Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ☆ Guidance and the Voice of God - by Phillip D. Jensen TonyPayne ë

By Phillip D. Jensen TonyPayne | Comments: ( 584 ) | Date: ( Dec 06, 2019 )

An exploration of how God guides his people in their daily decisions.

  • Title: Guidance and the Voice of God
  • Author: Phillip D. Jensen TonyPayne
  • ISBN: 9781875245666
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Phillip D. Jensen TonyPayne

Phillip Jensen is an Australian cleric of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and the Dean of St Andrew s Cathedral He is the brother of Peter Jensen, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney.

Comments Guidance and the Voice of God

  • David Sarkies

    Does God have a plan for us?29 June 2013 Guidance is one of those funny Christian topics that nobody seems to really know anything about and one of those things that we Western Christians always seen to try and work out. Well, maybe it is not so much as us Western Christians, but Christians everywhere. In a way what we want to know is 'what does God want of us in this world. What is his plan and his purpose for us?' I guess to say that this is a question that I haven't asked then I would be lyin [...]

  • Alexis Neal

    The title of this book is both self-explanatory and slightly misleading. Authors Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne do talk about the means God uses to guide His people. However, this discussion does not take place until a good 75 pages into the book. Before delving into the nuts and bolts of guidance, the authors take pains to convince their readers that God does in fact guide His people, that our ultimate destination is heaven, and that we have a responsibility to respond to God's 'will' (in this c [...]

  • Wen-xian

    Only wished I read this book much earlier! Would've avoided a lot of confusion and grief when I was growing up wondering if there is something wrong with me because I can't seem to hear the 'voice of God'. But in the book it shows clearly that the scripture is the only way we should expect God to speak to us and it is sufficient.Also, we have the assurance that we don't make decisions and 'fall outside of God's will', because he is sovereign and the ultimate goal for God's will in our lives is C [...]

  • Eunice

    Absolutely necessary for all to read this! Mending our warped worldview with faithful theology (God's big picture) and where we live now!

  • James Wright

    A refreshing reminder for Christians that "God has chosen to speak in many and varied ways in the past, but in Christ has uttered a comprehensive and final word for the last days in which we liveIn the Bible, we have this great final message of God written down. As we read it, with God's Spirit working in our hearts, we hear God's voice today." (p.172)Jensen and Payne are particularly helpful in clearly showing how the Bible cuts across worldly wisdom on guidance, including much 'wisdom' that ma [...]

  • Debi Martin

    Very practical, easy-to-read book on how to determine what God’s will is. Reminded me of Kevin DeYoung’s book Just Do Something. The truth is that God has revealed what He wants us to do in His Word. When we look for additional signs outside His Word, we are basically saying that His Word is inadequate.Would recommend this for every Christian to read. Really tackles misconceptions that abound in today’s Christian culture about how to find God’s will.

  • Sarah Howard

    One of the best books I've read about the authority of Scripture and people's misconceptions of how to find Gods will for our lives.

  • Jimmy

    This work is an expanded and revised edition of a book on God’s guidance and the will of God. I received this book from the Shepherd’s Conference and didn’t realized I had it until I found it again in my book shelf as I was working on a series for my church on the sovereignty of God. Talk about providence and what the book called “God’s behind the scene” guidance! I found this book quite helpful and refreshing since the authors stressed the Bible as the means of knowing God’s will [...]

  • Jon

    Quite a solid resource on guidance and God's will. Would give it 3.5 if I had the ability to do so. Very biblically grounded and rather conservative in its recommendations. I thought it was a useful resource and would recommend to others. I do wonder whether the authors are being a bit too tight and neglecting a number of examples where God speaks and guides outside of his Word, still inline with it, but still outside of it. However, it does correct the usual misunderstandings of how God communi [...]

  • Tracey

    I found this book really helpful in understanding that many times when you are making decisions and wondering which choice is "God's will," the answer is quite easy if you just consider what the Bible says. If you have the desire for your will to be in line with God's will, it's usually quite easy to know what the right decisions are.

  • Justin Orman

    Second gift book from the Shepherd's Conference read this last week. The authors challenge several longstanding evangelical high places in regards to knowing God's well. It was insightful and gave me a broader perspective that I previously was unaware I lacked. Enjoyed this book by Jensen and Payne very much.

  • Shay

    God didn't tell me to read this book, but He worked 'behind the scenes' in my decision to read it. So glad I did. Next decision: Cheerios or Corn Flakes?

  • Rachel

    Some useful stuff. Very easy to read.

  • Samson

    Fans may be disappointed the book doesn't really help you make a decision. But it fixes some misunderstandings about God's guidance and suggests a few tips on choosing with a godly perspective.

  • Ryan

    A great book on the topic of guidance. Good to read alongside of Kevin DeYoung's book on Discovering God's will.

  • Matthew

    Helpful book on a difficult subject. The authors do well to help us sort through the complexities they many have layered on this topic.

  • Bill

    Very good. Manages to be practically useful, theologically rigorous and pretty short.

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  • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ☆ Guidance and the Voice of God - by Phillip D. Jensen TonyPayne ë
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