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First Sergeant Charlie Madison Today I ll make her come, and tomorrow, I ll make her quit Under no circumstances should a woman be considered for the special forces And certainly not the Green Berets I ll be God damned if me or my brothers fall at the manicured hands of some sorority sister Tomorrow s the first day of US Army Special Forces training she s a recruit, anFirst Sergeant Charlie Madison Today I ll make her come, and tomorrow, I ll make her quit Under no circumstances should a woman be considered for the special forces And certainly not the Green Berets I ll be God damned if me or my brothers fall at the manicured hands of some sorority sister Tomorrow s the first day of US Army Special Forces training she s a recruit, and I m her CO and new living nightmare but she doesn t know that yet That s why I m going to show her whose boss, here, tonight in the bathroom of this shitty bar She doesn t fight, she makes it easy but there s something about her, the way she gives herself to me but still holds strong while I take what I want I can t let this hot piece of ass cloud my judgment Tomorrow s hell day, and it s game on By the time I m done with her she ll be begging me for an escape, and I ll happily send her packing Private Hannah Birk Volunteer as one of the first female Green Beret candidates Check Unknowingly bang my hot as hell CO the night before training Check Find out that our parents are soon to be married F CK Embrace The Suck A Stepbrother Special Forces Novel is a full length contemporary new adult romance novel 125,000 words in length No Cliff Lots of dirty sex.

  • Title: Embrace The Suck
  • Author: Sophia Kenzie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sophia Kenzie

Sophia Kenzie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Embrace The Suck book, this is one of the most wanted Sophia Kenzie author readers around the world.

Comments Embrace The Suck

  • Mojo_Mama

    0 stars for the bullshit this author pulled in the last 5% of the novel. Frankly, it DESTROYED the HEA. I'll never read another one of her books.The H admits to the reader to having an ONS with half the first class of female recruits before they even got to basehe fucked all 17 of them while investigating them. The h NEVER FINDS OUT.Ohswoon. (*sarcasm alert*)Then he's pissed she won't forgive him less than 12 hours after fucking an OWter he'd dragged the OW to the bar the h was at so she'd see t [...]

  • I.Heart.Romance

    H is a piece of shit. After sleeping with h for a month and having feelings for her, he "fucks a floozy" and flaunts her in h's face, so she would hate himoss.

  • Gi's Spot Reviews

    Sometimes I really can't believe how author's can come up with this horrendous male MCs, and expect us to believe this is a Romance where he is supposed to play the H UnbelievableSelf note:/review/show

  • Mariℓina

    Hmmmmmm!First Sergeant Charlie Madison Today I’ll make her come, and tomorrow, I'll make her quit. Under no circumstances should a woman be considered for the special forces. And certainly not the Green Berets. I’ll be God damned if me or my brothers fall at the manicured hands of some sorority sister. Tomorrow’s the first day of US Army Special Forces training—she’s a recruit, and I’m her CO and new living nightmare…but she doesn’t know that yet. That’s why I’m going to show [...]

  • Shari Kay

    What theWhat?!/review/show

  • Anna Valsa

    The H is a cheater.

  • Kate's Corner

    Checked out the blurb thought about it for about 3 seconds. WTH sprung to mind more than just once. Then came the big fat nooooooo!

  • Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

    4 Stars: Believe it or not 'embrace the Suck' was satisfying in length. I did notice that it was essentially separated in what was to be preceded as 5 books. However, this author was able to appease the long term reader who enjoys a lengthy book as well as the new generation of readers with short attention spans.Embrace the Suck was an actual complete story. We weren't asked to fall victim to the insta love authors are now clinging to in the hopes for an instant hit. We were able to witness the [...]

  • Ashleyjo

    Did NOT read this! Would NOT read this! See Mojo's review~/review/show

  • Kim Hanback

    This book was exhausting. The first black mark came when the H slept with someone else because he was just a little bitch, afraid of his feelings. Then it just turned into a long winded roller coaster of blah. If it was a real book, I'd just throw it in the trash. Thank God Kindle has a delete button.

