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By Becca Fanning | Comments: ( 665 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

Talia normally enjoyed her mornings teaching her class The little boys and girls looked up at her, their big eyes rapt with attention as she taught them their daily lessons But today was different She felt it in her bones, but she had no idea her life was about to change forever Alec knew he shouldn t do this He should ve called, but this wasn t something you could taTalia normally enjoyed her mornings teaching her class The little boys and girls looked up at her, their big eyes rapt with attention as she taught them their daily lessons But today was different She felt it in her bones, but she had no idea her life was about to change forever Alec knew he shouldn t do this He should ve called, but this wasn t something you could talk about over the phone Hi, I m actually the father of your small child, who might be a Bear Shifter like me Sometimes, you just had to be bold, even if that meant crossing the line into dangerous This 10,000 word novella has hot Bear Shifter action, a Happily Ever After, no cheating and no cliffhangers I ve attached some free stories afterward as my thanks to you.

  • Title: Alec
  • Author: Becca Fanning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Becca Fanning

Becca is an art school student in the greater Chicagoland area She loves the lake, her lab Lou, and writing saucy smut She is confident that she s the horniest person she knows, and hopes that comes across in her writing Sit for a spell and join the fun She won t tell Becca is an art school student in the greater Chicagoland area She loves the lake, her lab Lou, and writing saucy smut She is confident that she s the horniest person she knows, and hopes that comes across in her writing Sit for a spell and join the fun She won t tell She loves hearing from readers beccafanning87 gmailif you want to get in touch Becca wants to send you a starter library of free exclusive book, available only to members of her newsletter Just copy and paste the following URL into your address bar authorbecca

Comments Alec

  • Angel

    Mmm where is the rest of this book??!One second I was clicking on the cover open the book on my Kindle to start reading, next thing it was I love you and happily ever after!!There was no actual story no background stories explanation as to how everything works in this shifter's world or what the hell was the epilogue about??Really where is the story??Wasn't this the first book?Did I happen to miss one?by the end I checked a couple of times to make sure I haven't skipped any chapters by acciden [...]

  • Carolynn

    When I started reading romances (a looooong time ago!), shifter romances didn't exist on the shelves anywhere. I decided romances weren't very interesting, so I didn't read any more unless they were connected with mysteries or paranormal. I didn't discover these little darlin's until just a few months ago, and I finally started reading them just a little bit ago. I discovered I like them! They sure beat regular vanilla romances!In this story Talia is raising her son on her own, her ex-boyfriend [...]

  • Pam Louis

    This is a super fast paced story about Talia a human. The boyfriend she was with at the time couldn't give her a baby so she goes to the sperm bank.Things didn't work out with the boyfriend but he had a son. A few years later the boy is growing fast and chewing on the table lol Out of the blue Alex shows up asking for a date and melting her heart. He just happens to be a bear shifter. He and a few others donated sperm to Dodson university for a research project. I would love to know how their sp [...]

  • Cheryl Graham Petit

    Another, great, fast-paced, quick, and enjoyable Bear Shifter Romance book by Becca Fanning. An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review.

  • Erin

    Another bear shifter story from this writer.The burb says what the story is all about.This is the first book in this series and the concept looked promising. It also started promising with a prologue.And how they meet and what her son is doing different as a normal baby. Put in an evil ex and you have a great story-line.At their second dinner date Alec can't control himself after she tells him that her ex is blackmailing her. He can't control his bear.What happens next is written so quickly and [...]

  • Jennifer Alvarez

    Adorable novella!Alec just found out he might be a dad. Talia has always wanted to be a mother. She finds the means to make it happen. Now when their paths collide, which path would she choose? Super cute story. Can see it as part of a series due to the other characters introduced in the prologue.

  • Shelly Roke

    Wow, that's a lot of books for $0.99 I thought the cover book was good, but to get so many additional books was just crazy! All bears, in sets, 30(?) more books was awesome. All romantic, HEA. MORE than with the money!

  • Judith

    AlecCute story but didn't have substance. It is a feel good type of story about Talia who wants a baby and takes desperate measures by going to a sperm bank. Alec is a professional and a bear shifter who donated sperm for study. Like I said cute story.

  • Charlotte Hodrick

    wonderful story for the series

  • Cathy Rabuck

    Great set!I enjoyed getting to know more authors! The stories, although short, brought you in quickly and kept me I terez

  • Adriane Alexander

    great read.

  • Jeanne Kotsios

    I loved this book it was sweet how they had a conversation of he wanting to take responsibility for baby and explain everything that was going on just a great read

  • Melissa

    "Alec" was a very short story. It wasn't really long enough to draw you into the characters, but the story was sweet.

  • Patricia Quick

    cuscustomer Exciting plethora of series combined in this huge book. Great characters and storylines. Definitely a reread delight. Recommended to everyone.

  • poppy

    Ok for a quick read if you have a spare twenty minutes not great but readable

  • Christie

    As always, the author has delivered a terrific story with believable characters and a decent backstory. Talia, the female lead, had a disturbingly violent ex who was continually harassing her and didn’t know the meaning of the word “no.” When Alec hears this he becomes so angry that he has to go outside to try to calm himself down so that he won’t shift in public. He winds up shifting anyway and running off, either because he believes Talia’s afraid of him, or to keep from hurting anyo [...]

  • Karen

    I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review. I did enjoyed this book. But for my honest review and the reason I only gave it four stars you will have to read on This is the first book in a new series by Becca Fanning, which involves a group of brothers; bear shifters that donated their sperm to the university for research. Then they get a call to go to see a solicitor, from which they learn there has been a mix and they have all fathered children - the solicitor is offering them a [...]

