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Change your destiny.As the third child in the Carter family, I always felt a little on the outside of the Carter charm I worked hard and played harder, but I was getting tired of the same old scene I was than Jess Carter s little sister, I wanted to be me Pam Carter.It was time for a change and I wanted to be set free.I knew it needed to happen After years of oneChange your destiny.As the third child in the Carter family, I always felt a little on the outside of the Carter charm I worked hard and played harder, but I was getting tired of the same old scene I was than Jess Carter s little sister, I wanted to be me Pam Carter.It was time for a change and I wanted to be set free.I knew it needed to happen After years of one night stands and too brief sexual encounters, an accident brought Fate to me To resist his charm was my penance for years of misbehavior The temptation to give in to my desire haunted me for almost two years, until an uncontrollable situation started the twisted path to test my resolve further.What would it take to claim my independence and be a new, improved woman I worked for Jacob Vincent, horror novelist extraordinaire, as his personal assistant, but I was adamant that the relationship remain professional Jacob had dark demons and I couldn t bring him into the light or could I Life was springing forth for me changes were coming I knew it was time to be set free from who I had been and who I was to start fresh with who I wanted to be I just didn t know where to start to change my destiny Return to Elk Rapids for the third sensation in the Sensations Collection, Fragrance Free A standalone contemporary New Adult romance, this novel continues the stories of the Carter and Scott families Read Sound Advice Sensations Collection 1 to meet Jess Carter and Emily Post and find out how it all began over some good advice and a broken radio, or Taste Test Sensations Collection 2 to meet Ethan Scott and Ella Vincentia where the challenge is delicious in ways than one.

  • Title: Fragrance Free
  • Author: L.B. Dunbar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

L.B. Dunbar

L.B Dunbar has been accused of having an over active imagination To her benefit, this imagination has created over twenty novels, including a small town world Sensations Collection , rock star mayhem Legendary Rock Star series , MMA chaos Paradise Stories , rom com for the over forty The Sex Education of M.E and After Care , and a suspenseful island for redemption The Island Duet Her alter ego, elda lore, creates magical romance through mythological retellings Modern Descendants Her life revolves around a deep love of reading about fairy tales, medieval knights, regency debauchery, and strong alpha males She loves a deep belly laugh, a strong hug, and an occasional margarita Her other loves include being mother to four grown children and wife to the one and only.You can find me on Facebook, where I spend too much time.Facebook facebook lbdunbarauthor

Comments Fragrance Free

  • Tiffy

    Its been days since I have read Fragrance Free and I'm still having trouble putting down what I want to say. Fragrance Free was an amazing book full of angst. I LOVED every bit of it. From the little teaser L.B. Dunbar posted I knew this book would gut me. It did and more, several times my heart stopped of stomach dropped. What can I say about Pam. She is a very hard worker always seems to be taking care of someone else. But she didn't always be this way. Pan had her time of endless one night st [...]

  • Kell's Bookmark Clique

    This is the 3rd book of LB Dunbar's I have read, and I have loved them all. LB is a very talented author that has me glued to my kindle to the very end. Fragrance free is the story of famous horror writer, Jacob, and his personal assistant, Pam. We have met these 2 in previous books, and I felt the connection between them in her second book, 'Taste Test'. 'Fragrance Free' takes that connection, and takes us on a ride of romance, sexual tension, and lots of angst as we learn about these 2 charact [...]

  • Helena Rizzuto

    Fragrance FreeLet me start out by saying that LB Dunbar has the knack for mixing sweet with dark and twisted, and I love it. In this book we finally get to see inside the inner workings of the elusive and mysterious Jacob. While we met him in Taste Taste, this one will chill you and make you want to love him hard. Pam is his personal assistant but she too has some past demons that she needs to expel. Of course, she finds herself glaringly infatuated and in lust with Jacob. The relationship these [...]

