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Two and a half weeks That s all the time he has left.When loner vampire hunter Kassy is interrupted by nosy veteran, Mike, he ends up bitten, and infected with the vampire parasite The warrior becomes her prey as she fights to find him before powerful vamps A couple kidnappings later, she s hiding in a cabin with him chained to the floor, and an eight year old girl in hTwo and a half weeks That s all the time he has left.When loner vampire hunter Kassy is interrupted by nosy veteran, Mike, he ends up bitten, and infected with the vampire parasite The warrior becomes her prey as she fights to find him before powerful vamps A couple kidnappings later, she s hiding in a cabin with him chained to the floor, and an eight year old girl in her care.Death Inevitable When the parasite takes control, he ll do or say anything to get non infected blood including seducing her But, as they spend time together, she finds her resolve weakening A kiss won t fix him, but it might mend a deep hole in her heart.Kassy is too practical to believe in miracles, but if he survives eighteen days without ingesting human blood, there is a chance he could be the hero she s been looking for.Odds are, he s a dead man.

  • Title: Saving the Hero
  • Author: Sabrina Sumsion
  • ISBN: 9781500569693
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sabrina Sumsion

Sabrina Sumsion Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Saving the Hero book, this is one of the most wanted Sabrina Sumsion author readers around the world.

Comments Saving the Hero

  • Puddlyduck

    Saving the Hero was a compelling read that felt quite different from other books about vampirism. There's no brooding, blood dripping romance here! Instead, vampires are made through a parasite entering a victims bloodstream. From that moment on, it is only a matter of time before the victim's physiology and mental facilities are transformed. It is up to hunters like Kassy to protect the average unwitting human.Kassy fell into the role of vampire hunter after becoming a victim of an attack. She' [...]

  • Lydia Perversius

    I think I could probably give an entire review for this one using only gifs. But I won't. Or, rather, I'll try not toKassy has been a vampire hunter for so long, it's basically the only thing she has going on in her life. When a certain killing goes wrong thanks to Mike, a curious and slightly drunk veteran, her somewhat "neat" life becomes even more complicated. With Mike bitten and already in the process of becoming a vampire himself, and a child in the same position, as well, Kassy will have [...]

  • R.A. White

    I picked up 'Saving the Hero' because it was free, it had an Asian man on the front cover, and it didn't appear to be erotic. It's a vampire book where vampires are bad because they're infected by a parasite that will drain their life away unless they consume human blood, as well as throwing them a tad bit off their mental balance. The main character is a homeless woman who hunts vampires to keep them from killing people, but she's no Blade, chasing after them with machine guns and super kicks. [...]

  • Adrienne

    I used to be a vampire fan. The idea of the damned, the forlorn solitude, the violent and insatiable thirst from a forbidden cup. Carnal rage bottled carelessly in a cracked vial. Yup. Those are the vampires that I loved. >insert Twilight<It was there that the fandom fell… in a big ball of fiery doom. Le sigh.That being said!Reading this MAY just have sparked that love of vampires again. Vampiric parasite? Good glory, there have been a couple authors that attempted this route before, bu [...]

  • Susiej

    Ok, I have to admit I'm not one for vampire books. (Well, except for Twilight of course.) I was kind of hesitant going into this story, because the whole vampire genre seems really cheesy to me. But guess what I loved it! I could hardly make myself set it down until the very last page, and even then I was wishing there was a sequel handy. The characters are easy to relate to, there's a few great twists along the way, and the story just sucks you right in. (no pun intended wait, yes, I totally in [...]

  • Rachael Eliker

    I thoroughly enjoyed Saving the Hero for tons of reasons--the action, the well-placed humor, the descriptive writing and different approach to the vampire genre. I especially loved that right as I thought I had everything figured, there were several plot twists that really amped up the climax. It wasn't all action though. I liked how the author delved into Kassy's character and her past, thoroughly exploring what it might be like to be a vampire hunter.Highly recommend this read, particularly if [...]

  • Pris

    I thought “Saving The Hero,” by Sabrina Sumsion, was a great read. It kept my attention hostage from the opening page. Kassy is a guard whose job is to keep new victims safe while searching for “the one” who could save others from the curse. She struggles to keep her emotions out of the way so she can do her job. The book is well paced, fun to read, and left me wishing it wasn’t already finished when I got to the last page.

  • Eva Millien

    Kassy is a vampire hunter, Mike is a nosy hero who ends getting bitten and infected when interferes in a hunt and while Kassy is too practical to believe in miracles if Mike can survive without ingesting blood, there is a chance he could be hero she’s been looking for in this riveting urban fantasy.This steady paced story keeps readers hovering on the edge of anticipation as Kassy holds out for a miracle. The author describes the story with well written scenes and details that capture the imag [...]

  • Raina Collins

    Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that RockI give it 3.5 fangs.Saving the Hero is the first in a new series.Kassy is a vampire hunter. But she is not like all the hunters in other books. She is not the physically strong and handsome hunter. She is a normal person that was thrown into the world of vampires at an early age. She is penniless and plays a violin of street corners to make a few dollars. She survives by cutting off her feelings for everything.Mike is a vet. His only mistake w [...]

  • Stacy

    I didn't LOVE SAVING THE HERO, but I didn't hate it either. The book started off at a nice pace, but then slowed down. A lot of the book takes place with just 3 characters holed up in a cabin waiting for 2 of the characters to turn into vampires, which in this series is a REALLY bad thing. There is a lot of secrets surrounding Kassy and she isn't used to being around people so things are a bit awkward at times. Mike, the 'hero', doesn't believe anything that Kassy says about vampires or him turn [...]

  • Lisa

    I really don't go for stories about the traditional demonic vampire, so I was intrigued by the idea of vampirism caused by a parasite, which Sabrina carried off wonderfully. It was a very well paced story with unexpected twists in the plot. I read it twice, and the perspective of knowing how things were going to turn out gave some character's words and actions newer meaning, but I didn't find "tells" that were too revealing. It is a short, easy read that it very entertaining. Now we have to wait [...]

  • T.

    I downloaded Saving the Hero as a free book from . I really enjoyed this book. While not the fast-paced, dialogue-driven action read I normally prefer, the story itself is what makes this tale a winner. Devoured in one sitting, I knew the chances the vet would be the one to survive was really low, but as you grow to like and admire him, you always hope he can make it. Plenty of twists and turns in the plot, I was completely hooked. Great job!

  • Nanette Day

    This is a fun read with a strong, yet flawed female narrator who leads the reader along what she thinks is her story of how she survives in the world of vampires, but ultimately it is a story of her own salvation. A few occasions of mild language, but it is authentically used, not gratuitous in any way. Sumsion has created intriguing characters living in a challenging and changing world.

  • Samantha

    well this was a little different frm you usual vampire story. Kassy has lived a hard life and well things till are not better. A simple kill turns into a horrible disaster when a do gooder comes to the rescue. Mike enters a whole new world the day he decides to step in and "help" from the kids, vamps, secrets, hidden pasts, and so much more it's a pretty good story.

  • Ryan Guy

    This was an entertaining read in a genre I don't spend a lot of time with. The heroine was a very well-developed character and the premise offered a skews on vampire lore and Stockholm Syndrome. Nice job!

  • Valerie Waters

    This was a pretty good book. I did feel like I didn't get to know kassey well enough though.

  • Sabrina Sumsion

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Saving the Hero | by Ó Sabrina Sumsion
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