff from Weathering Heights) and she chooses to become one of the first nurses to find herself and he follows her. The place and the characters also reminded me Paulina Simmon's the Bronze Horseman, especially Catherine Carreg's terrible situations. It's well written book, even the miserable death scenes of war. [...]

  • Sue Myers

    This historical fiction caught my eye because it was about the Crimean War which I knew little about. A Welsh girl, Catherine, grows up as a spirited headstrong, decisive girl, bothered by the restraints of polite society. When her father bans her from seeing Deio Jones, a childhood friend and riding partner, Cath conspires with Deio to run away to London and become a nurse. With the help of a friend she lands a job at the prestigious nursing home whose head is Florence Nightingale. Experiences [...]

  • Highland-dreamer

    I hesitated to read this one, not sure if I would like it. I was pleasantly surprised! I found myself swept up in the love story and drama of war. However, I didn't like how the author would omit certain parts of the story or action. Several times I found myself re-reading a passage, thinking I had accidentally skimmed the parts over, but in fact they were never written. I also would've liked to have seen more of the story from Deio's point of view. We get glimpses of his life, little "teasers" [...]

  • Lin

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to allocate 2 or 3 stars. 3 Stars beause I kept reading the book to the end, 2 stars for the ending. I was reading, turned the page and there were the "Reading Notes". The book needed another 2 to 3 chapers to wrap up some issues. The book had so much potential, girl's mother dies, she feels helpless, wants to learn more to help, goes to London, works for Florence Nightingales, ends up at Scutari - but the book just fell flat. The descriptions of the conditions in the C [...]

  • Jayne Charles

    This promised much but ultimately I was disappointed. It wasn’t the quality of the writing – that was excellent throughout. As in her other novels, Julia Gregson proves up to the task of describing any setting with skill and confidence, and with the depth of detail that makes it believable. She also does a great job of bringing Florence Nightingale to life – quite different from the image I always had of her. We are reminded again and again of the squalid conditions in which wars are fough [...]

  • Janet

    This isn't a book you read while you eat, that's for sure-I skipped over most of the scenes at the hospital once the nurses were allowed to work with the patients, the author sure does a good job of making sure you know what gruesome horrors there were. It's amazing that anyone at all survived being wounded in that war, given the lack of disinfectants. I thought that if the book had been more about a young woman seeking independence in the mid-19th century, it would have been better, but it turn [...]

  • Khuck

    Nurses are such heroes,and Julia Gregson's Band of Angels relays the story of some of England's first nurses as they join men for the first time along the battlefronts in the Crimean War. Catherine Carreg is too young and medically uneducated to keep her mother from dying in childbirth, and this propels her to seek out Florence Nightingale and a career in nursing. Gregson's novel deftly depicts the gory, raw details about war and the cold, brutal choices many women are forced to make or live wit [...]

  • Pam

    I enjoyed receiving and reading this firstreads giveaway. I learned about the conditions in the hospitals where nurses, for the first time, worked to give the basics of care to wounded and dying soldiers during the Crimean War. During this era, nursing was not a profession that was high status or well respected. The main character, Catherine, had noble ambitions but she was young and unaware of the stuggles that she would face as a nurse in a war. The story was well-developed and interesting. I [...]

  • Debbie

    A fine historical fiction set in the 1850s, primarily in the region of the Crimean War. The book shows a sickenly brutal war in which it is amazing that anyone survived typhus, cholera, septic wounds, hunger and freezing. The book shows a casual disregard and abuse of common soldiers and horses, not to mention the women, who have no position and can be used and abused at the whim of men and society. This all makes the book sound darker than it is, but it does show a particularly serious attitude [...]

  • alysa

    I was very disappointed in this book. I thought it would be a historically significant book about the birth of nursing. It was a cheap, very unrealistic romance novel. It was set at the time of Florence Nightengale, the mother of nursing. I really wonder if any part of the book was historically accurate. The author became so lazy in the writing, that I wonder if she ever did any research into the history of the facts. She reaches a point in the book that rather than spelling out her secondary ch [...]

  • Michelle

    Another book that was not at all what I expected it to be A young women runs away from heartbreak and home to become a nurse with Florance Nightingale, but nothing turns out as to be expected, no school girl romance in these pages. Death, politics, female nurses with no training, no supplies at foreign hospitals where they aren't wanted, fed or are able to help much or make a real difference in the piles of soldiers dying in mass around them. Rape and heartbreak, but perhaps a small shimmer of a [...]

  • Kingfan30

    I have to admit that any title with horse in gets my attention straight away (still a child at heart!). At the start I wasn't sure about the book, Catherine comes across pretty irritating and doesn't seem to give a lot of thought to anyone else. But once she made her selfish decision to leave and become a nurse, things got a bit more interesting. The introduction of Florence Nightingale threw me a bit, but I soon got my head round it. The description of life in the Crimea hospital were pretty aw [...]

  • Anne

    I liked Jasmine Nights and East of Eden; however, this one was depressing and lacked a strong conclusion of events. There was a lot left at the end that should have been resolved, rather than just left. The story is about a woman from Wales who is a nurse during the Crimean War; which I had heard about, but never knew the conditions were so terrible. This is an eye-opener that could've also used (perhaps) an explanation or a little note at the end about the historicity of it all. It still kept m [...]

  • Erica Anderson

    Not really sure how to categorize this. It's historical fiction with a bit of romance set in London and the Crimea. I feel as though I should have enjoyed it more than I did, since it dealt with medical history and has an unusual setting--Constantinople and the Black Sea. Gregson does a great job with conveying the disgusting conditions of army 'hospitals' in the mid-1800s; you can almost smell the stench and feel the cold. But I don't feel as though I ever really connected with the main charact [...]

  • Stuart

    The story was ok (teen romance I suppose) but the insight into the Crimean War was quite horrific. I realise these were hard times even in mid 19th century Britain compared to now, but life for both the soldiers and the nurses who looked after them at Scutari was unbelievably bad. I dont know if there is a follow-up book but the tale of the young couple reunited at Balaclava seems to peter out at the end. The role of Florence Nightingale is also by-passed apart from allowing young Catherine to b [...]

  • Adriane

    Excellent - a rather grimly graphic but fascinating tale set during the Crimean War. One thing happily surprised me - although there is a "love" story, it is secondary to the main characters search for self. Made for a deeper, less formulaic story. As a side note - the "character" of Florence Nightengale is NOT what I expected. She's really quite unsympathetically written - as if, although she gets some kudos as her due, she is really a rather unlikeable human being. Not sure where the truth lie [...]

  • Georgia

    Πάρα πολύ ωραίο βιβλίο. Γραμμένο στο πνεύμα της εποχής στην οποία διαδραματίζεται.Η Κάθριν, που ουσιαστικά δεν έχει ακόμα γνωρίσει τον εαυτό της και τι μπορεί να αισθανθεί, μετά από ένα συγκλονιστικό γεγονός, αποφασίζει να γίνει γιατρός και να σώζει ζωές. Στην Αγγλία όμως ε [...]

  • Mirah W

    Catherine was a gutsy woman for her time Gregson did a great job creating the character of Catherine and allowing her opportunties to grow as a character. Her relationship with Deio was a little hard to understand somtimes, but that's pretty common with young love, and they didn't use the best communication with one another. The battle scenes and descriptions of the hospitals were disturbing, but appropriate. Overall, a great tale of endurance and courage.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ The Water Horse : by Julia Gregson ✓
    152 Julia Gregson
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