  • Myra

    Jacob. Wow. New book boyfriend right there. This book is hands-down my favorite from this collection. Dunbar's rich descriptions of setting and place really have given me a case of wanderlust. I want to pack my bags and go to Elk Rapids, MI, and I want to read this book again while I'm there. Legit. I told my husband that it's really been a while since a book has lit that fire in me, and so Elk Rapids is now on the bucket list of to-sees. I'm so not kidding. The book, the story, the setting's ju [...]

  • Shelly Wygant

    Every book I read by LB Dunbar just gets better and better. If I could rate this with more than 5 stars I would. With that being said it is still hard to put in words my thought on this book. Pages and pages of Angst.We meet Pam who we have met in the previous Sensations Collection books. She has deep feelings for Jacob. She works for him and doesn't know how he feels or if she should act on these feelings. Pam is the person who always takes care of everyone else. Throughout this book she has to [...]

  • Mariela Bustos

    Let me start by saying LB Dunbar always finds a way to amaze me with her stories. I was eager for more of Jacob. I got teased by him and the mystery around him. Oh, and it didn't hurt that he was a horror writer. He captivated me from the start in Taste Test, but he stole my heart in Fragrance Free. If there ever was a time I needed a cloning machine it is now. I would so clone him, so that I can have my own Jacob. Pam is one lucky girl. Sometimes it isn't the woman that needs a gentle hand. We [...]

  • Bob Platypire

    *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*First of all, I need to say that I really adored this story. Seeing that it's book number 3, I want to read the first 2! A sweet, but twisted up romance, it was one easy for anyone who has been burned before to understand. The characters were so wonderfully brought to life, that I could actually feel the pull between them, feel their happiness, uncertainty, sadness, and everything else. It was truly well written, and I'm glad I ha [...]

  • Karen Hrdlicka

    Review for Fragrance FreeThis is the second book I have read by LB Dunbar. I loved Taste Test and the characters that the reader was introduced to there. Those same characters blew me away in Fragrance Free. I love to watch the progression a writer makes in developing characters over a series. In Taste Test the reader was introduced to Jacob Vincent, a horror author and his niece, Ella. After being horribly disfigured by her father, Jacob, feeling guilty for the horror she endured, secludes her [...]

  • Becca

    With each book in the Sensations Collection, L.B. Dunbar continues to impress me with her heartfelt stories and beautiful characters, managing to outshine herself every time. Fragrance Free was unquestionably heart wrenching and certainly unexpected. When we met Pam, she seemed sassy and full of life, always flirting and not taking any crap from anyone. The woman L.B. Dunbar introduces us to in this book is so much more complex than I could have imagined. Her personal journey and the emotions th [...]

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J

    check out this review and others attwinsietalkfacbook/twinsietalk@twinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest review.Holy Tear Drops this book!! When we first meet Jacob and Pam we can see the SPARK there but are so concerned for Ethan and Ella that we just kinda let them go. Well this book starts right in and we are so stressed out right away. The sexual chemistry is SOOOOO FREAKING GOOOOOOD and SOOOOOO FREAKING THICK!! OMG I have knots in my belly from the anxiety of "when wi [...]

  • Kristina Varner

    I was first introduced to LB Dunbars books a few months ago with her first one Sound Advice, which I could not put down. She easily became one of my favorite authors and I could not wait to read more from her so it is no surprise that I fall more in love with her writing with each book.We first meet Pam in Taste Test and can easily feel the sexual tension waiting to be released between her and Jacob but we are consumed by Ethan and Ellas story and kind of put Pam and Jacob on the back burner unt [...]

  • Ashley Jasper

    This is by far my favorite book in the Sensations collection so far. L.B. Dunbar's writing keeps getting better as this series goes along. The characters and plots are more complex and keep me engaged from start to finish. You do not have to have read the other books in this series for this one to make sense. All of the connections and major story points are very clear. Fragrance Free follows the story of Pam and Jacob. I liked getting to know them better since both of their characters played su [...]

