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  • Title: Nine Inches
  • Author: Tom Perrotta
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Tom Perrotta

Tom Perrotta is the bestselling author of nine works of fiction, including Election and Little Children, both of which were made into Oscar nominated films, and The Leftovers, which was adapted into a critically acclaimed, Peabody Award winning HBO series His other books include Bad Haircut, The Wishbones, Joe College, The Abstinence Teacher, Nine Inches, and his newest, Mrs Fletcher His work has been translated into a multitude of languages Perrotta grew up in New Jersey and lives outside of Boston.

Comments Nine Inches

  • Melki

    There's really no one better than Perrotta at getting inside the mind of the modern suburban male.Picture a guy sporting a full-on "dad bod." He misses the glory days when he could go all night and take no prisoners. Though he loves the family he has created, he blames his wife and kids for robbing him of his youth, his freedom. Perhaps the wife is not as forthcoming as she once was. This is why he's considering an affair. Life didn't turn out quite the way he had hoped. He's not exactly miserab [...]

  • Lyn

    Chuck Palhniuk without the over the top creep factor and with some similarities to Jonathon Franzen in his dramatic use of ordinary settings.The suburbs. This is home to much of Homo sapiens westernus and in this habitat many of us upright animals live and some even thrive. Writer Tom Perrotta has captured in this 2013 collection of shorter works an omniscient vision of Suburban America and sees in the otherwise everyday and commonplace a place for his realistic fiction to demonstrate an extraor [...]

  • Caroline

    ***NO SPOILERS***On the surface, Tom Perrotta seems concerned with simple matters. He doesn’t write elaborate historical fiction that requires involved research. He doesn’t write ingenious fantasy or insert clever magical realism elements in regular fiction. He writes about everyday people going about their daily lives--but not really. He writes provocatively about these people. He pries out their secrets, exposes their private agonies and moral dilemmas. In “Nine Inches,” he tackles unc [...]

  • James Thane

    I've enjoyed very much Tom Perrotta's novels, especially The Abstinence Teacher and The Leftovers, and now I can add to that list his new collections of short stories, Nine Inches.The title story actually involves two teachers who may have missed each other like ships passing in the night and who are now assigned to chaperone a dance. Nine inches is the minimum distance that the dancers are supposed to maintain from each other, but what distance should separate the two main characters, especiall [...]

  • Neil McCrea

    I've seen the movie adaptations of Little Children and Election, but this is my first dip into Perrotta's writing. There has been a lot of hype about him from my circle of friends and the press, and I suspect this is precisely why I've been avoiding him. The book blurbs on this ARC alone make me cringe. "The Steinbeck of suburbia"?!? Steinbeck and Perrotta are so far apart in style and intent that this flippant comparison seems insulting to both. There is also a comparison to Checkhov that seems [...]

  • Patrick

    My office had a staff meeting a while back. It was a very busy time, and the organization was going through some changes, and morale was getting a little low. The head of our department had everyone take two post-it notes and asked us all to sum up in one word how we felt in our work life, and how we felt in our home life, and write them on each post it. The work results were unsurprising – words like busy, challenging, stressful, etc. were ubiquitous. But the home descriptions were shocking t [...]

  • Scott Foley

    I’m ashamed to admit that this is my first Perrotta book. A friend recommended it to me, and I took his advice mostly because I respect his opinion and I enjoy short stories. Well, I can honestly say that Perrotta instantly made me a fan for life with this collection.Nine Inches is comprised of several short stories, none of which overtly link together. Thematically, however, each are very similar in how things can go so, so wrong in the blink of an eye. Not that it’s a depressing book. At t [...]

  • Josh

    I love short stories. I love sad, depressing, twisted, make you think short stories. This collection is chalked full of those kinds of stories. Yet, I didn't love them as a whole. I'm not sure if they were too depressing (although not near as so as others I have gobbled up) or if reading just before Christmas time was the contributing factor? I did really like a few of them; "Kiddie Pool" and "Smile on Happy Chang's face" were good enough to round this from a 2 star to a 2.5 (yet I elect my priv [...]

