Best Read [John B. Arden Джон Арден] ✓ Укрощение амигдалы и другие инструменты тренировки мога || [Paranormal Book] PDF ✓

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  • Title: Укрощение амигдалы и другие инструменты тренировки мога
  • Author: John B. Arden Джон Арден
  • ISBN: 9785001001751
  • Page: 456
  • Format: None

About Author:

John B. Arden Джон Арден

John B. Arden Джон Арден Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Укрощение амигдалы и другие инструменты тренировки мога book, this is one of the most wanted John B. Arden Джон Арден author readers around the world.

Comments Укрощение амигдалы и другие инструменты тренировки мога

  • Serena

    I expected a bit more from this book. It is a very, very basic review of the factors that influence neuroplasticity. It sort of reads like an extremely long magazine article, full of bulleted lists of tips (for example: maximize your micronutrients, which feed the proteins that power your brain; don't eat too much fried food or sugar . . . yadda). The recommendations are basically common sense, but I did find it interesting to know why, neurologically, I should move my butt each day, eat vegetab [...]

  • Serena Long ﺕ

    Once thought to be "hard-wired," the brain is actually "soft-wired" by experience. Neuroscientific research is now telling us that the brain is quite plastic. What an important book. Absolutely amazing! I would recommend this book to everybody.

  • ♥ Ibrahim ♥

    There is not enough praise I can give for this book as it is written by an expert in the field of neuroplasticity who knows how to communicate in simple English to anybody while still sounding like a scientist. This is a book that I can refer to often as it has specific steps that one can keep mind and try to put into action order to "rewire" his brain. Too bad I can't write too long of a review but that would mean having to copy down big portions of the book in order to be fair. I am excited I [...]

  • Cassandra Kay Silva

    This book comes across as more "self help" type than scientific type. I found that despite his ability to describe things with fancy scientific names, there was no real new information here. Get lots of sleep, eat well, and exercise is what this book should have been called.

  • Mara Shaw

    Recommended for anyone with interest in the brain who wants to understand how to decrease anxiety or depression, improve memory and resiliency and improve their engagement in their lives. It's a thorough analysis of the areas of the brain associated with emotion, memory and cognitive function, their individual roles and specific ways to optimize their functioning to master emotions, memory and engagement. Well worth a thoughtful read.Arden presents an in-depth rationale for a vast array of chang [...]

  • Shannon Smith

    Parts of this were Ok, and it provides some nice tips for a variety of issues. I don't agree with the author's thoughts on food and recommending that individuals imagine the certain (what I would guess people call "bad") food as being disgusting in a way. That doesn't make for a future of a healthy relationship with food at all.

  • Kimberly Harris

    This is a great book on practical ways to use science to help "rewire your brain" for a happier and healthier life. I regret that I don't own this book, because it is best underlined, with notes to self, and the ability to re-read sections as you try to apply the methods into your own life.

  • Steven L Cox

    extremely helpfulThis is one of the most helpful books I have read in a very long time. No fluff and ra-ra, new age mumbo jumbo. Hard facts with documentation make this a must read if you are serious about changing your life.

  • Alessandra

    Interesting reading. The method explained can be applied to everything

  • Elizabeth Hall

    Had some good information about how to make changes in your life, based on studies of the brain.

  • mandeep Gandhi

    I think the depth in which material is covered quite extensively. The author makes a very good attempt to connect mind and the brain( and its chemistry)

  • Nicholas

    I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the neuroscience behind habit forming (and wants to form new ones) To anyone that is feeling lethargic, has periods of anxiety, depression, insomnia or short - term memory problems. This book gives solid examples for some of the reasons why we develop these problems and how to use Neuroplasticity to physically restructure the brain. The book uses a system called FEED. And explains that through Focus, Effort, Effortlessness and Determination [...]

  • Ben Tousey

    Well, clearly I'm going to have to read this one again, because there's so much there, and even though I tried to take it all in in one shot there's a lot of information in there.What I liked most about this book was the way he explained how the brain works. He shows which part of the brain helps facilitate which function and how necessary it is that they all work together.Until I read this book, I didn't really understand that I simply could not multitask. Okay, I suspected that this was the ca [...]

  • Todd Logan

    The first part of the book had a number of helpful self assessment tips and tools to improve the reader's ability to think more clearly and to identify and stop bad habits.However, I did not like his life prescriptions at the end of the book. The author used his soapbox to disparage engaging in a variety of risky sports such as skiing, skateboarding, biking, riding motorcycles etc. because of potential brain trauma. I don't think it can be reasonably denied that abstaining from risky activities [...]

