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By Autumn Reed JuliaClarke | Comments: ( 286 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

Haley For the last seven months, my life practically revolved around my guys they kept me safe, made me laugh, and embraced me as one of their own And, now, the unimaginable was happening I was turning my back on the life I created with them There would be no duets with Chase, tickle fights with Theo, stargazing with Ethan, running with Knox, relaxing with JacksoHaley For the last seven months, my life practically revolved around my guys they kept me safe, made me laugh, and embraced me as one of their own And, now, the unimaginable was happening I was turning my back on the life I created with them There would be no duets with Chase, tickle fights with Theo, stargazing with Ethan, running with Knox, relaxing with Jackson, or cooking with Liam In other words, I was walking away from the place and the people that had become my new home Knox Theo opened his mouth like he was going to say something but then shut it again The truth was, there was nothing left to say We had to either compete for her heart or let her go, and both options were incomprehensible Even if she chose me, could I live with the guilt of knowing I stole her away from my brother and best friends And, if she chose someone else, would I ever get over her

  • Title: Chamaeleon
  • Author: Autumn Reed JuliaClarke
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  • Page: 276
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About Author:

Autumn Reed JuliaClarke

A lifelong bookworm, Autumn loves nothing than immersing herself in a fictional tale When she isn t dreaming up stories about insanely attractive guys, she spends her free time browsing antique stores and fixing up her house.To learn about Autumn Reed, visit autumnreed or autumnandjulia.

Comments Chamaeleon

  • Talltree

    4.5 stars!

  • Geleen Faye

    4.5 STARSWhat the effin' cliffhanger! I cannot wait for the next book!

  • love to

    I am basically going to leave a review for all of the books thus far as I could not stop the entire series to leave a review. I was completely enthralled with each and every book in this series. I have no idea why I waited so long to read this, but if you love reverse harems, then don't wait! Grab book 1 immediately and then settle in. From the moment Chase and Haley bump into each other, I was intrigued. The chemistry is so palpable in each of the guys with Haley, I almost forget there are othe [...]

  • Siri

    Omg i need the next book like right now!

  • Vicky

    I am giving an honest opinion after receiving an advanced copy of the book.Reading the previous three books is a must as this is a series which can't be dipped into and it is a reverse harem.I have been waiting and waiting for this book after arriving somewhat late to the Stardust party back in August when I devoured the first three in one day alone while I was ill, and, oh boy, the ladies did not only deliver but set the bar for book 4 (so no pressure then).I don't give spoilers but I will say [...]

  • Secretly Adorkable Readers

    Wow! An addicting series! If you like CL Stone's Academy series, you will probably like this one. Some similaritiesfull of suspense, twistful moments, hot guys, and heartbreaks along the way! This book continues from the last book which will be in everyone's POV's to get you read for the next book! Two more books to go and I cannot wait to find out what happens! A team of six hot guys! Ethan, Chase, Knox, Theo, Liam & Jackson take care of Haley

  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)

    devoured this in about 90 min. I will admit that this series was a slow start for me, but I am all in now! (view spoiler)[Cliffy again! (hide spoiler)]

  • Jessirie

    Effing fantastic! It's has to be the most intense yet! I want to get done with reading this book, but I don't want it to be over

  • Jennifer G

    I love these books! Honestly, I would give them a 5 star if they were longer. That's my only complaint; they are just too short and then I have to wait for the next novella to be released. I don't give spoilers but I will say Chamaeleon picks up the story right where Pyxis left off. It is written in the POV of all 5 guys and Haley. We get a clear understanding of how each person feels;This story was more difficult because of the separation but the plot is developing nicely. It was nice to see Ha [...]

  • Danielle

    wow they did it againfo worth more than 5 starsthis book kicks off from where we was left and goes straight into pov storyline, this book is a harem book so if you don't like multiple guys then this book isn't for you but come on guys who doesn't dream of being swept of her feet by men who adore us lol anyway back to the bookhayley decides to move away because of everything that's happening and when she does the boys struggle and finding ways to bring her back there is alot more but if I go into [...]

