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By Bella Forrest | Comments: ( 906 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

BOOK 6 HAS ARRIVED Welcome back to The Shade Derek and Sofia are finally enjoying a well deserved break Staying at a resort with good food, sun and sea, Sofia is thrilled to witness Derek s re introduction to the human world They would almost be mistaken for a normal young couple, if it were not for the red eyed monster lurking in the shadows and watching their everyBOOK 6 HAS ARRIVED Welcome back to The Shade Derek and Sofia are finally enjoying a well deserved break Staying at a resort with good food, sun and sea, Sofia is thrilled to witness Derek s re introduction to the human world They would almost be mistaken for a normal young couple, if it were not for the red eyed monster lurking in the shadows and watching their every move, waiting for his signal to pounce

  • Title: A Gate of Night
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Bella Forrest

Bella Forrest is a lover of fantasy, romance, action, and mystery infused stories with twists you don t see coming She has sold over seven million books since her first novel was published in 2012 LATEST RELEASES A Shade of Vampire 57 A Charge of Allies Renegades Hotbloods 3 The Girl Who Dared to Lead The Girl Who Dared to Think, Book 5 Sign up to Bella s New Release email list and you ll automatically be notified as soon as her next book is released MoreBellaForrestFind her on Bella Forrest e B00AR2Check out her website bellaforrestList of Bella s books HOTBLOODSHotbloods Book 1 Hotbloods Book 2 ColdbloodsHotbloods Book 3 Renegades Hotbloods Book 4 Venturers March 11, 2018 THE SECRET OF SPELLSHADOW MANORThe Secret of Spellshadow ManorThe Breaker Book 2 The Chain Book 3 The Keep Book 4 The Test Book 5 The Spell Book 6 THE GENDER GAMEThe Gender Game Book 1 The Gender Secret Book 2 The Gender Lie Book 3 The Gender War Book 4 The Gender Fall Book 5 The Gender Plan Book 6 The Gender End Book 7 THE GIRL WHO DARED TO THINKThe Girl Who Dared to Think Book 1 The Girl Who Dared to Stand Book 2 The Girl Who Dared to Descend Book 3 The Girl Who Dared to Rise Book 4 The Girl Who Dared to Lead Book 5 The Girl Who Dared to Endure Book 6 March 22, 2018A SHADE OF VAMPIRE Season 1 Derek Sofia s storyA Shade of Vampire Book 1 A Shade of Blood Book 2 A Castle of Sand Book 3 A Shadow of Light Book 4 A Blaze of Sun Book 5 A Gate of Night Book 6 A Break of Day Book 7 Season 2 Rose Caleb s storyA Shade of Novak Book 8 A Bond of Blood Book 9 A Spell of Time Book 10 A Chase of Prey Book 11 A Shade of Doubt Book 12 A Turn of Tides Book 13 A Dawn of Strength Book 14 A Fall of Secrets Book 15 An End of Night Book 16 Season 3 The Shade continues with a new hero A Wind of Change Book 17 A Trail of Echoes Book 18 A Soldier of Shadows Book 19 A Hero of Realms Book 20 A Vial of Life Book 21 A Fork of Paths Book 22 A Flight of Souls Book 23 A Bridge of Stars Book 24 Season 4 A Clan of NovaksA Clan of Novaks Book 25 A World of New Book 26 A Web of Lies Book 27 A Touch of Truth Book 28 An Hour of Need Book 29 A Game of Risk Book 30 A Twist of Fates Book 31 A Day of Glory Book 32 Season 5 A Dawn of GuardiansA Dawn of Guardians Book 33 A Sword of Chance Book 34 A Race of Trials Book 35 A King of Shadow Book 36 An Empire of Stones Book 37 A Power of Old Book 38 A Rip of Realms Book 39 A Throne of Fire Book 40 A Tide of War Book 41 Season 6 A Gift of ThreeA Gift of Three Book 42 A House of Mysteries Book 43 A Tangle of Hearts Book 44 A Meet of Tribes Book 45 A Ride of Peril Book 46 A Passage of Threats Book 47 A Tip of Balance Book 48 A Shield of Glass Book 49 A Clash of Storms Book 50 Season 7 A Call of VampiresA Call of Vampires Book 51 A Valley of Darkness Book 52 A Hunt of Fiends Book 53 A Den of Tricks Book 54 A City of Lies Book 55 A League of Exiles Book 56 A Charge of Allies Book 57 A Snare of Vengeance Book 58 April 2, 2018A SHADE OF DRAGON TRILOGYA Shade of DragonA Shade of Dragon 2A Shade of Dragon 3 A SHADE OF KIEV TRILOGYA Shade of Kiev A Shade of Kiev 2A Shade of Kiev 3 BEAUTIFUL MONSTER DUOLOGYBeautiful Monster Beautiful Monster 2DETECTIVE ERIN BOND SERIESLights, Camera, GoneWrite, Edit, KillAnd don t forget to come say hello on Facebook facebook AShadeOfVampire Instagram ashadeofvampireTwitter ashadeofvampirebellaforrest

