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By W. Bernard Carlson | Comments: ( 450 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the twentieth century His inventions, patents, and theoretical work formed the basis of modern AC electricity, and contributed to the development of radio and television Like his competitor Thomas Edison, Tesla was one of America s first celebrity scientists, enjoNikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the twentieth century His inventions, patents, and theoretical work formed the basis of modern AC electricity, and contributed to the development of radio and television Like his competitor Thomas Edison, Tesla was one of America s first celebrity scientists, enjoying the company of New York high society and dazzling the likes of Mark Twain with his electrical demonstrations An astute self promoter and gifted showman, he cultivated a public image of the eccentric genius Even at the end of his life when he was living in poverty, Tesla still attracted reporters to his annual birthday interview, regaling them with claims that he had invented a particle beam weapon capable of bringing down enemy aircraft Plenty of biographies glamorize Tesla and his eccentricities, but until now none has carefully examined what, how, and why he invented In this groundbreaking book, W Bernard Carlson demystifies the legendary inventor, placing him within the cultural and technological context of his time, and focusing on his inventions themselves as well as the creation and maintenance of his celebrity Drawing on original documents from Tesla s private and public life, Carlson shows how he was an idealist inventor who sought the perfect experimental realization of a great idea or principle, and who skillfully sold his inventions to the public through mythmaking and illusion This major biography sheds new light on Tesla s visionary approach to invention and the business strategies behind his most important technological breakthroughs.

  • Title: Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age
  • Author: W. Bernard Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780691165615
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

W. Bernard Carlson

W Bernard Carlson is professor of science, technology, and society in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and professor of history at the University of Virginia His books include Technology in World History and Innovation as a Social Process Elihu Thomson and the Rise of General Electric, 1870 1900.

Nikola Tesla HISTORY Sep , Tesla arrived in New York in and was hired as an engineer at Thomas Edison s Manhattan headquarters He worked there for a year, impressing Edison Alexander Graham Bell Isaac Newton Facts, Biography Laws Morse Code the Telegraph Inventor World Impact Guglielmo Marconi HISTORY Nikola Tesla Inventions, Quotes Facts Biography Nikola Tesla was an engineer and scientist known for designing the alternating current AC electric system, which is the predominant electrical system used across the world today He also created the Tesla coil, which is still used in radio technology Born in modern day Croatia, Tesla came to the United States in The Inventions Of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World Nikola Tesla Biography, Facts, Inventions Britannica Jan , Nikola Tesla, born July , , Smiljan, Austrian Empire now in Croatia died January , , New York, New York, U.S , Serbian American inventor and engineer who discovered and patented the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating current machinery He also developed the three phase system of electric power transmission He immigrated to the United States Tesla Inventor of the Electrical Age W Bernard Carlson Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the twentieth century His inventions, patents, and theoretical work formed the basis of modern AC electricity, and contributed to the development of radio and television. Tesla, Inc History, Cars, Elon Musk, Facts Britannica Tesla, Inc formerly Tesla Motors, American electric automobile manufacturer It was founded in by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and was named after Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla Tesla Motors was formed to develop an electric sports car.

Comments Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age

  • Ionia

    Many self-described "Tesla Biographers" have taken a shot at writing a book that would be considered comprehensive and worthy of filling in the gaps of this infamous man's life, but none have done so as well as W. Bernard Carlson. If you are expecting a light, fluff-filled read about this important inventor, please look elsewhere. This book is intelligent, articulate and technical. If your desire is to make sense of the how and why Tesla ended up where he did by the end of his life, this book wi [...]

  • Atila Iamarino

    Nunca tinha lido sobre o Tesla além de reportagens ou alguns posts de blogs. Acabei neste livro por ser a biografia mais recomendada e não me arrependi.W. Bernard Carlson é bem detalhista no livro, foi atrás de documentos históricos, das cartas do Tesla, patentes e muito mais material. E adota uma postura bastante sóbria de descrever os feitos impressionantes sem se deixar levar pelo mito. Explica, por exemplo, como o Tesla descreve que tudo o que inventava era bolado na sua mente antes, d [...]

  • Brian Clegg

    I’ve reviewed two biographies of the engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla – Tesla: Man out of Time (which is good on Tesla’s odd behaviour but struggles with the science) and Wizard (which is a more rounded book, but is totally lost in the science, telling us that Telsa was close to splitting the electron). This is definitely the best of the three. Certainly it is far better on the aspects of Tesla’s work that are worthwhile – his engineering genius in working on AC motors and polyphase [...]

  • Andrea

    This is an interesting biography of a very interesting man. It is also one of those books that kept swinging the rating pendulum back and forth from two to four stars, depending on which chapter it happened to stop on. I found the first chapters describing Tesla's success years incredibly dense and scientific. Surely to fully appreciate their merit, the reader must wield academic knowledge of physics and electric engineering. Upon reading yet another description on how pivot arms were pushed by [...]

