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A callous murder A devastating secret A crime of passion.York, 1373 John Thoresby, the Archbishop of York, lies dying Owen Archer, Thoresby s master of the guards, is determined to ensure that his lord s last days are as peaceful as possible, but his plans are thrown into disarray when Thoresby agrees to a visit from Joan, Princess of Wales, wife of the Black Prince anA callous murder A devastating secret A crime of passion.York, 1373 John Thoresby, the Archbishop of York, lies dying Owen Archer, Thoresby s master of the guards, is determined to ensure that his lord s last days are as peaceful as possible, but his plans are thrown into disarray when Thoresby agrees to a visit from Joan, Princess of Wales, wife of the Black Prince and mother of the young heir to the throne of England.Owen resolves to do his duty, but within minutes of Joan s arrival things go disastrously wrong when a member of the royal party is murdered Then, only days later, a messenger carrying urgent letters for Thoresby is found hanging in the woods As Owen races against time to find the murderer, he starts to realise that not only has one of his own men been compromised, but all their lives are now in danger

  • Title: A Vigil of Spies
  • Author: Candace Robb
  • ISBN: 9780434015474
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Candace Robb

Storyteller, mythweaver, author of the Owen Archer, Kate Clifford, Margaret Kerr mysteries Primary residence, medieval York I blog about writing, medieval history, writing women s stories, and feature new scholarship in my field at ecampion.wordpress, and share loads of medieval news, folklore, and whimsy on my facebook page, Candace Robb

Comments A Vigil of Spies

  • Elis Madison

    I'll use this review space to sum up the series. During the reign of Edward III, Owen Archer was once captain of the archers (hence the surname) of the Duke of Lancaster. When he's blinded in one eye, he assumes his career as a warrior is over. The Duke gives him an education and intends to use him as a messenger/spy, but dies before the plan comes to fruition. Given a choice between serving the new Duke, whose ethics Owen questions, and the powerful Archbishop of York/Lord Chancellor of England [...]

  • MBP

    I was glad to read in the author's afterward that this is not the last in the Owen Archer series! (I hope Candace Robb is busy writing!) I think the series is better than the individual books (the sum being more than the parts). There are so many well-drawn ongoing characters that I think could be the focus of a book of their own - especially Brother Michaelo, Bess Merchet, and Magda Digby. The author uses the series format to great advantage in developing her characters, by revealing a little a [...]

  • Kathy

    enjoy this series

  • Jen

    A Vigil of Spies by Candace Robb continues the Owen Archer series. This is one of my very favorite medieval mystery series because of the characters, both real and fictional. Robb's meticulous blend of historical research, exceptional plotting, and believable characters impress me every time. It is remarkably easy to enter the world she creates and become immersed in events, real and imagined, of the late 14th c. I was first introduced to this series in 2015 with The Apothecary Rose and have fol [...]

  • Marlene

    Originally published at Reading RealityThe King is dead. Long live the King.The story in this 10th book in the Owen Archer series takes place at Bishopthorpe, the Archbishop of York’s residence, at the time of the very real death of John de Thoresby, Archbishop of York, in 1373. The events in this book follow closely upon the events in the previous book in the series, The Guilt of Innocents.In this fictional world, Thoresby is the employer and patron of Owen Archer and his family. Owen is the [...]

  • Eric Cassell

    Owen Archer at his bestOwen Archer’s character becomes even richer and deeper! He is aging well. The plot complexity keeps one thoroughly engaged. Characters are believable and their development intriguing. The period is one of historical significance.

  • Darcey Tomasino

    Fantastic seriesI hope to see more of Lucie and Owen. Robb has quite masterfully blended history with fiction. I highly recommend the whole series.

  • Spuddie

    #10 Owen Archer medieval mystery set in 1370's York. Owen is attending to his employer, Archbishop John Thoresby as he nears his death. The Princess of Wales in bringing her entourage to visit the Archbishop, much to Owen's chagrin, as it's his job as Captain of the Archbishop's guards to keep them all safe.When a young servant of a messenger accompanying Her Grace's party from William Wykeham--ever a thorn in Owen's side--dies on the way, a brief investigation leads Owen to believe it was murde [...]

  • Liz

    Archer's latest and maybe greatest test in years is upon him. His patron & employer is dying, in an era when this is an absolute necessity of life, a frightening thing to face.And does the Prince of the Church he serves have an easy end? Not if an old enemy and rival, or the new claimants to power and prestige can manage to wrest a last few favors or decisions from the old man.Archbishop Thoresby is not the only Prince surrounded by jackals and spies vying for favors and information wrested [...]

