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By Selma Lagerlöf Wilhelm Schulz Pauline Klaiber-Gottschau | Comments: ( 207 ) | Date: ( Dec 15, 2019 )

Das ist ein Buch f r alle gro en und kleinen Kinder, die sich ein Herz f r das echte Abenteuer und das intensive Naturerlebnis bewahrt haben Es ist die Geschichte des kleinen Nils Holgersson, der, in einen D umling verwandelt, auf dem R cken eines reiselustigen Hausganters mit den Wildg nsen kreuz und quer durch Schweden zieht.Die eigenartige schwedische Landschaft von ScDas ist ein Buch f r alle gro en und kleinen Kinder, die sich ein Herz f r das echte Abenteuer und das intensive Naturerlebnis bewahrt haben Es ist die Geschichte des kleinen Nils Holgersson, der, in einen D umling verwandelt, auf dem R cken eines reiselustigen Hausganters mit den Wildg nsen kreuz und quer durch Schweden zieht.Die eigenartige schwedische Landschaft von Schonen bis Lappland, ihre Tier und Pflanzenwelt, ihr Volkstum und ihre Sagen werden hier von der Nobelpreistr gerin Selma Lagerl f, der gr ten Dichterin ihres Landes, in unvergesslicher Weise gestaltet.Dieses Buch wurde weit ber die Grenzen Schwedens bekannt und geh rt heute zur Weltliteratur.

  • Title: Wunderbare Reise des kleinen Nils Holgersson mit den Wildgänsen
  • Author: Selma Lagerlöf Wilhelm Schulz Pauline Klaiber-Gottschau
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Selma Lagerlöf Wilhelm Schulz Pauline Klaiber-Gottschau

Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerl f was a Swedish author In 1909 she became the first woman to ever receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, in appreciation of the lofty idealism, vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings She later also became the first female member of the Swedish Academy Born in the forested countryside of Sweden she was told many of the classic Swedish fairytales, which she would later use as inspiration in her magic realist writings Since she for some of her early years had problems with her legs she was born with a faulty hip she would also spend a lot of time reading books such as the Bible.As a young woman she was a teacher in the southern parts of Sweden for ten years before her first novel G sta Berling s Saga was published As her writer career progressed she would keep up a correspondance with some of her former female collegues for almost her entire life Lagerl f never married and was almost certainly a lesbian she never officially stated that she was, but most later researchers believe this to be the case For many years her constant companion was fellow writer Sophie Elkan, with whom she traveled to Italy and the Middle East Her visit to Palestine and a colony of Christians there, would inspire her to write Jerusalem, her story of Swedish farmers converting into a evangelical Christian group and travelling to The American Colony in Jerusalem.Lagerl f was involved in both women issues as well as politics She would among other things help the Jewish writer Nelly Sachs to come to Sweden and donated her Nobel medal to the Finnish war effort against the Soviet union Outside of Sweden she s perhaps most widely known for her children s book Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

Comments Wunderbare Reise des kleinen Nils Holgersson mit den Wildgänsen

  • Lisa

    Cross-curricular teaching and entertainment in one Nobel volume.These days, interdisciplinary projects and cross-curricular interlinking of learning are all the fashion, and stressed teachers sigh in frustration over the tour de force of teaching not only their own subject, but of successfully implementing relevant connections to other areas as well in order to make learning more meaningful to an increasingly lazy, naughty and careless student body.Some might think this is a recent issue - both [...]

  • Manny

    This children's classic, published in 1906 by future Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf, is so famous in Scandinavia that everyone knows the plot; but until now I'd never read it. Nils Holgersson, a good-for-nothing kid in late nineteenth century Skåne, angers the local tomte (a kind of Swedish leprechaun), who magically transforms him into another tomte. Nils, who's now the size of a thumb, is fortunately adopted by a flock of geese who take him to their summer nesting grounds in Lapland and b [...]

  • Sidharth Vardhan

    There are three very good reasons to read this book - the author is first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize, it appears on Le Monde list of best books of 20th century And the fact that the protagonist's picture appears on 20 Swedish krona banknotes. The talking animal surpass those of Kipling's Jungle Book in detail and characterization, and they are also talking about such subjects like deforestation and industrialisation. And there is additional flavour of histories, local folktales and legends. [...]

  • Rinda Elwakil

    مفاجآت مكتبة مصر العامة السارة :))

  • إسراء فكري

    نيلز (باليابانية: ニルスのふしぎな旅)فكرتني بـ كافكا علي الشاطيء " مغامَرات نِلز العجيب " كانت بداية معرفتي بِالكاتبة السويدية سلمي لاجرلوف ذائعة الصيت , زادت شُهرتها بعد ما حصلت علي جائزة نوبل العالمية للآداب لعام 1909 ميلادياً و الحقيقة كانت هي أول سيدة تحصُل علي هذة الجائزة وأول [...]