  • BooksandBeyondFiftyShades

    Change your destiny.As the third child in the Carter family, I always felt a little on the outside of the Carter charm. I worked hard and played harder, but I was getting tired of the same old scene. I was more than Jess Carter’s little sister, I wanted to be me. Pam Carter.It was time for a change and I wanted to be set free. I knew it needed to happen. After years of one night stands and too brief sexual encounters, an accident brought Fate to me. To resist his charm was my penance for years [...]

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

    L.B. Dunbar this story just absolutely blew me away! You have told us here a story of a damaged man (Jacob) who has struggled to do the right thing by helping his niece overcome her horrific past. While he himself is haunted by the demons of his own abusive past, he is determined to protect his niece and allow her to flourish and grow toward her destiny. Jacob is a man who really has never experienced what it means to have a normal family, love and affection from his father, or the comradeship o [...]

  • Nicole McCurdy

    I don't even know what to say about this book or L.B Dunbar that I haven't waxed lyrical about in her previous ones. In F.F we delve deeper into the lives of reclusive and mysterious horror novelist Jacob and his personal assistant Pam or 'Lilac' as he likes to call her. This is another one of those deeply emotional books that was packed full of angst and although at times I found myself getting beyond annoyed or irritated with certain characters behaviour I found that it was only because I was [...]

  • Dayreader Reviews

    I really like Pam! Pam was really kind of quiet, in the background, of the other two Elk Rapids stories. And JacobI don't know why I couldn't get it in my head that he was actually young, and good looking! As a horror novelist I kept wanting to picture him as an older man. This book helped me put him into perspective; although, there were times in this story that he acted like he was older though! Pam worked for Jacob and did her best to keep things professional even though she felt a connection [...]

  • Ashley Hampton

    Holy crap! I cannot believe I waited so long to read an LB Dunbar book. However, I am super happy Fragrance Free was the book I started with. Jacob and Pam's story was so well written that I went through the gamut of emotions while reading. I was frustrated, happy, upset and sad, and relieved. There were several times when I wanted to shake them both and say "wake up!" The story could not have gone any other way and been as good. I started reading this book one afternoon and could not put this b [...]

  • Shanoff Reads

    LB has done it again! Another great book to add to her growing list. I loved this book and I might even say that is it my favorite so far.So we met Pam is book one of the Sensations Collections, although we didn't really get to know her all that well. We meet her again in book two and we get to know her a little better. In book two you can feel the attraction she has for Jacob Vincent, Ella's uncle.Jacob. We meet him in book two as the very protective uncle and Pam's flirtatious boss. In this bo [...]

  • Christine Bowden

    Read this book! I guarantee once you start you won't be able to stop!!You think I would have learnt my lesson from reading this authors previous books. That once you start you can't stopoh no I started this book at 9pm and read straight through till 2am. I didn't want to put the book down but reluctantly did. I slept restlessly until 6am(waking still thinking about this book) and had to dive into the book again. Where I didn't come out until I'd finished. That's the power of this impressive auth [...]

  • Michelle Nageldinger

    Fragrance Free by LD Dunbar5 Stars!!!Time to revisit Elk Rapids, man I love this town. This is Jacob’s book, Jacob is a well known, bestselling, author who returns to his home in Elk Rapids when he needs some down time, as very few people in Elk Rapids know his identity or where is home is located. He hires Pam, local EMT, to be his personal assistant and they often work closely together. When he returns home to find her asleep and sick on his couch he makes it his mission to get her healthy, [...]

  • Breigh Edmondson-forstner

    Another well-written book by L.B. Dunbar. Fragrance Free follows Pam Carter, who is personal assistant to Jacob, who is a famous horror author. In addition to her PA position, she works two other jobs, which doesn't leave much time for a love life. But when it comes to Jacob, he is constantly flirting with Pam, leaving her confused. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. I adored him, and wished he was my boyfriend. He has his own demons, but his character was absolutely amazing. I hated his girlfriend though, or [...]