  • Patsyann

    A story about death. People dying, persons murdered, others committing suicide and others executed. All my favorite characters from the series involved in solving the murders.Owen and Lucie's story not the main plot line as in former books, but their lives are going good so it was a not a bad thing that there was no plot against them or frightening things happening to them.This appears to be the last book of the series. I will miss the characters, one of my fan favorites dies with all his "famil [...]

  • Michael Mallory

    The latest to date in Candace Robb's meticulously-researched series of medieval thrillers featuring Owen Archer, a 14th century spy-detective in the employ of the powerful Archbishop of York, John Thorseby. In this one Thorseby is on his deathbed and there is political jockeying from several powerful families over who will succeed him. Archer must solve two murders committed within the entourage of a visiting Royal, while struggling to maintain his "place" within the rigidly-structured caste sys [...]

  • Angie Taylor

    This is a hard review to write because I'm not usually inclined towards effusiveness. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and have not been able to stray far from it since the first few pages. That the ending is almost unbearably moving comes as something of a surprise to me, given I did not much rate Thoresby in the earlier books but, like Robb herself, I have come to view him fondly. I hope with all my heart that Robb was not building up my hopes in vain when she says in her [...]

  • Argum

    I had been flagging in the series, but this one was really satisfying even though the end is nigh for the Archbishop. On his deathbed, okay death approach, the Princess Joan aka the Fair Maid of Kent, wishes an audience. Owen dislikes the idea, but it gets worse when a servant to the emissary of the Bishop of Winchester dies en route. Owen is already suspicious, but then the emissary realizes his documents have been stolen. Owen must discover what is going on and has many strangers to contend wi [...]

  • Kathleen

    "Archbishop Thoresby of York,lies dying in his bed and agrees to a visit from Joan, Princess of Wales. His captain of the guard, Owen Archer,has no doubt that trouble will follow." Yes,all of that happened and then some. Owen was befriended by none other than Geoffrey Chaucer who helps him solve several mysteries. A very fine look at these important historical personages, especially Princess Joan.The parts that were perhaps fictional were very delightful also, including previous relationships. S [...]

  • Sabina Biasuzzo

    Al momento è l'ultimo capitolo della saga di Owen Archer; ma il vescovo Thoresby muore al termine del libro; Candace ci regalerà un seguito, adesso che il futuro della famiglia Archer è ad un giro di boa senza più il datore di lavoro? Nelle note finali ci assicura di si. Per il momento anche questo episodio delle indagini di Owen rimane al solito livello, una lettura piacevole da fare magari sotto l'ombrellone; ma anche una lettura rilassante ha il suo perché. Per gli amanti dei gialli ambi [...]

  • Scott L.

    Awesome ending to what is hopefully the first series of Owen Archer mysteries. This book pays much homage to Agatha Christie, as well as being a satisfying completion to this series. My only regret is that as of 2014, there has been no new Owen Archer/Lucie Wilton series to start him on a new adventure. That's sad, but after a respite I will read this series again. I recommend this series (Owen Archer 1-10) to readers interested in good historical fiction mysteries.

  • patricia

    A Vigil of Spies is a book in the Owen Archer series by Candace Robb. Owen is a one eyed archer who serves as Bishop Thoresby's captain of the guard. But the bishop is dying. Princess Joan comes to Thoreaby for advice an with her she brings death. Owen must unravel the secrets and solve the murder that becomes murders. Candace Robb blends historical figures into her tale seamlessly. Every one of the Owen Archer series has been a wonderful read.

  • Kathy Moberg

    A very satisfying book. It's also satisfying to finally be caught up on this excellent series -- although I hope that does not remain the case for too long. I enjoy following these characters. The mysteries are always very good and Candace Robb writes so well. She has put her background in medieval history to very good use!

  • Catherine

    I always enjoy the Owen Archer novels. Candace Robb really captures the feel of 14th century York - or at least it seems that way. Nice intrigue, strong characters. I also enjoy the historical notes at the end of the book.

  • Deborah Pickstone

    3 1/2 stars

  • Amy

    The Owen Archer series is definitely the best of the historical mystery series. I wish I didn't have to send off to the UK to get the books. Robb is excellent, and I can't wait for the next one!

  • Ruth

    c2008. Pales in comparison to other medieval mysteries that I have read this year. I think this time it was as a superficial reason as you can get - I did not like the font!

  • Susan

    excellent for historic mystery/intrigue, contains it all & she brings the characters to life

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ A Vigil of Spies | by ↠ Candace Robb
    130 Candace Robb
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