  • Susan

    “The Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson,” is a Swedish children’s classic. Published in 1906, the book actually resulted from a commission from the National Teachers Association to write a geography reader. Author Selma Lagerlof apparently spent three years studying Nature and also investigating folklore and legends from around the country, before writing this book.The story itself involves a fourteen year old boy called Nils who is a bit lazy and naughty. Amongst the mischief he gets [...]

  • Leah

    This book will give you so much. How is it that Swedish writers always find the right words for expressing children's thoughts and feelings? Lagerlöf does a great job, not only in describing the Swedish landscape, but also in describing and telling Nils' story. It is a wonderful piece of literature and should be read to every child. You can learn a lot from Nils Holgersson. It deals with topics different to speak about, like death, sickness or growing up. And while writing about it in such a un [...]

  • Phoenix2

    A big book, but full of nice stories of the wonderful adventures of Nils, a boy who was turned tiny and went on a trip on his goose (or was it a duck, I can't remember?) But what I do remember is that the book had some magical stories to tell. Especially loved the one with the magical city and the one with the deer.

  • Nick

    I was about 10 years old, and looking for something to read on a quiet Sunday afternoon in summer, when I ran across a battered and faded copy of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. Originally published in Sweden in 1906-7, it tells the story of a naughty farmer's lad who has what we would today call attitude, toward his parents, toward farming, and toward the animals on the farm. He's a terror, in short, and his parents despair of him. An elf turns him into a tiny version of himself (just go with [...]

  • Ana Lúcia

    “Há viagens de aventuras, viagens de estudo, viagens de negócios. E outras ainda. Há viagens felizes e infelizes. Viagens em que se enriquece, viagens em que se morre de saudade. E há esta (…)”“A Maravilhosa Viagem de Nils Holgersson através da Suécia”, é realmente uma viagem, e é realmente maravilhosa…A viagem pela Suécia de Nils Holgersson, um menino, transformado em gnomo às costas de um ganso que não se resignou a ser um animal doméstico.Uma viagem interior, na vida d [...]

  • Pequete

    Este livro é uma verdadeira viagem através da Suécia, que deixa vontade de revisitar um país cuja paisagem é, apenas aparentemente, monótona. É também uma viagem interior, a do crescimento de um rapaz mimado e preguiçoso, que acompanhando a migração dos patos bravos através do país, aprende o valor do trabalho e da lealdade, como garante da sobrevivência do grupo. Com muitas notas sobre a vida selvagem (mesmo sendo os animais personificações), geologia, e alguma história, é um [...]

  • Ints

    Visnotaļ pamācoša. Nekad, nekad nevajag kaulēties ar rūķīšiem. Bonusā vesela kaudze ar Zviedrijas teikām un Zviedrijas vēstures apskatiem. Uz beigām gan autorei pietrūcies par ko rakstīt, tādēļ iekļāvusi šo to no savas dzīves.Mierīgi var lasīt arī pieaudzis cilvēks, grāmatas valoda bagāta, stāsti interesanti. Vairāk tāda novadpētnieciska grāmata nekā bērnu pasaka. Un tais laikos jau autori nekaunējās aprakstīt dzīvi tādu kāda ta ir, nāve, netaisnība un n [...]

  • Susan

    Wonderful fantasy book for children or anyone who has not already read it. I read it several times over the last 70 years.

  • Anamaria Koridze

    უკეთილესი წიგნია. ესე უნდა გიყვარდეს ცხოველები ადამიანს❤

  • Sookie

    Sometimes its the perspective of a child that gives adults much needed clarity. Without hyperbole, metaphors or euphemisms, this wonderful tale of adventure manages to show the complexity of nature and the abuse nature has gone through in the hands of humans. Selma Lagerlöf writes story about a boy who isn't always very nice and one day annoys an elf enough to get himself hit by a spell - the boy, Nils, can now understand animals and birds along with turning into a very tiny person. He travels [...]

  • Elsje

    Deze vakantie las ik onder andere ons maandboek van Selma Lagerlöf - Niels Holgerssons wonderbare reis. Dit boek won de Nobelprijs voor de literatuur in 1909, bijna een eeuw geleden dus. Deels in zonnig Zeeland, de rest in al even zonnig New York. Om me van daar te verplaatsen naar het Zweden van begin 20e eeuw was niet moeilijk!Het verhaal is in twee zinnen samen te vatten: dierenpestend rotjochie uit het zuiden van Zweden wordt in een kabouter veranderd en zal pas weer in een jongen terug wor [...]

  • Hikari

    Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise von Selma Lagerlöf, illustriert von Lars Klinting ist ein schönes Kinderbuch mit wundervollen Bildern. Das Buch, das ich gelesen habe, hat nur einen Umfang von 92 Seiten und ist zum einen stark gekürzt (die originalen Versionen haben bis zu 400 Seiten) und zum anderen ist das Buch für die jüngeren Kinder gedacht. Das Original soll düsterer, kritischer und ernster sein. Dies hier ist jedoch auch für die Kleineren geeignet, es ist zwar mitunter spannend, ab [...]

