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It s bad enough that Xavier s new stepbrother, Chris, has moved into Xavier s room, but now it looks like he s also trying to steal Mami by being the perfect kid.Chris s Mr Perfect act may fool grown ups, but Xavier can see straight through it.He promises himself that he ll never become real brothers with such a fake.No brothers allowed Ever right In twenty powerfIt s bad enough that Xavier s new stepbrother, Chris, has moved into Xavier s room, but now it looks like he s also trying to steal Mami by being the perfect kid.Chris s Mr Perfect act may fool grown ups, but Xavier can see straight through it.He promises himself that he ll never become real brothers with such a fake.No brothers allowed Ever right In twenty powerful poems, two strangers learn to become brothers Nikki Grimes captures the struggles and eventual sweetness of bringing together a family.

  • Title: Oh, Brother!
  • Author: Nikki Grimes Mike Benny
  • ISBN: 9780688172947
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Nikki Grimes Mike Benny

Nikki Grimes Mike Benny Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Oh, Brother! book, this is one of the most wanted Nikki Grimes Mike Benny author readers around the world.

Comments Oh, Brother!

  • Emily Newcomer

    A book I could read over and over. The poems speak so much truth to what it feels like to be a child, uncertain of your value, when new members of the family are being introduced. This book is genuine. It goes through the emotions many children experience after their parents separate and remarry. It can be a very confusing and uncertain time, and this story shows that it's normal to feel that way and that it's also okay to try and accept these unfamiliar changes. Great book for any family experi [...]

  • Quentishia

    Oh, Brother! by Nikki Grimes is a fun and interesting poetry book that brings two cultures together to ultimately form the perfect family. Xavier narrates how he gains a stepdad and stepbrother when his Hispanic mother dates an African American man to start a new family. Throughout the story, Xavier has a hard time accepting his stepbrother Chris and them sharing a house together. Xavier ridicules Chris and picks out all the features that he does not like; including the fact that he believes Chr [...]

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    Oh, Brother is a picture book in verse about the blending of two families. The poems are written in the first person, from the point of view of Xavier, a Latino boy whose mother has just gotten remarried. "Mami remarried/and won me a brother," the first line of the book reads, and the rest of the poems explore Xavier's feelings about his new family and the eventual realization of brotherhood between Xavier and his new stepbrother, Chris.Here are just some examples of the wonderful poetry in this [...]

  • N_kellie

    A well-known poet mentioned in our textbook wrote, Oh, Brother. Nikki Grimes has successfully written this picture book in poetic form. In this text, Xavier’s has a new stepbrother, Chris, and he is not too pleased about it. Told in the first person this collection of twenty poems starts with the narrator telling that his mom remarried and won him a brother. The problem is, Xavier thinks he doesn’t need a brother, and his mother doesn’t seem to care. In the first few poems he complains abo [...]

  • N_maryellen Rosenblum

    This was a delightful book which could have multiple uses in the classroom. It could be used for children dealing with divorce, stepbrothers or sisters, or any other significant life change. We find Xavier dealing, quite happily with his Mami's new boyfriend, who is very attentive. Then enters Chris, his soon-to-be stepbrother who does everything perfectly. He not only does his chores, but Xavier's as well. Chris doesn't even spell Xavier's name right, and he appears to be making his way into Ma [...]

  • Leslie

    While the story is told in poems and illustrations from Xavier’s point of view, there is still space made available for the other characters to develop personalities and motivations of their own. And even with the relatively few pages and brevity of most of the poems, Grimes and Benny are able to accomplish the transition from suspicion and resentment to brotherly support and oath-making.The spatial relationships are remarked upon, territory and occasions, but Grimes also focuses a great deal [...]

  • Angela

    Genre: Picture Book - PoetryGrades: K-5Awards: XThe book is a touching collection of twenty poems that create a story about the struggle to accept a new step-brother. The first-person poems are written from the point of view of Xavier. He has problems adjusting to his new stepbrother Chris. Xavier feels that Chris is trying to steal Mami (his mother) from him. He feels that Chris is too perfect and makes him look bad. After an argument, Xavier realizes that Chris is afraid that if he is not perf [...]

  • Jessica

    This narrative is a beautiful compilation of twenty poems that tell a story of bringing two families together. In the beginning, the narrator, Xavier, hates that his Mami’s marriage to his step-dad means that Chris will be his new step-brother (ex. “no way will I ever call him brother“). The author, Nikki Grimes, walks us through Xavier’s emotions as he eventually comes to accept and love his step-brother (ex. “no matter what, we’re brothers”). Not only is this text a realistic and [...]