  • Kayla

    I've become obsessed with all things Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke! Book 4 is everything I wanted and more! In Vega, we get to see new sides of characters that I have fallen in love with even more. I've also changed teams too! I love Hailey's relationship with the guys in Vega. In book 4 you not only get to see the characters grow within the story but we also get more back story into their lives, as well as watch their relationship with Hailey continue to grow. Now I can't give any more away or t [...]

  • Hannah

    I am absolutely in love with Knox, Jackson, Theodore, Chase, and Liam! And beyond PISSED with Ethan. I really felt bad for the guys, they were so worried and so protective of Haley. While it was frustrating that they were separated, I get why she left and at the time I think it was the right thing to do. I also think it really got them all to realize how much they truly care about each other (not that they didn't already know). I also loved seeing the guys point of view, very insightful. Things [...]

  • Nikki Crew

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.I loved this pit stop. This novella gave us a look at how they Haley handle things, but it also gave a glimpse into the guys by telling the story from their point of view. It also moved the story along. Chamaeleon lets us get into each of the guys heads and introduced the idea of RH to the story. There is a surprise character that I was so happy to see. I find my getting invested more and more in this series. I definitely recommend Chamaeleon. [...]

  • Tomoe-Aurelia

    This book was the perfect treat while waiting for book 4 to be out !I really enjoyed reading the guys point of view and how Haley got through with her decision because she honestly thought it was for the best, at the cost of her happiness.Also (view spoiler)[ It was great seeing how the guys struggled without Haley in the sense that it showed how much they cared each in their own way and how it helped them make the decision about the kind of relationship they are willing to have with her. Now I [...]

  • Sarah

    Stupid cliffhangers Why, oh why must you torture me with such cliffhangers?! My poor fragile heart simply cannot take it! It was a good lead in being it was book 3.5 but now I seriously cannot wait to see what happens. Will she and her boys reunite or will it be another heartbreaking situation? Kira/Haley/Brooke needs to start thinking with her panties rather than her head and return to her guys.

  • Donna

    must read! I love the perspective from both the guys and Hayle in this book. I'd love to see more from the boys pov. I am eagerly awaiting the next book, it can't come soon enough!

  • Hannah Duncan

    YES!!Please say the next one comes out tomorrow!? This is exactly what I have been waiting for and cannot wait to find out the next steps! Love those guys (even though I'm bummed about Ethan).

  • SJ

    Another amazing book in a fantastic series, so happy I found this series.The story continues, it is well written, characters are getting more and more depth. Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke are amazing authors and I am hanging out for the next book

  • Rene

    OMGWhat an ending. I just started reading this series a few days ago and I am SO completely hooked. I think the authors are purposely taunting us with the ending. I highly recommend this series!

  • Angela McKnight

    The first book in the series started out slow but then it picked up speed. I picked up the first book and ended up reading all of them in one massive reading session. I couldn't put them down. Now I have to wait for the next one!

  • Sondra Ramsey

    loved it!! Will be reading everything by Autumn Reed!

  • Vicki

    Good SeriesWow! I am really wanting the next book now so this situation can be resolved! I recommend this to any one who loves a contemporary reverse harem!

  • Natasha

    Expressive!!!! More importantly awesomesauce!!!I loved it, even the cliff hanger ending! Can't wait for the next one, so please for the love of God pleas hurry ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori Ethridge

    Pins and needlesI want the next one!!! What will she choose!!! I really want her with Knox!!! It only took me 2 days to read all 4 books!!!

  • Kathryn Packingham

    Drama!I loved the different perspectives in this novel. It made this one stand out from the others and still continue the story line perfectly!

  • Carol

    loving everything about this series.

  • Mary

    Love from the start!Beautifully written and easy to follow the different points of view. Excited to see what happened next! I am all for a match with Knox

  • ToniB

    LOVE this bookThis is a great read but should be read last in the order of the series. Next book is Vega. Can't wait for the next one. I really love the characters.

  • Megan

    Great to see from the guys perspectives as well! So didn't except the Ethan drama but I loved it.

  • Arlene Mauricio

    Very VERY short read but i still loved it.

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