  • Megen

    I read this for a Scandinavian Children's Literature class in college (surprisingly, one of the best classes I've ever had--thanks Elizabeth for suggesting it). I read several really interesting books in this class and this one is the story of a Swedish boy, Nils, who sees the whole of Sweden and learns about Swedish geography while flying on top a goose. It was originally commissioned by the National Teachers Association as a geography reader for the public schools. I wish the American school s [...]

  • ala'

    رغم اني مللت قليلا من الوصف المسهب لطبيعة السويد , و لكن لا بد من الاعتراف ان القصة خفيفة دم جدا , و خيالية جدا , و تقدم الكثير من الحكايات الشعبية الجميلة في داخلها , و العلاقات الرقيقة تستحق القراءة بكل تأكيد

  • Robert

    I loved this book so much as a kid. And that's the first book I've tried to read in Hungarian, as a 6 year old (Romanian being my native language, and Hungarian my mother-tongue).

  • Ramy

    قرأتها على مدى اسبوع بالتمام و الكمالورقية مستعارة من مكتبة المعادى العامةاصدار الدار المصرية اللبنانية ترجمة د شوقى جلالالرواية ل سلمى لاجرلوف اول "سيدة" تحصل على نوبل 1909و اول سيدة "سيدة- سويدية" تحصل على تلك الجائزة السويديةبدأ فى كتابتها منذ 1903 لتصف فيها و خلالها كل معالم [...]

  • Alfonsina

    El mejor libro para un niño de 6 a 10 años. Lleno de imágenes, lecciones de amistad y humildad. Y su redacción fluida, sencilla.

  • Khaled

    من اجمل ما قرأت مؤخراً، فازت الكاتبة بجائزة نوبل بسبب هذا الكتاب، مجموعة المغامرات التي قام بها بطلنا نلز كانت بغرض المتعه و التعليم ، في فتره من الفترات عانى طلاب السويد من ضعف في مادة الجغرافيا وطرحت مسابقة بهدف انتاج كتاب للمطالعة يعرف الطلاب بجغرافيا الدوله، وكانت النتي [...]

  • Amber Linde

    The tale of the little boy Nils Holgersson and his adventure to the North on the back of a gander is, after the Pippi Longstocking-series, probably the most famous Swedish children’s story. I had never read it but it was on my TBR list for ages until this edition crossed my path. I was making my regular visit to one of my favourite book shops when my eye fell on this stunning cover, created by the talented Coralie Bickford-Smith. I had searched the internet before, but beautiful editions of [...]

  • Craig Barner

    The Wonderful Adventures of Nils was a pleasant surprise for a number of reasons. I did not expect a great story mostly because in 1902, the Swedish Ministry of Education commissioned Selma Lagerlof to write the adventure as a way to make geography a bit more entertaining for school children. As a result, I thought the didactic purpose behind the book would result in a didactic story.It was anything but! This is an entertaining story. I did not know the location of places where the adventure tak [...]

  • Χρήστος Αναστασόπουλος

    Ό,τι πρέπει για τα Χριστούγεννα. Ταξίδι προς την Άνοιξη! Μου άρεσε ιδιαίτερα που ο θάνατος ήταν κάτι συνηθισμένο, κάτι απολύτως φυσικό σε αυτό το βιβλίο.

  • Diana

    Se lo leería a mis hijos; es una historia preciosa con un final esperanzador. 

  • Miguel Soto

    Hace tiempo supe que existía una historia acerca de un niño que viajaba sobre un pato. Nunca supe más detalle, cómo viajaban, si el pato era gigante o el niño pequeño, en qué territorios se movían o por qué lo hacían. Luego supe que tal historia era conocida como el viaje de Nils Holgersson. Más adelante me topé con un ejemplar y me decidí a leerlo. Me costó mucho trabajo al principio, me parecía lento y creo que la doble columna de Porrúa no me ayudaba mucho.Poco a poco le fui t [...]

  • Sylvia

    Fairy tales, myths and legends and the beautiful description of the landscape of Sweden, that's all included in this phenomenal book. Together with Niels Holgerson and the wild geese the reader makes a long journey from the south of Sweden to the land of the Sami people. There are many ancient Swedish folktales and legends, stories about animals and their habitat and tales about Sweden as the land develops itself to an industrial nation. It wasn't the first time I read it. Year ago I used to rea [...]

  • Isabel

    Efectivamente, a terra e o mar podem unir-se de muitas formas. Umas vezes, a terra vai ao encontro do mar, desdobra-se em prados inclinados e planícies, onde a erva cresce em abundância, e o mar acolhe-a com areias movediças amontoadas em bancos e colunas; dir-se-ia que, por se amarem tão pouco, o mar e a terra só querem mostrar um ao outro o que têm de menos belo. Outras vezes a terra, quando o mar se aproxima, ergue uma muralha de montanhas, como se quisesse deter inimigos, e então o ma [...]

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