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By Elizabeth Corley | Comments: ( 179 ) | Date: ( Dec 07, 2019 )

Sergeant Louise Nightingale is the model police officer calm, composed and always in control When her colleagues discover a connection between a series of sexual attacks and an online contest called The Game , Nightingale becomes involved in tracking down the perpetrator.

  • Title: Grave Doubts
  • Author: Elizabeth Corley
  • ISBN: 9780749080006
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Elizabeth Corley

Elizabeth Corley was born and brought up in West Sussex Married with a stepdaughter, she manages to balance her crime writing with a position as Chief Executive, Europe for a global investment company A one time committee member and vice chairperson of the Crime Writers Association, she is still an active member, while finding time to pursue her outside interests of travel, gardening and music.

Comments Grave Doubts

  • Carol

    Grave Doubts by Elizabeth Corley4.5★'sWhat's It About?Andrew Fenwick must stop a serial killer. Viciously attacked by a serial rapist, intent on murder, Sergeant Louise Nightingale is recovering from her ordeal, relieved that the psychopath has been put behind bars for a very long time. Escaping to a remote family home for a well-earned rest, she is unaware that her nightmare has only just begun. When a nameless, faceless terror starts stalking the country, her colleague, Detective Chief Inspe [...]

  • Deb

    Serial killers are heinous by definition. It's a good thing there are more of them in books then there are in real life! One of the creepiest I've read about in a while is in Elizabeth Corley's book, Grave Doubts. Not only has he literally been getting away with murder for years, but he has a disciple (thankfully in prison for the duration of the novel).Louise Nightingale, a police officer, was deployed to entrap the disciple, and almost pays for it with her life. The serial killer decides she h [...]

  • Heather

    Amazing book. When I started reading it I didn't realise it was the third in a series but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Could not put it down. Wonderful writing, brilliant characters. I especially liked it because the killer didn't have superhuman powers. Things did go wrong for him, which made a refreshing change. Also, even though it was a police procedural, the police officers' private lives were just as interesting as the crimes. Excellent storyline that built to a cliffhanger clima [...]

  • Jennifer

    This book kept me up late into the night reading. I also had to read with a lot of lights on in my apartment. It wasn't a scary book, it was a creepy book. It was rather long, 692 pages, and it probably could've cut out about a hundred pages in the middle without impacting the general story of the book too much. Louise Nightingale's character made at some times want to drive me to drink. She was almost too independent, refusing to ask for help. The writing was clear and compact. Although dealing [...]

  • Mr. Policeman

    Inhalt:Der Thriller „Crescendo“ von Elizabeth Corley beginnt damit, dass sich die Polizistin Louise Nightingale als Lockvogel für einen Vergewaltiger ausgibt, der seine Opfer ein Online Spiel ,,The Game'' ausfindig macht und schon seit langem sein Unwesen treibt. Die Aktion gelingt in letzter Sekunde, nachdem Nightingale sich persönlich mit dem Vergewaltiger (Wayne Griffiths) getroffen hat und dieser sie hinterrücks überfällt und Wayne Griffiths anschließend verhaftet und verurteilt wi [...]

  • Susanne Beyer

    Sehr spannend erzählt, überzeugende Figuren, authentisches Umfeld. Aber die hautnahe, detailreiche Beschreibung der Sexualmorde fand ich einfach nur abstoßend. Ist diese Ausführlichkeit nötig? Nicht wirklich. Ich denke, die Leserschaft hätte sicherlich auch so verstanden, dass hier ein Monster von Serientäter am Werke ist - bzw. gleich zwei davon. Es hätte gereicht, die Details der Fantasie zu überlassen. So haben die Vergewaltigungsszenen etwas ziemlich ekelhaft Voyeuristisches.

  • Plum-crazy

    A really good gripping read - one to really get your teeth into at nearly 700 pages! For such a thick book I got through it quicker than expected (I couldn't put it down) though the concluding sequence maybe went on a tad too long. I liked all the characters & will certainly look out for more both in this series & by this author.

  • Kathy

    Again, not especially my favorite genre - but still - pretty good. Bad guy very interesting.

  • Best Crime Books & More

    Elizabeth Corley wrote Requiem Mass (1998) as her first novel. This was followed by Fatal Legacy (2000), this book Grave Doubts (2006) and finally Innocent Blood (2008).In her first and second novels we meet DCI Andrew Fenwick along with WDC Louise Nightingale. The third is no different and the story opens with Nightingale putting herself in the firing line, all in the name of her job. Nightingale is being used as bait to lure out a dangerous killer. When it all goes wrong and the killer attacks [...]

  • Stella

    It took me quite a while to finish reading this one.It was difficult to understand who was narrating at the time. It kept switching back and forth between character voices, which made it confusing. I didn't think her family history was necessary to include - it was too hard to follow anyways. I found some parts funny, though they probably weren't meant to be.Page 333 - 'Her eyes, lips, her dark hair so shiny it looked wet' - Did you mean oily?The end scene was brutal and I loved it, though it wa [...]