  • Jennifer

    I hated this book. I normally think these stepbrother books are cute or sexy, but this one was just stupid. Maybe they are getting old and I need to avoid them in the future.

  • Donna Sweeney

    Kindly offered a complementary copy in exchange for an honest reviewWell, I loved the blurb !!!. Despite my inner feminist bristling at the obvious sexiest ass that this leading guy was going to be. I found myself intrigued how this story would play out.This is Hannah and Charlies book. Charlie is in the elite special forces and Hannah is a new recruit in the programme for the special forces (one of the first females). Needless to say that the good ole boyz club does not like this one bit !! Suc [...]

  • Obsessed with book smex

    This ain't your typical taboo romance.Training, stalking, missions, and torture all topped with just a soupçon of PTSD. A much more intense read than I was really expecting when I read the sample and much less humor and raunchiness than I figured given the book title. Our hero and heroine are together at the end, but I find myself strangely unfulfilled. Maybe because I feel put through it along with the characters. I just have my doubts about the solidity and/or stability of the relationship go [...]

  • Lexee Toste

    This was a great story!! I loved it. The characters hooked me from the beginning of the book. Charlie and Hannah are very well written and complex characters. Hannah is going for special forces training and is part of the first female group that is getting that chance. Charlie is part of the special forces and doesn't want to babysit the women and so he sets out to cause problems for themspecifically Hannah. They have a one night stand, or at least Hannah does, the night before training begins. [...]

  • Aunt Bee

    THE SUCK WAS IT ENDED TOO SOON FOR ME!The story of Hannah and Charlie's HEA was sexually intense and intense would sum up the entire story.Hannah is going through the army Special Forces training as a means to pay medical school. The intensity of training, their hidden relationship, a sicko within trying to take out Hannah, Charlie and or both and several more intense nail biting items will finally get you to their HEA, or will there be an HEA?This book was phenomenal! It was an atypical take on [...]

  • The Neighbor

    You Had Me at the Title!! ;-)OK, I admit. I'm my Father's daughter, and by that I mean I'm not your typical girly girl. My idea of a "Chick Flick" is a movie with a high body count, chase scenes and some hand to hand combat. So, I admit that I saw this book on some book site, and bought it for the title & cover pic. I might have looked at the number of pages too, but that's it. No careful reading of the full jacket blurb, or checking out the author's website, &/or & Author pages, n [...]

  • Linda

    I don't know that I loved this book, but I sure couldn't put it down. It frustrated me because Charlie and Hannah always seemed to be at odds over something and just when I thought finally they were together, fate intervened and they were separated again. Ground was lost that they had to try to recover. Charlie was an ass a lot in the beginning but when he finally accepted how he felt about Hannah, he seemed to mature, while Hannah, for a long time, seemed to me to be only focusing on her goal o [...]

  • Julie Taylor

    I know this is labelled as a stepbrother romance but it was so much more. I loved both characters from the start. Both Hannah and Charlie know what its like living in their fathers' shadow, trying to prove to others as well as themselves that they deserve to be where they are. Its a wonderful twist on the usual military book and for that I loved it because this author, who is new to me, really challenged the norm. Having said that you do get much the same stereotypes in this version though, men [...]

  • Kerry Szymanski

    Hannah wants in the special forces, only thing pulling her back is her sexy commander Charlie. So many ups and downs in this book.Bathroom sex Cat fightsHelicopter death drivesFriendship bondsBack stabbingsIncestImprisonmentTortureFather issuesBreak upsBreakdownsWow! How many more can I list? Oh, can't forget, lots and lots of sex. Yes, all that and more rolled up into this book. You'd be reading along enjoying the book, then start crying. Several emotional parts.I have to say, after reading 42% [...]

