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By Jane Beaton | Comments: ( 706 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

One teacher and a class of unruly girls what can possibly go wrong As term begins, so do the fun and games.It s about love lives Maggie Adair has left a rough comprehensive school in Glasgow to teach at Downey House, an exclusive boarding school for girls Maggie has been dating Stan McAteer for years safe, comfortable and about as exciting as soggy toast Can theiOne teacher and a class of unruly girls what can possibly go wrong As term begins, so do the fun and games.It s about love lives Maggie Adair has left a rough comprehensive school in Glasgow to teach at Downey House, an exclusive boarding school for girls Maggie has been dating Stan McAteer for years safe, comfortable and about as exciting as soggy toast Can their relationship survive Especially when Maggie meets David McDonald, her opposite number at the boys boarding school over the hill Every single girl in the school has a crush on him, but not Maggie yet.It s about school lives Two girls Same form Simone Kardashian has won a scholarship and is determined to make her parents proud Fliss Abney is furious at being so far from home and her friends As Simone tries desperately to fit in, Fliss tries desperately to get out.It s about private lives Veronica Delaforce knows how to manage a school Routine and discipline are fundamental to her role But Veronica has a secret that could ruin her career.

  • Title: Class
  • Author: Jane Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780751540604
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jane Beaton

Jane Beaton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Class book, this is one of the most wanted Jane Beaton author readers around the world.

Comments Class

  • Trish at Between My Lines

    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesClass by Jenny Colgan is a fast, fun, frivolous read that stirred up nostalgic feels for all the boarding school books of my childhood.  And just to clear up any confusion, they were originally published under the pen name Jane Beaton, but later under the author's real name - Jenny Colgan. First Line of Class by Jenny Colgan "Purple skirt no" My thoughts on Class by Jenny Colgan I devoured boarding school books when I was younger, and to [...]

  • Denita

    I enjoy reading the books by Jenny Colgan/Jane Beaton. They are light reading filled with humour and wit. I particularly enjoyed this one as I attended an All Girls' boarding school (not as a boarder though as we had 'day bugs' there as well). It brought back many memories for me and I'm looking forward to reading the second in this series.

  • Claire Hennessy

    Described on the cover, by Sophie Kinsella, as “like Malory Towers for grown-ups”. Oh, indeed. This is a boarding school story which has everything you need in a boarding school story (false accusations of thievery! Practical jokes! A school play!), with an extra knowing nod towards issues around privilege, education, and bureaucracy. The story focuses on new English teacher, twenty-five-year-old Maggie, who’s come from a rough school in Glasgow and is delighted to be there, if worried abo [...]

  • Eliza

    This is not super high-quality literature, but it was exactly what I needed and perfect in its own right, so I am giving it five stars. It is basically a boarding school book for adults. It has all the same elements as the traditional boarding school books have, but then you also get the perspective of the teacher, which rather interesting. What is mostly interesting is that the main character, Maggie, comes from a rather bad comprehensive school in Glasgow and takes up the job at a posh private [...]

  • Victoria Frow

    Very good. Liked how even though there was a clear main character you still got to see how the other charaters developed as you got to see the story from their point of view not just the main character's point of view. Story was well developed but I did see the twist coming which was a bit disappointing. Recommend.

  • Sharon Chadd

    Amazing!I have had this book in my collection for a while and wanted to give it the time I needed to be completely engrossed. Engrossed I was! It took me a day to live the lives of all at the school and I ate up every page! Well done Jenny! Can't wait to return to read the next year's antics. Took me back to my day teens and the wonderful titles of my youth xxx

  • Yvonne Morgan

    Enjoyed reading this Boarding school story but a times did find it not very engageing und myself wondering if l should ditch itbut glad i went the extra mile in the endbut still its no where near her best work.

  • Michelle Wiles

    This is the first in a series of 6 books, although I'm not sure if more than 2 have been written or re-released yet. This is a story about a boarding school and follows the first year of 2 very different students and a new teacher. I really enjoyed the story and will be looking out for book 2.

  • Marita Pethick

    Brilliant book! Maggie Adair from Glasgow has started to teach English at Downey House, a posh boarding school for girls in Cornwall without knowing that other changes will taking place in her life as well. I was completely engrossed with the storyline straightaway! As always, Jenny Colgan (aka Jane Beaton) didn’t disappoint me at all! Funny, clever and original! Five well-deserved stars!

  • Danielle Lemon

    Curious, to write a boarding school book series for adults. But weirdly, it works!

  • Brigitte

    Humourous, lively novel! Refreshing!

  • Nicola Lowson

    Fantastic book. Loved the adventure and mystery. Good to see a book that made teachers real. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Sarah

    It would have been a four but it ends inconclusively and only two of the prospective six books exist so the end will never be known.

  • Kimberley Hollier

    lovely little read. quite funny and gripping.

  • Ellie

    I like the uniqueness of this book- a story set at a boarding school. The storyline and the different characters it followed was good. An overall nice read.