  • Arbogast Holmskragga

    Interesting, but too often emphasizes the technical aspects of Tesla's work to the point of causing all but the most diligent to lose focus on where the narrative is heading. Probably a better book for those who already have a strong grasp on the scientific side of electrical engineering and who need this as a starting point to appreciate the human side of Tesla's story. For those who prefer the less technical literary works, this book is probably not for you.

  • Zachary

    While a bit technical in places, this is a well-written and interesting biography of a brilliant, albeit very odd man. The technical details would perhaps be more interesting to someone better versed in how electricity works, but they do function to display the author's interest in showing how things tick - both Tesla's inventions and Tesla himself. There is a real concern here for drilling down and figuring how how Tesla thought and how he invented. The ultimate portrait is of a man who was bri [...]

  • Samanta

    I consider finishing this book an achievement (still debating putting that to my achievement list). The author did his best to summarise the life of Nikola Tesla into one book in a way that it made sense. You can see that the author did a very detailed research and that he put a lot of effort into it. I enjoyed the parts about Tesla's life and his character, but as the author is also a scientist, he included detail descriptions of Tesla's (and other important people from Tesla's time and before) [...]

  • Sherri

    This book is for the TRUE science geek. It is interesting to learn about society's fascination with science at the end of the 19th century. Electricity was an exciting thing! Quite a few scientists were competing to find the ways to harness and use electricity for power and for communication. And there is no doubt that Tesla was a genius. But for most of us, the endless pages of intricate descriptions of exactly how all of this works meant lots of scanning and that detracted from the biography o [...]

  • Michael

    This is what I am looking for in a biography.Not a puff peace or one that attack without a sense of balance. This book reaches in the past and use documented fact and rational thinkong with ,amy technical diagrams. The writer worked with Tesla own notes and delving in to many archives of those who know him also using the FBI files and all sources are documented. This is ten year work of art that is great read for those who really want to know Tesla beyond all the pop reference to know a man who [...]

  • Meagan

    I hope I have time to return to this book some day, but for now I've stopped. Carlson is a terrific and knowledgeable writer, but I found this biography too technical for me at points. I greatly appreciate that Carlson reminds readers of Tesla's historical context, in both how he was influenced by predominant schools of thought and intentionally rebuffed them at various points as well as his influence in several aspects of modern life.

  • Kevin Kizer

    Believe it or not, this is the abbreviated version. You can read the long-winded version in the Literarea section of The PeorianWhen it comes to the great inventors of the electrical age, for some reason, Nikola Tesla generally is overlooked at least in American textbooks. Sure, we read all about Edison, Bell and even Marconi. But for some reason, the man who created modern AC technology and made great strides in broadcast communications receives barely a passing glance.As W. Bernard Carlson wri [...]

  • AI

    W. Bernard Carlson's Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age is a fair, balanced, and sober biography of Nikola Tesla, a man of extensive and rather varied reputation. It is a study of his approach to invention, but it also looks in some detail at other research and patents in the fields in which Tesla worked. I can't say it's a particularly *gripping* read, but I've come to think that, with a character as sensational and romanticized as Tesla, a certain dryness (in, for instance, descriptions of [...]

  • Jean Poulos

    I have read everything I can get my hands on about Tesla. I first learned of him during my course work at University. The basic unit of magnetic field is named after him. He developed alternating current, radio transmission and FM radio, wireless transmission of electrical power; he was ahead of Roentgen in the invention of photographic process of producing x-ray. He is known for the Tesla coil, induction motor, rotary transformers, high frequency alternators, the Tesla oscillator and many more. [...]

  • Krishan Singh

    Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age is a fascinating read, and the author has chosen to explain the man through his work, rather than through his personal traits. Rather than writing to prove that he was an extraordinary man, the author has explained the different projects Tesla conceived in his lifetime.The author has not shied away from taking deep plunges into the technical concepts, which are required to appreciate Tesla's work. As such, the book gets overwhelming at some points. I had to [...]

  • Leah

    Wow. This book is incredibly dense, academic, and filled with technical details. It is not so much an biography of Tesla as it is an academic review of his works. I was not surprised that it was published by a university press. Perhaps this started as a doctorate student's thesis?If I could give half stars, I would bump this up to 1.5, because in all fairness, the author did state clearly in the introduction that this book is not for those looking for a light read. I thought - Great! I'll be abl [...]

  • Fernanda Luppani

    Hailed to be the definitive biography on Tesla, I must admit to have taken my sweet time reading this book. Mr. Carlson has done a phenomenal service to humanity in researching this remarkable scientist and representing his work through a technical yet accessible biography.This book is worth a slow read, Mr. Carlson explains Tesla's inventions in a way that is relatively easy to follow and cumulative. You won't want to miss studying these developments and their interrelations throughout the work [...]

  • Bethany

    To be fair, I'm probably not the intended audience for this book. I don't have the science background to understand electromagnetic waves without further explanation. At the beginning of the book, I took the time to ask my engineer husband lots of questions and understand what was going on--by the end, I was definitely skimming over to get to the "good" parts about Tesla's success (or lack of success) in commercial endeavors, his breakdown, his relationships, etc. All this to say that all the re [...]