  • Crystal

    I really liked this book, Hannah being the one of the first females allowed in the special forces training, and Charlie already in the forces doesn't believe that woman should be there for the men to look after. His plans to cause Hannah some problems, but she tougher than she looks. Add in the surprise announcement that parents are getting married and things get even more insane. This is my first book by Sophie Kenzie and I will be reading more of her books. I received this book free for an hon [...]

  • Krinessa

    A fantastic journeyThis story was so good I absolutely HAD to read it in one sitting. 480 pages in one evening. This just how effin awesome this story is. Hannah and Charlie are frustratingly real! Their relationship was so indicative of the stubbornness of youth. Determined to have your way and dominate attempting to assert your independence when you know the entire time the person has your emotions tied up in knots! Awesome! I truly loved and thoroughly enjoyed this story. Fantastic writing!!! [...]

  • Lorena Tucholke

    This book took me by surprise because I really liked, the story was good, and it was well written. The characters worth your time reading, It was easy to read, and it made me to keep reading, maybe the end was a little bit rushed, but good enough as well. Hannah and Charlie, are funny and strong together and apart. That is a good thing, because they are their own persona. They don´t need each other to be great, they just choose to be together, because that way they are greater. Give it a chance [...]

  • Nicole

    HonestI was gifted this book for an honest review. Usually so many of these books are the same. This one surprised me. It had a good length where it was not boring ever. At times I found myself so annoyed with Charlie and his attitude, but I can also say the same for Hannah. Ultimately I loved their relationship. They went through their fair share of struggles and tested each other to no end. I loved who they were as characters and the story was written very well. I would definitely recommend th [...]

  • Laure

    Fantastic book, I loved reading about Hannah and Charlie, and the many ups and downs in their relationship. Their first meeting to their eventual realization that life happens, dare I say it just sucks, at times. When they figure out that life can and will change a persons perspective in unexpected, and sometimes unprepared for ways. That to love each other they have to accept those changes and fight for their love. That it won't be easy. This book has sizzling hot sex, suspense and violence.I r [...]

  • Helen

    Great Read. Unique story line. Hannah starts off in college for pre med but can not see going onto medical school due to the cost. She hates the service because she lost her dad. Then she hears about a special unit for women and decides to join to get her medical degree. It is then she meets Charlie has a one nighter and comes to find out he is in the military where she will be. This book was recommended by Hearts Collective.

  • Samantha Stinnett

    It was good, the couple struggled through most of the book but I would assume with both partners in a relationship in the military there would be a lot of struggling then add in the family dynamic. I enjoyed the read it was long and allowed for you to get into the couple on two levels and both being determined and never having been in a relationship I felt the issues and they could feel the mixed emotions both had to work through.

  • Lori

    This is not a usual step-brother romance. This couple does share a really exciting and dangerous relationship. Their chemistry is undeniable, but yes, the circumstances suck. This is a very action packed suspense romance. Lot of military maneuvers in and out of uniform. I really enjoyed this story, and there is lots to read. You really get to feel like you know the characters spending so much time with them. This hero and heroine are real hero's, especially to each other.

  • Sarah

    Sexy & enjoyable The chemistry between Hannah & Charlie was absolutely off the charts, but this was also just an addicting, fast-paced book with a great, interesting storyline. I love how they both fought through so many obstacles to achieve both their dreams & each other. Only negative is this book definitely needed another edit, there were some incorrect words throughout which was more annoying than anything else.

  • JillKirtley

    Lovely story!I really liked this book, Charlie and Hannah were great characters and the story line was excellent, however I found it a little long winded at times and I found my mind wandered a bit, but I'm glad I stuck with it. It's my first book by Sophie Kenzie but it won't be my last as I like her style of writing. I received this book free for an honest review.

  • Rebecca Velez

    Romantic but not enough action. Although military knowledge and medical knowledge was part of the book they were not intricate to the story. No "action" to speak of. I wanted to feel the woman was in the military but she was more of an outsider looking in. What rank was she? Where was her military knowledge? Romance was there but action and suspense not so much.

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