  • Coral

    If you have ever wondered why you should eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep, this book will tell you exactly which parts of your brain need what to funtion properly in quite neurologic detail. If you are looking to "rewire" your brain and change habits and attitudes the author goes over a method that works, but doesn't offer many tips to making it a success. Mostly you have to want to change and start with a good basis of nutrition, exercise, and sleep for your brain. Then you have to foc [...]

  • Auryn85

    It has a lot of helpful information about simple changes that you can apply to your life and could have a great impact in your well being. For me a lot of it was common sense though, but if someone is not convinced on the importance of a healthy diet, good sleep, cultivating your mind, etc, this book will probably make them understand why they're necessary. What I didn't like, and for me is very important when I'm reading a book, is the tone in which the author talks about some of his "patients" [...]

  • Kathleen

    This book was really great. It not only went through concrete steps one can take to train their brain to be more positive and calm, but it also detailed the proper kind of eating, exercising, and sleep patterns that encourage the neuroplasticity necessary for changing your baseline attitude. It wasn't so self-helpy like Buddha's Brain, so it would probably be appealing to people who want to find ways to live a better life without incorporating spirituality. However, if one were interested in wor [...]

  • Christine

    An interesting and informative read for anyone who wants to learn about the brain and how we can optimize it. I found some of the neuroscience sections to be a bit boring, but at the same time it was necessary reading to understand why certain behaviors/actions affect the brain the way they do. I learned valuable tips for both diet and exercise, and because of the neuro info, I can understand better why these tips are beneficial. So many diets, workouts or self help books recommend action withou [...]

  • Maryam

    Absolutely loved this book. It can get a bit technical and the study cases I found a bit superficial. But the book is to point and very useful. I liked when he said that you should not run away from stress and instead put yourself in stressful situations to build up a higher threshold.Work against avoidance. Being a pessimist is bad for your overall being. There's a part about improving your memory & getting a better night sleep. Finally a chapter about the importance of meditation. I need t [...]

  • Anna

    This is the book that I've been waiting for. The one which doesn't just say "You need to exercise and eat healthy food", but explains in detail why and how particular lifestyles affect your brain.Finally a book which doesn't treat the reader as a 3-year-old child and doesn't just give you instructions as to how you should proceed, but also explains the science behind it all and is not afraid of using "difficult" words and ideas.Excellent reading for anyone who is interested in how the brain func [...]

  • Ammar Fakhruddin

    For those who really want to know the nitty gritty of how brain works and how you can fix parts of the brain which may have been affected by different events in ones life . The author has used too much scientific nomenclature which sometimes difficult to keep track. Overall the book is good but reading it the second time is highly recommended to thougroughly understands the whats and hows.

  • Yuliya Skripnik

    Книжка о том, как управлять сознанием, убеждениями и настроением. Местами нудновато из-за медицинских терминов, но в целом очень хорошая книжка. Убедилась, что спать - достаточно 5 часов, спорт - мегаполезная вещь, медитация - рулит, осознанность - наше всё. Много практических [...]

  • Ruthie

    Everyone should read this book! Especially if there's something in your life you'd like to change. I read this book for a mind/body class but it's not a textbook. It's written for a general audience. It's got useful information for anyone who wants to understand the brain a little better and really know how to change their life. It takes practice but anyone can do it.

  • Ben Nesvig

    One of the more interesting books I've listened to on the brain and how it works. You've heard the recommendations of eat better, sleep more, focus attention, etc, but this book dives into why you should instead of just what. He describes how different things affect your brain and how you can change them.

  • Sarah Johnson

    By explaining in precise detail what happens in your brain when you eat or drink the wrong things, mope indoors and sleep at the wrong times this book is a powerful weapon against depression.

  • Jennifer Sanford parker

    Take lots of notes! Very in depth of explaining how the brain and mind works. I really enjoyed reading this, but i will be honest. It had soooo much good information in it, that I'm going to need to read it again to digest it fully.

  • Rose

    I probably shouldn't have listened to this as an audiobook. There were several good tips and if I had had the physical book, I would have liked to read those sections again.

  • Voula Halliday

    I adore this book. I'm reading it again.

  • Suzette Heath - Healthy Minds

    Rewire Your Brain: Think Your Way to a Better Life by John B. Arden

  • Oxana

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