  • Monica

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Unfortunately I didn’t like the book I wasn’t feeling it. I did email the author and let her know my concerns but I didn’t get a response. I normally don’t have issues with her work. This time I did. I realize this is a short story. This is a Paranormal Romance and I understand its made up. As a reader I have to believe that some of the things that happen in books COULD potentially happen even in an unrealistic world. Reading as many b [...]

  • Emily Pennington

    Five men met in front of a creaky sign. No one seemed to know what the strange message had been about. Inside, an elderly secretary led them into Mr. Partridge’s office for some sort of a mysterious meeting.Talia Roberson taught at an elementary school. She was a single mom; her infertile boyfriend had left her when she turned to artificial insemination to have a child with him. Now her two-year-old son, James, was behaving strangely, and she was mulling over these thoughts in her mind. Sudden [...]

  • Anne Moore

    I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book its fast paced steamy and the characters are well done. The plot is very good if a little short i really would like to see the author write more in depth books as its such a shame as she has the potential to do really well with more length to her stories. I liked the new introduction of prologue. There were a few things i didnt like to be honest which is why i marked this as a 4* not 5*. i dont think it was the best Becca [...]

  • Nikki Brooks

    Alec, a bear shifter, and his friends donated sperm whilst at college. They get called into a lawyers office and the bombshell is dropped that they are all fathers. Bad news is that Talia, who got Alec's sperm doesn't know her baby is part shifter! Talia is a teacher and when she and her partner couldn't get pregnant she went to a sperm bank. But when she got pregnant he got weird and she dumped him. Bad news is he is still her landlord and he has a really sleazy offer for her to stay in her apa [...]

  • Susan

    This novella is the first book in the Secret Baby Bears series. I have read other books from this author and I like that this series has an interesting twist on the typical secret baby storyline. Alec is a standalone with a HEA but there will be more novellas in the series coming so why stop with just this one? Hot and steamy sex so definitely 18+. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. Be aware that this is an "insta-love" storyline and even [...]

  • Essie

    Alec and his friends donated sperm at a sperm bank. Talia went to a sperm bank to conceive a child hoping to save her marriage. But her husband Danny did not want the child. Now Talia is worried about the child James as he is much bigger and heavier than other kids his age and he does weird things like chew the furniture. Alec shows up at Talia's school and Talia hits him over the head. He comes again and apologizes for scaring her and her class and she apologizes for hitting him. They go out to [...]

  • Patricia

    I have always enjoyed reading Becca Fanning's books and this one really caught my attention with the way the prologue was written. This book is the first one of the series and the prologue starts with five men/shifters bears being called in to the lawyers and asked if they remember donating sperm to the genetic research project at Dodson university. This story covers Talia Roberson who was artificially inseminated by the donated sperm of Alec and unbeknown to her he is a bear shifter. What you w [...]

  • Julia Handley

    I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is a little different to Beccas  others books.  You have a prologue at the beginning that gives you a hint on what this is about from the men's view. Then straight to Talia, who is a school teacher and single mum. How her and Alec meet? Unique is a good word to use lol he probably could've found a better way. At least Talia now knows she can and would protect her kids. Speaking of kids, James, Talias little terrors hahaha he soo cute I [...]

  • Rickie

    This was highly entertaining with the way that Alec and Tahlia meet. Who would think that a man would come storming into an elementary classroom and scare the bejeesus out of everyone. All he wanted to do was speak to Tahlia. She didn't take well to his approach and clocked him with a fire extinguisher. What an opening for a conversation that eventually bloomed into a chemistry neither could ignore. Alec already knew why he had sought her out, but even her child James, who turns out to be his of [...]

  • Courtney

    I loved the latest from Becca Fanning. When Alec got summoned to a lawyers office little did he realize just how that would change his life. When he learns he fathered a child after a donation for a genetic research project. Talia loves being a teacher, loves her class and loves her two year old son, but something is missing. She always imagined her child being raised in a two parent household, but with her ex that didn't happen so she took matters into her own hands. When a man barrels into her [...]

  • Barbara Watts

    A cute story starts with a lawyer calling some bear shifters into his office to tell them that something happened with the sperm they donated for a genetic research project. Talia is a human single mom that because her live –in boyfriend could not have children she decided to visit a clinic that had a sperm donor program . Things did not go well as they broke up but Danny is still in her life as her landlord and he is not a nice man . Talia meets Alex in a rather memorable way when he comes to [...]

  • Brandy Harrison

    Another great book !! Alec is a bear shifter that donated sperm when he was in college. Talia is an Elementary school teacher who wanted a baby, but her boyfriend couldn't have kids. So she takes matters into her own hands and chooses in vitro fertilization to conceive. When her boyfriend finds out he goes into a rage and leaves her. Fast forward 2 years later to a single mom with a son that is doing some very strange things like chewing on the kitchen table legs.?while Dr's say he's fine, there [...]

  • Rebecca Grove

    Talia is an elementary teacher and one day her school goes on lock down. A strange man comes into her classroom and Talia hits him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Later she finds out that Alec is there to visit her. Talia is not sure if she is ready to go out with hi. Her ex is harassing her and and demanding that she sleep with him or she will be evicted from her apartment. Her 2 year old son is big for his age and has some weird habits like chewing on wooden furniture legs. After some th [...]

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  • Best Read [Becca Fanning] ☆ Alec || [Suspense Book] PDF ↠
    245 Becca Fanning
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