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By Paul Allor Paul Tucker | Comments: ( 342 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

1968 At the height of the Vietnam War, Marine Eugene Smith and local woman Quang Ha have found each other in the midst of the violence that surrounds them They plan to leave the war behind, and begin a new life in America But when a fellow Marine is brutally murdered on the eve of the Tet Offensive, Eugene and Ha s plans are gone forever Eugene finds himself in a city1968 At the height of the Vietnam War, Marine Eugene Smith and local woman Quang Ha have found each other in the midst of the violence that surrounds them They plan to leave the war behind, and begin a new life in America But when a fellow Marine is brutally murdered on the eve of the Tet Offensive, Eugene and Ha s plans are gone forever Eugene finds himself in a city on fire, desperate to find the woman he loves 1984 The war is over Eugene is wounded, inside and out And now, he finds himself going back to Vietnam, to set things right and start again But as Eugene sinks deeper into a 16 year old murder investigation he finally understands how wrong he s been And that some wounds never heal In this critically acclaimed book, writer Paul Allor and artist Paul Tucker present an extraordinary, heartfelt story of hard boiled crime, war torn romance, and the aftermath of violence on the human soul.

  • Title: TET
  • Author: Paul Allor Paul Tucker
  • ISBN: 9781631405648
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Paul Allor Paul Tucker

Paul Allor Paul Tucker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the TET book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Allor Paul Tucker author readers around the world.

Comments TET

  • Jim

    Things unfold as they must. We can accept that…or we can drink. True. War is hell. Any war story that doesn't leave you with that understanding doesn't have truth in it. What an intense story! About the war in Vietnam, but not. About love, but not. Not exactly. The best stories are about emotions and they make you feel. And this one does. And a story about war where the real suspense is in human relationships? That's good storytelling. Recommended. Thanks to NetGalley, Diamond Distributors, an [...]

  • Wayne McCoy

    'Tet' by Paul Allor tells a story spanning two time periods: the Vietnam War and a disabled veteran looking back on the events.Marine Eugene Smith falls in love with a woman from Vietnam named Quang Ha. Ha sees Eugene as her way out of a war torn country. When Eugene's fellow Marine is murdered, he's teamed up a local policeman to solve the murder. Before the investigation gets too far underway, the city explodes. Eugene is injured on his way to find Ha and is sent out of the country. Years late [...]

  • Chinook

    Fantastic. The scenes in Vietnam reminded me of visiting there, with all the wires crisscrossing the streets and the gorgeous buildings. I've been to Hue and done a war tour around the city, but the tour didn't really bring any of the events to life. This graphic novel did. I hope the story continues.

  • David Wardrop

    Not what I was expecting, after reading The Nam and Bloodbath at Khe Sanh and to a lesser extent Punisher: Born I was expecting an against the odds story of soldiers in the jungle with lots of firefights but this is much more of a murder mystery that reminds me of The Quiet American by Graham Greene and the movie Heaven & Earth by Oliver Stone despite the fact I have seen only the trailer, strange I know.

  • Aaron

    This is the type of comic one finds to be a disappointment for all of the right reasons. Indeed, presumptions of character, and casual estimates of moral empathy, all have their place in a time of war. But what about personal relations? Personal relations, specifically, as one navigates the darkened alleys scalded hot by house-to-house military machinery. Enfolded among soldiers with bruised egos, and regular folk eager to survive, is the story of TET. Here, any and all effort to understand the [...]

  • Theediscerning

    A dark story – what else? – from the days of the Vietnam War. Part love story, part crime adventure, part war tale, it's actually a pretty damn good meshing of all three, to show the complexity that can arise when simple men and simple emotions get simply into the wrong situation. The artwork could have done more to differentiate characters now and again, but is pretty flawless in evoking mood, and the use of silent panels is sterling. If it hadn't jumped a chunk and made me uneasy about how [...]

  • Kevin

    More than a war story, more than an unsolved mystery, more than a love story. Eugene Smith returns to Vietnam 16 years after the Tet Offensive, learns who killed his friend Chip in the days before the Offensive began and why, and discovers his former fiancée is still alive after all these years. Story is unhurried but spartan in its delivery; art is rough and kind of messy, just like life. Details are filled in almost on a need to know basis. The reader is only given them when it’s clear that [...]

  • Alex Sarll

    The oldest story - all's never been fair in love or war, but there are those who can't resist the temptation, who can square it with themselves. I didn't feel the art quite lived up to the writing, though I get the impression a bit more practice might make all the difference there.(Netgalley freebie)

  • George Ilsley

    I guess I'm not the target for this book -- it did not gel for me. The characters did not feel completely real, and so it felt a little flat. Perhaps someone who wants to know more about the Vietnam war would find it more interesting.

  • Katbyrdie

    Beautiful and haunting. It deals with murder surrounded by war and shows the damage war can do to everyone involved. Every element was explored and it felt honest. I found myself looking up the author to see if it was a true story. Rare that a graphic novel can capture such depth, emotion, and truth in just a few dozen pages.

  • Patrick

    A short, sad tale. It felt like an old comic, so well done there, Just not a book I'd recommend reading if You're already sad. I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher. .

  • Polly Krize

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Dark tale of Vietnam War: part mystery, part romance. Well done for the shortness of the book, but I wish the graphics were a bit more colorful and striking.

  • Chad

    Part murder mystery, part unresolved issues from the war. I found the story to be kind of boring. The art was bland and the color palette off for the source material.Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Shelley

    I had heard so many good things about this, but it fell flat for me. It's part war story, part love story, part crime mystery, and none of it had much suspense. Maybe if I'd read each part as it originally came out, month by month, the suspense would have been built in?

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  • ☆ TET || ✓ PDF Download by ↠ Paul Allor Paul Tucker
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