  • Verity W

    A readable and fun update on the boarding school story. Jenny Colgan looks at school life from the pupils' point of view and from the teachers. There are fish out of water stories - with a new teacher from inner city Glasgow and a scholarship pupil from London - and unhappy new pupils looking to make trouble. There's all the usual school story shenanigans - pranks, school plays, pupils having trouble fitting in - but there's also some bullying, prejudice and scandal. It's not particularly profou [...]

  • Emma Proctor

    Fun!Deserves a read an easy enjoyable book that filed that hole that Mallory towers left me with. It felt like being a teenager again xx

  • ~☆laura

    Wow i loved that! I'm a really big jenny colgan fan and her books never fail to disappoint. I'm so glad that she re-released these because i never knew she released anything under Jane Beaton actually id never heard of the books full stop, and they're definitely worthy .The story centers around several people and takes place in a girl's boarding school the main character's are Maggie extremely likable new english teacher, veronica the head, simone the new scholarship girl , fliss who will do any [...]

  • Leah

    I’d not heard of Jane Beaton’s debut novel Class apart from reviews on fantasticfiction that other authors had written. However I saw this in the bookswap and thought: Why not? The cover is beautiful and I liked the sound of the blurb on the back.Was it as good as all the authors have said? In a word, yes. It was a fantastic read full of all kinds of likeable characters. Even those that start off mean end up likeable. I have no idea how accurate the descriptions of boarding school are as the [...]

  • Jenn Estepp

    you can definitely tell this is an earlier work and a wee predictable and is a bit of fat phobia, which was pretty annoying, but I'm still all about boarding school stories for grown-ups

  • Kat

    Jane Beaton is the pen name of well-known author Jenny Colgan, and 'Class' is the first in a planned series about schoolteacher Maggie Adair, who moves from her position at an underfunded school in Scotland to an upper class boarding academy in the south of England. This first novel deals with the class issues experienced by both Maggie and her students, fish-out-of-water narratives that mirror and contrast at various points in the narrative. Maggie is torn between the working-class sensibilitie [...]

  • Anna

    Classy!, 7 Sep 2008 By A. Blight "Tiggsybabes" (West Yorkshire, UK) - See all my reviewsI received a free copy of this book via Facebook & was excited about reading it as I loved the Mallory Towers boarding school books as a child. I was not disappointed! I could only read it in the evenings as I have several essays to work on in the afternoons when my youngest is in nursery & I read it in a couple of nights. I wanted to carry on to see what happened next when it ended & was happy to [...]

  • Bethany

    I didn't find this funny or interesting really although I quite liked the characters of Maggie and David. My major problem about this books is the fact that it repeats the fact that Maggie is an outsider and not of the upper middle class. This shouldn't need to be written so many times. Once when she was nervous at the interview but it was made a big deal of. Also, I doubt that privately enducated children and teachers will make references to somones different backgounds like they do in these co [...]

  • JackieB

    I read this because it intruiged me. Jane Beaton set out to write an adult's version of the boarding-school books she loved as a child. I was not convinved that could be done, but she has done exactly what she set out to do in a very clever way. She used modern versions of the stock characters you would expect in a boarding-school book but managed somehow to make them three dimensional characters. She also used or referred to some of the plot devices which would be used in typical boarding schoo [...]

  • Sx

    Given the glowing reviews, I expected to love it but it just kept plodding along, only picking up towards the final stretch. Maggie is a teacher trying to fit into her new posh school, Fliss is desperately trying to get out, Alice is a girl that everybody is still trying to figure out, Simone is a girl needing a confidence boost, Victoria has a deep dark secret that she's trying to keep away. Sounds familiar? Class includes grown up thoughts instead of just focusing on the children, which could [...]

  • Zoe

    A 3.5 really liked this book but I prefer her normal Jenny Colgans x

  • Deirdre

    A boarding school story for adults. The author admits that she was fascinated by boarding school stories when she was younger and that this was a natural progression of that fascination. And it is. While the cover bills it as "the secret diary of a teacher in turmoil" it isn't really what it is. This isn't a story of diary entries or a first person look at the world but a story of a woman working in teaching in a boarding school and the variety of issues that crop up. It's nothing major and it r [...]

  • Jule

    I LOVE Jilly Bond's way of reading! Yes, the story is the typical teenage-girl-being-shipped-off-to-boarding-school-and-totally-hating-it-but-coming-to-terms-with-it-in-the-end-and-making-cool-friends kind of story and mostly very predictable but still very enjoyably told and brought to life by the amazing Jilly Bond! Can't wait to start the next one in the series!

  • Kristal

    I have a soft spot for boarding school-set books and I had fun with this one even though nothing staggeringly interesting happens and the lead character is kind of boring. Still, it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon read and I'll definitely grab the next one from the library.

  • Fluffychick

    So I'm a sucker for a school book! Yes, I read Malory Towers, St. Clares and Harry Potter and always thought boarding school would be fantastic and this is a grown up boarding school book. Good fun and if it develops into a series I'll definately read it!

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  • Free Download [Religion Book] Ü Class - by Jane Beaton ✓
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