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By Kimiko Hahn | Comments: ( 163 ) | Date: ( Dec 13, 2019 )

Kimiko Hahn, a welcome voice of experimentation and passion Bloomsbury Review , takes up the Japanese prose poetry genre zuihitsu literally running brush, which utilizes tactics such as juxtaposition, contradiction, and broad topical variety in exploring her various identities as mother and lover, wife and poet, daughter of varied traditions.

  • Title: The Narrow Road to the Interior: Poems
  • Author: Kimiko Hahn
  • ISBN: 9780393061895
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Kimiko Hahn

Kimiko Hahn is the author of seven poetry collections The Unbearable Heart won the Before Columbus Foundation s American Book Award She has received numerous grants, including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and a Lila Wallace Reader s Digest Award She teaches at Queens College The City University of New York.

Comments The Narrow Road to the Interior: Poems

  • Rachel Ann Brickner

    I find it interesting that several people have remarked on how much they enjoyed reading The Narrow Road to the Interior, mentioning in particular how easily it read and flowed from entry to entry. Although I had a somewhat similar experience in reading The Narrow Road to the Interior as I enjoyed Hahn’s playing with language, form, and image immensely, I often had difficulty reading it and found myself getting frustrated with the zuihitsu style about halfway through. Perhaps it is because I w [...]

  • Isla McKetta

    I read a poem by Hahn in Poetry that floored me with its style and intricacy. This book did not do it for me. Though I admired her efforts to interweave multiple narratives in a way that portrays the complexity of human experience, the book felt more like a journal than a work of art and I did not love it like I wanted to.

  • Glenn

    Kimiko Hahn’s poems abound with sharp internal dialogues; poems questioning themselves as well as the world around them. And even when it seems like the narrator is definitely in first-person, there is her subtle altering of voice--connected to the There is a truth-seeking sense of play--not frivolity--in the language she chooses and creates; she takes words, bends them-- wound and wind, detail and derail, teas (the drink) and tease (the action), construct and constrict, egrets turning into re [...]

  • mika

    i do like this book a lot. rona says it's more heady and not enough heart, which i understand (for direct quote go to ronafor/). but on the other hand i love that she does this thing that i'm obsessed with - imagine the etymologies of kanji except i bet she actually knows the etymologies. and i like that she still pursues a "japanese" aesthetic while questioning her complicity in perpetuating the orientaist imagination of japanese women at least i think she does.

  • Brandon Amico

    The Narrow Road to the Interior is a lush and stunning meeting of traditional and new, both in form (borrowing older Japanese poem forms like tanka and zuihitsu and bringing the styling of the modern prose poem to their framework) and content (the poems could not be accused of being anything other than grounded in the present, but still carry echoes of the groundbreaking first female Japanese authors). Kimiko Hahn's collection is playful, articulate, fragmented, and honest, taking on subjects li [...]

  • Sarah

    I read this because I felt like I owed it to myself and to Kimiko to try her again. And because last time I heard her read, in 2005, I believe it was drafts of these poems as she neared publication. This was, in many ways, even tougher than reading The Artist's Daughter when I was 14. It's as if you've opened a time capsule of the poet, and it's just a pile of notes, journal entries, emails, and you have to be the one to put them together and understand them. That makes it a very interesting and [...]

  • steven

    Tanka is the Japanese form of poetry that is thirty syllables long. These poems are not tanka (despite the poet's claims to the contrary). There's another form of Japanese poetry involving a short sentence of feelings, but this isn't that either.What it is may be of some discussion. It's not quite poetry, not quite memoir, not prose; it's something new and different that transcends genre classification. It's a journal, of sorts, but in carefully constructed verse indicating her thought processes [...]

  • Kasey Jueds

    Beautiful, angry, tender, brave, smart. Her poems are so intimate that, even though the external circumstances are often really different from mine, I always recognize something of myself in them--often something I couldn't name or articulate, even something I wasn't aware of before reading the poem. That's one of the best gifts poetry--any writing--can give: that feeling of the poem being written just for me.

  • Kimberly

    I'm going to get that Essential Haiku because I don't think I can read any Kimiko Hahn without it. This was just as confessional as Sharon Olds, except I've come out not liking her as much as I liked Sharon Olds, which is silly. She is a fabulous writer but hasn't offered me much so far. I think there's something smug about writing down what you're wearing (and to have it be a velvet skirt???) and expecting someone somewhere to care. Shallow me.

  • B. Morrison

    Unconventional to our western eyes, Hahn uses two traditional Japanese forms: tanka and zuihitsu. Both appear as fragments, with the power and glory of that empty space you, the reader, are invited to fill. See my blog for more: bmorrison/blog/

  • Cynthia

    Review coming soonDo you ever finish a book like this?

  • ylin002

    new poet i discovered at the local library. some really lovely lines.

  • Nicky Enriquez

    Very fluid, honest, and beautifully written.

  • Hannah Spencer

    Love the zuihitsu.

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