  • Ken

    Though it's true of many books, Tom Perrotta's short story collection bears out H.D. Thoreau's words: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." In these 10 stories, we see multiple characters of various ages yearning for things even they cannot identify. Though all are suburban types, some are middle-aged men, others middle-aged women, and a few teenagers. Perrotta has a sure hand with all of these ages, thanks to his established track record with novels.If you're a fan of Bad Haircut, [...]

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Let this be a lesson to all that you should probably actually read the book jacket if you want to know what a book is about. I read the blurb “Tom Perrotta’s first true collection features ten stories” and was sold. True stories by a famous author? Yay! I thought I would be diving in to something similar to Sedaris. Maybe not funny stories, but essays that would let me in to Perrotta’s private life. I should have kept reading. The blurb that hooke [...]

  • William Lawrence

    Insightful, character driven, and hilarious at times, Perrotta's collection Nine Inches is so worth the read. I'm glad I stumbled onto his work again years after reading Election. "Backrub" "Grade my teacher" "Nine Inches" and "One-Four-Five" are all five-star stories. Some of the others didn't keep my attention as much, a matter of content, but the quality of writing is all good throughout.

  • Althea Ann

    Received this through ' First Reads giveaway! THANK YOU!I had an interest in this book after reading Perotta's 'The Leftovers' for my post-apocalyptic book club. There's nothing apocalyptic here, but Perotta's stories are all about social entropy. I actually feel that most of these stories work even better than 'The Leftovers' which features an ensemble cast and many situations. The short stories here each focus on one situation, and that tight focus intensifies the experience.Suburbia and high- [...]

  • Jennifer Lane

    Twisted Tales of Disillusionment and DivorceIf you've read or seen Election and Little Children, you know what off-kilter characters Tom Perotta creates. And we get to meet a lot of these divorcees, criminals, adulterers, dirty cops, and teenagers with grudges in this collection of short stories. What amazes me is how likable Perotta makes these despicable characters. It's like life has given these sad sacks a tough road, so of course they choose to muck it up even further.Though the author seem [...]

  • George

    Really like this collection of stories. The overarching theme seems to be the different forms and shapes that loneliness takes and how we all have to deal with it. I was able to empathize in some part with almost every character in this book and found myself thinking, "yeah, been there, done that" multiple times.Overall really liked it and thought it was much better than Tenth of December which was way overrated and overhyped in my opinion.

  • Amy

    Every time I read something by Perrotta, I find something new to love. This book was all about respectable people who understand social boundaries and don't cross themexcept for that one time. Sometimes they get away with it and sometimes it destroys their whole existence. Risk is a gamble. This is a great collection of stories, but I am completely biased. If you like Perrotta's other work, this will be up your alley.

  • Michaela Carter

    A policeman pulls boys over and secretly gives them backrubs. A grade school teacher googles herself and finds a new entry on gradeyourteacher, one that is anything but favorable, which causes her to question her life. A middle-aged married man breaks into his dead neighbor’s garage to use his air compressor to blow up a kiddie pool, but finds something much more disturbing. Tom Perrotta’s new book of stories, Nine Inches, measures not only the permissible distance between middle school kids [...]

  • Cindy

    This book is a short story collection taking place in suburbia. Told with humor and snappy dialogue I really found myself immersed in the family relationships, problems and everyday situations that take place in a typical community. After each story I was left wanting more! I really like Perotta's writing style and the development of his characters. This is an engaging book and the cover and title certainly get your attention! (Take your mind out of the gutter!) Oh, I won this book through (tha [...]

  • Jenny Shank

    My daughter reported that her first-grade teacher said, “Sometimes when people get really sad, they go into the garage, close the door, and leave the car running.”Furious, I fantasized about just what I’d like to say to this teacher, who I’d always found suspect. I complained to the principal, who made the teacher call me. She sounded so pitiful as she explained how she’d uttered this during a lesson on carbon monoxide that I held back from yelling at her. Instead I calmly told her tha [...]