  • Martin Ortiz

    I've read about a half-dozen books about Tesla's life and this one is the best. It demystifies him, showing that his inventions didn't instantly appear and that even with Westinghouse on his side, his work wasn't immediately accepted. There are two points at which the book seemed a bit clumsy. The speculation that Tesla was gay seems to revolve around a rumor circulating sixty years later. It was unworthy of a well-researched book. Also, the discussion of paradigm-shifting technologies seemed ou [...]

  • Kate Brady

    It took me ages to finish reading this book. It was dense at times, and that could make it difficult to get into. However, it was so thorough, well cited, and well put together, that I feel terrible giving it anything less than a 5. This chronicles Tesla's entire life, from birth to death, in about as much detail as is feasible/reasonable. Aside from how thorough it is, what makes it stand out from other Tesla books (not that I've read any other,) is that the author spends a good deal of time de [...]

  • Nikola Jankovic

    My first biography of Tesla, despite my knowledge on him is not just basic. Story about great man, but also about unfullfilled potential; about romantic scientist which chose to go ahead of his time and work on revolutionary ideas which would bring a breaktrough in science, as his alternate current did. This meant that he reached his peak much too soon, and despite bringing fascinating ideas later and also some minor practical inventions, he was at his best at age of 37-38.Book is detailed and i [...]

  • Jason Garner

    This turned out to be more a biography of Tesla's work and the invention process than of Tesla himself. Exhaustively researched and footnoted, I nonetheless came away knowing and understanding a little better the man, the times, and what he meant to the world both then and now, so in that regard, this was a successful endeavor.That said, the book didn't really seem to flow all that well. Perhaps it was the frequent digressions for technical discussions of patent drawings that broke up the narrat [...]

  • Pat Rolston

    I have read two other Tesla biographies and I recommend not beginning with Mr Carlson if a first time reader about Tesla. This is a fantastic follow on that delves more into the technical aspects of his inventions versus his personal life. It is well written with a professorial dissection of the technology and process leading to Tesla's inventions. I highly recommend this AFTER reading the many options more focused on the man versus the technology. This is not to say there isn't excellent insigh [...]

  • Serge Pierro

    W. Bernard Carlson presents a fascinating look into the life of Nikola Tesla. Extremely well written, and detailed, Carlson presents Tesla's inventions along with the insight and science that surrounded them. There is a great deal of technical information contained throughout, and made me want to do some studying on electricity. Although much of the book covers the inventions, and the scenarios related to them, there are also sections on Tesla's personal life. Interesting photographs and patent [...]

  • JR

    This book was way heavier on the science behind Tesla's inventions and less on his life and character which I personally find more interesting. I did like how the author explained the characteristics that make an inventor successful. Tesla was truly a genius, but also a bit of a lunatic, but even given all his eccentricities, it is a shame that he is, for the most part, forgotten and unknown to most Americans. He is not even mentioned in school curricula, which is sad given all his contributions [...]

  • Ty12

    This book is exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to find an interesting biography about a somewhat overlooked historical figure. Carlson provides us with an outstanding image of the complex figure. I don't believe there was ever a man more deserving of a biography than Nikola Tesla. His life was a roller coaster of events, and there is an abundance of documentation as to his doings. A number of pages is dedicated to his life as a child. The book is an incredible documentation of the lif [...]

  • Jim Green

    Historically informative but a dull readI found this book to be informative but it was dry and rather bland in my opinion. A lot was written about experiments and projects threat delved into the technical aspects to a point where it was tough to follow or stay interested. If you are an engineer, scientist or physicist, then this book may be of great interest to you. For the average person as I am I found it difficult to stay interested in this book.

  • Muthu

    Carlson has presented the rise and fall in the wizard's career. For some one who has heard only stories where Tesla is all praised, this book presented a different perspective. The technical content related invention of the induction machine was presented with good clarity.tesla's personal life was handled delicately. There was a lot of cross referencing between chapters. May be this was purposeful, but it interrupted the flow of the contents.

  • Beth Duke

    When my brain hears the word "physics", it runs and hides under a blanket. This book is full of challenging design concepts and illustrations, but I'm happy I persevered and read it to completion. I'm now very fond of Nikola Tesla the man and saddened it's taken so long for his rightful place in history to be fully acknowledged. Carlson presents an intriguing portrait of a truly fascinating figure, admiring but never stooping to hagiography.

  • Caleb M

    Gets too sidetracked in places. The technical descriptions slowed the book way down. The book is at it's strongest when it focuses more on his life and how it unfolded rather than getting bogged down in the minutiae. Could easily be a four-five star book if it focused more on his life story and spent a little less time describing his inventions. Don't eliminate them, just simplify them.

  • Rick

    A thorough biography that expertly blends Tesla's personal life with a LOT of science that bogs down a bit as text-book like. And much ado about the business side of inventing and patents. Tesla was brilliant, prickly and fascinating. And around 100 years later we're still waiting for wireless electricity to come about, but there's no one like Tesla around to finish the work.

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