  • Carly West

    Let me start off by saying THAT COVER! <3 <3 <3I have been a fan of LB Dunbar from the very beginning! I am amazed with ability to continually blow my mind away with every new release to her Sensations Collection. LB jut gets better and better! If I had the ability to rate this more than 5 stars I would! AMAZINGWe were first introduced to Jacob in Sound Advice and again in Taste Test and I was immediately drawn into his dark and mysterious ways. I was intrigued with his relationship wi [...]

  • Liz

    Wow! Deep and dark. It is so easy to blame yourself for something that wasn't your fault at all. Jacob held so much blame over what happened to his niece and he couldn't figure out what to do with it. Jacob didn't have any shining examples of love in his life which didn't help. He had no positive role models to help him work through his dark past.Pam was so caught up in her work that she couldn't let herself go. Too much fun in her past had her wanting more. The man she was attracted to had no c [...]

  • Peach

    This is the definitely the best in the series. I liked the dynamics between Pam and Jacob and the angst in their relationship, straddling between professional and being more than friends. Both are holding back their emotions due to their past. Pam viewed Jacob as her penance for her past loose lifestyle while Jacob only knew abuse and felt that he deserved abuse. To further complicate things, Jacob had a model girlfriend/model living in New York City. I especially enjoyed the parts where Pam and [...]

  • Nikki Epperson

    I'm totally in love with LB. She tells an amazing story. I honestly can't imagine loving another series as much as I do this one.I've read the 3 books that are out in this series and I just can't begin to describe the love that I have for all of the characters I've met so far.While I have repeatedly said Jess Carter (from Sound Advice) is my book boyfriend, he definitely has some competition now. Jacob. Sexy, troubled, Jacob. I want to heal him. I want him to heal me! I waited to write my review [...]

  • Tam Tam

    My favorite in this series so far and I could sum it up in one word, Jacob. I love dark, tortured, deep souls. I liked the dynamic between Jacob and Pam and despite being so different, I enjoyed seeing how drawn to one another they were (even if they did not always admit it). I do not want to give away any spoilers but I loved the emotions Jacob evokes, whether it was sighs from his sweet, romantic gestures, or anger and frustration when he refused to do what you wanted him to do. Finding out wh [...]

  • Rebecca Marie

    4.5 Stars!! "Fragrance Free" was my first taste of LB Dunbar, and let's just say - WOW!! I am VERY impressed!! I adore her extremely expressive style of writing and felt there was a wonderful combination of angst, turmoil, storyline, heart-tugging, etc. Throughout I was anxious to see what happened next, as there's no limitation on the nail biting while reading this. Instantly hooked!I am now definitely going back and reading books 1& 2 in this series! I probably should have read them first, [...]

  • Mary

    Out of the first 3 in this series, I think Jacob and Pam's story was the toughest. The struggles with these two were hard. This one made me choke up a few times. It was a roller coaster ride of highs and lows in the relationship. Pam had past demons, and Jacob has current demons. Pam is a much stronger woman than I would have been in her situation. This story was very well written with tangled emotions and trials. Read this series in order to understand all the characters to the fullest, but you [...]

  • Tanisha Rhyne

    This book is by far one of the best out of the 3 that has been written. don't get me wrong I loved all 3. but Pam and Jacob WOW!! I fell in love with them in book 2 and was so excited for book 3 fragrance free. The emotional roller coaster you go on is so amazing. I laughed I cried and held my breath. yo me that is the best kind of book. I highly recommend this book to everyone. L.B. Dunbar has yet to disappoint. I don't think she can disappoint. She is an amazing writer and one day the world wi [...]

  • Melissa

    I am in love with Mrs.Dunbars work! every book has been amazing and each one gets better and better if that is even possible. This story, getting to the crux of the mysterious Jacob and what makes him tick. The fun flirtations, the slow burn for these two to open their eyes and see what is staring them in the face. Many times I wanted to slap them both and getting strong emotional rxns from me is what makes for a fantastic read. 5++++++stars!!!!!!

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