  • Ally

    I received this book through First Reads, and I'm still excited that I did! I loved "Little Children", "The Leftovers", and "Election", so getting a book that I was looking forward to three months ahead of schedule was a lovely present. Perrotta's short stories are about loss, disappointment, failure, and the people who bring these conditions upon themselves. Other reviewers have called them sad, but I'm not the best judge of that. I love to read a story and then think, ouch. These stories don' [...]

  • Stacy

    Tom Perrotta has put together a collection of 10 short stories that pull at you. He finds those emotions that you have carefully sealed away – despair, loneliness, awkwardness- and brings them floating right back up to the surface for you to have another look. Brilliant, and funny around the edges, he explores our deepest longings and fears. His stories hit you with the punch that one single choice, no matter how big or how small, can change the course of your entire life. They remind us that [...]

  • Gregory Baird

    "You can't know what's in another person's heart."This is Perrotta's first venture back into the world of short stories since his debut, the superlative Bad Haircut: Stories of the Seventies. It's amazing how easily he slips back into the form after a long absence, not to mention how well he utilizes every page--whether it's a short story or a full novel. Characters go through an entire arc in several pages. They're standard-issue screw-ups, which is Perrotta's specialty, but it's impossible not [...]

  • Jeff Raymond

    I've traditionally struggled with short stories on a whole. They're typically too short for me to sink my teeth into, or too long for me to wonder why they just didn't make it a real book or whatever. So Tom Perrotta, who is probably my favorite adult contemporary writer, tosses out a short story collection? Why not.The good news is that they're good stories. I don't think there's a clunker in the bunch, and the great ones (such as one about little league game, or the SAT) are rock solid. There' [...]

  • Hank Stuever

    A nice dose of Perrotta and his darkly comic suburban dysfunctions, just when I needed it, having slogged through two long novels recently that were both about varying degrees of misery in formerly-Soviet nations. Like all short-story collections, there's always one or two stories that could be cut entirely (for me, that was "One-Four-Five") but mostly these are just perfectly adequate, deceptively breezy glimpses into the everyday world of bad decisions and unexpressed feelings. You know, life. [...]

  • Curtis

    Tom Perrotta's brilliant short story collection, Nine Inches, is full of disappointment and despair. But, it's the relatable, entertaining, well-written and heartfelt disappointment and despair not the depressing kind.

  • Offbalance

    Some day, I'd like Tom Perrotta to write something (a novel, a short story, a novella) and call it "Look at your life, look at your choices." Because that is the true thread that ties all of his characters together. Nine Inches collects most (if not all) of the short stories that Perrotta has released into the wild (be it via internet or other publication) over the recent years into one bonanza of moderately affluent white people making genuinely stupid decisions and paying the price for them. ( [...]

  • Matt Hall

    Welcome to suburbia. I am always on the lookout for great books set in the familiar New Jersey suburbs like the ones I grew up in. This landscape is familiar but still engrossing. Well written, clean prose that allows the characters to really pop off the page.

  • Audra

    Quirky short stories about life in suburbia. Very well-written with some twists I didn't expect and every one leaving me wondering "what the hell just happened?" in a good way!

  • Louise Marie

    I usually do not read short stories. The last two I could not get into. I did enjoy the others. I guess I am giving three stars because I am just a little disappointed.

  • Olga

    Meh mixed review. Slightly reminiscent of classical John Updike, suburban male malaise, mild dissatisfaction with family, jobs, life Enjoyable book, not truly deep or affecting.

  • Charity

    First thing's first: I got this book as an Advance Readers' Copy through First Reads. I always feel like I've accomplished something when I win a First Reads book, even though all I've really done to get it was enter the giveaway. Well, and opened the mailbox.Now, the reviewSo, this book really hit the spot for me. I didn't realize how much I was craving short stories until I started reading these.There's a lot of divorce, a lot of infidelity, a lot of kids who don't call, but what really got m [...]

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