  • Thaleia

    This is the first book I ever read by Elizabeth Corley and by page 10 I was already captivated completely. She writes spine-chilling! I loved it. It’s exciting, fast-paced and doesn’t bore you at all. The combination of a sadistic, evil killer with great detectives and intriguing plots, a hint of love… it’s all there! It’s the second book by this author and I’m sure gonna try and read the other ones she has written too. It’s a novel filled with suspense and darkness with psychologi [...]

  • franziska-marie

    EINFACH GROßARTIG!!! ich bin so froh, dass ich in der bibliothek auf dieses buch gestoßen bin. 'nichts für schwache nerven' kommentierte das magazin 'freundin' - das hat mich natürlich sofort angesprochen und es stimmt - der thriller nimmt einen ganz schön mit und lässt einen in sehr düstere abgründe der menschlichen seele schauen. zwischendurch habe ich richtig gemerkt, wie ich einmal tief durchatmen musste, bevor ich weitergelesen habe. das buch hält die spannung auf jeder einzelnen s [...]

  • Jovdb

    Great novel by Elzabeth Corley.Louise and Andrew are searching for an especially vicious and vindictive serial killer.The killer's accomplice is caught in a sting operation where Loiuse goes undercover as bait. She successfully testifies against him in court and he is sent to prison. The killer sets out to track her down and killer her for revenge, whilst at the same time, commits several atrocious rapes and murders to throw doubt on the conviction of his friend.Louise also deals with the discov [...]

  • Fiona

    Most books about serial killers are not great literature, but even by the lowest standards of the genre, this is formulaic rubbish. The writing is poor and the editing even worse. If even the book's editor couldn't be bothered to correct the basic punctuation mistakes, you wonder why they bothered to publish it at all. Ah yes, because it ticked all the boxes of the "serial killer formula." Don't waste your time I only gave it one star because I don't know how to give it zero and still have it in [...]

  • Vivienne

    It seems from lack of reviews that this author is not that well known. Well they should be as this is one of the most exciting crime novels I have read for some time.Almost 700 pages in paperback I was gripped from the first page and could hardly put down. The leading characters are well drawn and it is easy to care about them. The murderer is vile and yet it is easy to see how he manages to charm his victims as he can assume a mask of normality.

  • Oonagh

    I finished this book last week & I'm still thinking about it. The serial killer was one of the creepiest, nastiest characters I've read of for quite a while & for a good portion of the book he's getting away with it & Andrew Fenwick is the only police officer who can see a connection. I figured out the twist about Nightingale's family fairly easily, but all in another top book from Elizabeth Corley, I'm so glad I found this author.

  • Cheryle

    A fairly predictable psychological thriller, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. A police officer victimized by a serial rapist/killer is stalked by a copycat - or is the wrong man in jail after all? Lots of angst, a budding romance, and a pair of very bad men all come together to make an entertaining read.

  • Stephknep

    I had a hard time getting into the first 1/3 of this book. I kept pushing myself to get through and finally the pace picked up and I read through the last 2/3rds quickly. Not sure I would read another one by her, but not ruling it out either. The killer annoyed me quite a bit but other than that, not a bad read.

  • Valissa

    A real meh. Another charming, attractive, overly-intelligent psychopath. Another beautiful but damaged young female detective. A really dorky love infatuation.Wish it could have dropped three of the four descriptions above, it might have been less skimmable. When my eyes start rolling I know that I should find something better to read.

  • Wendy Hearder-moan

    Can't say I "enjoyed"reading about women being stalked, tortured and raped, but reading through the perspective of a police procedural made it a little less appalling. I did enjoy reading about Fenwick's personal life and Nightingale's exploration of her past and wondering when the two of them are going to recognize the mutual attraction.

  • El

    I found this way too violent and graphic and dreaded picking it up again each time. There were also too many characters in it with the result that I lost track of the plot at times. Definitely my least favourite of the four Corley novels in this series.

  • Jirinka (sony08)

    The first 200 pages I would scrap - i think they were very unneccesery. After that the story took on and it turned out quite good - If I come across another book by this author I would deffinitely read it. I'd give it about 7/10.

  • T.D.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series of books. This is another page turner and although the subject matter was a little difficult to read at times I really enjoyed the ride.The characters are well written and I found myself missing them once I had finished the book - always a good sign!

  • Caroline Ingvaldsen

    Third and best in the DCI Andrew Fenwick series: a nail-biting psychological thriller so well-written as to make graphic and perverse violence and sex appropriate in the development of the fast moving plot.

  • Kathleen Daly

    I thought at first, please let this be as good as the good reviews said, and not the bad reviews. I'm happy to report it was really good hence my 5 stars. I want another of her books soon. I was up til 4 am two nights running. For a mystery lover it should satisfy really well.

  • Sally

    An easy read, enjoyable at the time but eminently forgettable.

  • Sandra

    I really enjoyed the latest installment featuring .fenwick & nightingale

  • Jenny Paullin

    I bit too graphic for my tastes.

  • Pauline Nilsson

    I really enjoyed this book,definitely my kind of book.

  • Vera VB

    This has cost me a good night of sleep, so much tension, the thought of someone entering my house has kept me awake. Awfully good book.

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    486 Elizabeth Corley
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