  • Noni Wurzweiler

    Oh, Brother! is a book comprised of twenty poems about a boy named Xavier who has a new stepbrother named Chris. Chris has moved into Xavier's room and seems to have stolen Xavier's mother's attention. He is not happy about having a new brother, but eventually, Xavier accepts Chris, and ultimately they become friends and true brothers.I would definitely add this book to my multicultural list. First off, the book has characters of color. I believe Chris and his father are black, and Xavier and Ma [...]

  • Lauren Williams

    What is interesting about this book is that it is told by poems. These poems are put together to tell a story about Xavier and his new step brother Chris. They do not get along what so ever at first, but then in the end, two strangers come together to be friends. This touches on a subject that a lot of kids have to deal with if their parents divorce and remarry to those who have kids themselves. They are forced to move in together, and in some cases, like these two, made to share rooms with peop [...]

  • Tina Weingroff

    This is a book about 2 stepbrothers coming together. Chris’s dad marries Xavier’s mom and the 2 boys have to learn how to live together as brothers. It has spanish language intertwined in the text. It’s a story told through poems. The illustrations are awesome and full page with the poems overlaying on top. They are colorful, with saturated colors and a darker pallet, but the book remains light. The colors are cool earth tones. This book deals with emotional conflict like parent’s leavin [...]

  • Jacob Burton

    Published in 2008, this wonderful book by Nikki Grimes tells the story of two young Hispanic boys who suddenly become brothers. There are trials and tribulations along the way; the new brother, Chris, is worried that if he isn't perfect that his dad will leave, (he thinks that's why his mom left). A very good book that describes family and growing up, it also details certain aspects of Hispanic culture. Great entry book for Elementary and Middle School students.

  • Chloe Dryke

    Oh, Brother! was a book that I included in my text set, with the theme of sharing. In this series of poems, Xavier must come to terms that his mom married a new man, and he inherits a stepbrother. Now he must share his home and his mother with these new people in his life. This is a great book to share when a student(s) are experiencing some of the same issues, or to help other students to relate to the situation that those students may be going through.

  • Lauren James

    A sweet and surprisingly unpreachy book about blended families and two stepbrothers who become brothers in their hearts as well as on paper. Grimes's poems are a pleasure to read--and would work very well being read aloud--and Xavier's slow change of heart seems entirely believable. An especially heartwarming ending will put a smile on any reader's face.

  • Jennie

    Twenty wonderful poems about stepbrothers who learn to love and appreciate each other. At first when their parents marry, they go their separate ways, as the poems unfold they learn to care about each other. Great introduction to any change in our lives. gr. 2+

  • Jen

    Growing up in a blended family - an experience for so many kids. I wish I had a book like this when I was a child. The poems Ms. Grimes shares cover the gamut of emotions when two families unite and new siblings try to forge the love for one another. Well received by fourth graders too!

  • Tracie

    Through gently rhymed verse, Xavier expresses a range of emotions when his mother remarries and he gains a stepbrother. There are few books about blended families, so this is a notable book; but the layout of the text on the pages was occasionally a little confusing to me.

  • Kuwana

    Blended family through the eyes of a boy.

  • Timothy Cockburn

    book was about getting a step-family. the boy was not happy his mother married and that he was getting a brother. he talked about how bad it was until he finally saw the good in the new situation.

  • Marissa Elera

    This wonderful story in verse details the best and worst feelings new stepbrothers face as their little families come together in one.

  • Tina Bartholoma

    "step-brothers, joined family, Hispanic, new step-brother, told in poetry, one poem per page, Hispanic terminology"

  • Shelley

    This is a book about step brothers. One brother doesn't want to except the other. He feels that they are not brothers until something changes his mind.

  • Karen

    Was a reread as I prepare for a unit about characters and how their thoughts, words and actions reveal their motivations.

  • Kendra

    A Latino boy learns to love his step-brother in this story written in poems. Beautiful illustrations compliment the poems perfectly.

  • Hector Herrera

    it was lit

  • Roxanne Hsu Feldman

    I really enjoyed this verse story and the more I look at the illustrations the more I realize how much emotion is skillfully encapsulated in the figures on the pages. Very touching.

  • June

    20 poems take the reader through the cycle of unwanted brother, showdown, gradual acceptance, to true family. It brought tears to my eyes.

  • Clarissa

    Poems written from the point of view of a boy whose mother has jsut remarried and now he has a step dad and step brother.

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