Comments A Gate of Night

  • Roxana

    Just one-clicked this baby!!! ummm I NEED a release date for this like NOWI read the whole series in a matter of 4 days

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    “We were strongest together and we were weakest apart.”A Gate Of Night is book six in the series A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest. I do believe this latest installment in this series is the most stressful of all the books so far. During most of the book, our characters are all in three different places, and things are not going well in any of them. Derek and Sofia finally have a beautiful future together within their grasp. They are on their honeymoon and Derek is a human. Sofia is so enj [...]

  • Rachmi

    When I first met Sofia and Derek more than a year ago, I couldn’t help not to fall in love with them and their story. And since then, I really enjoyed reading the series and it’s always on my top reading priority. But after 6 books I’m not sure anymore. It’s because I don't know what the main focus in this series anymore. And there are always new bad guys in each book. First there were Lucas and Gregor Novak, and then Borys and Ingrid Maslen. Next was Emilia, a daughter of The Elder. Now [...]

  • Pearl Angeli

    What. Was. That?! Holy crap. Why end such a book like that? Anyway, this book is basically ugh, I don't know what to think about. All the while, the book kind of annoyed me because I didn't see any progress at all. The events were cruel and the characters were put into misery that I guess, is way too much for them to handle. The upper hand was obviously on their enemies-- no question about that. I understand that it's part of Bella's scheme in order to continue the story but I guess it's a worse [...]

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort

    Favorite Lines “Sofia is my calm.”“Because if he wasn’t able to escape, then he’s most likely dead, and that’s a reality I won’t be able to live with. He’s alive. That means he is somewhere.”“You are who you choose to be. No matter how much light is shed upon you, if you still choose to remain in darkness, that’s your doing, not anyone else’s.”“Don’t tell me that you can’t. You want to know how Derek turned to light? He stopped playing the part of a victim and beg [...]

  • Angi Lackey

    I am extremely disappointed that I invested in this series. Bella Forrest is obviously an amateur writer and expects her readers to just accept whatever she throws at them. Just when you think you know the rules of what is going on, she changes the entire game. Book 6 had me more frustrated than any of the other books because it seemed to draw out for so long. I liked the way she gave each character's point of view in the first books. It allowed you to see the story from all angles. My problem w [...]

  • Deborah

    Agonisingly Brilliant.OkI've loved all these books and eagerly await the next one and like all lovers of romance I want the two main characters to find their happy ever after, in the case of Derek and Sofia I always assumed that he would remain a vampire, after all I love vampires so that would be good, and I somehow hoped that something would happen to make Sofia immortal giving the book a perfect ending. The end of the last book threw my thinking for a loop, the cure had been found and Derek w [...]

  • Lisa Guzman

    Definitely a great series so farThis is one of those series I am very happy it is on kindle unlimited because otherwise I would not be able to read all the books in this series. The story just keeps getting better and better. It is filled with action and drama and more action. If you love vampire stories then this is perfect. Just keep in mind that there is no steamy sex scenes or vulgar language. This is truly a G rated series but still filled with passion.

  • Crisvely Soto Martinez

    Actual rating: 0.5Fucking sick and tired of the goddamn cliffs and the useless crap in this series. It's goddamn annoying and if you're wondering why I don't simply stop reading it, well, I can't. I can't not finish a series that sucks so bad because I hold hope that it'll redeem itself. The way I see it, it's not happening here. I regret the day I started this thing.

  • Kim

    Every single book ends with a cliffhanger!!! Come on damn it!

  • Rebecca

    This was another good book in the series. It is a pretty good book that again completely changed the series. The main characters are Sofia and Derek still. Except from in this book they've been separated again. They both get kidnapped on their honeymoon by Kiev and taken to the blood keep. Derek gets out quickly after receiving a thorough beating but Sofia gets stuck there while she goes through her pregnancy alone. There are some secondary characters but they are getting more and more interesti [...]

  • Jennifer

    Oh how I love this series. The last couple of books were not as great as the first two let me tell you this book was just as great as the first two books. I never in my mind thought I would find a series I am loving as much as I do this one Kindle Unlimited. This book is non stop. I started listening to it today & I am officially done, I just could not stop listening to it while I worked. I love Sophia & Derek. I love their love I love how they are when they are together and man it is gu [...]

  • Danii

    I hadn't read this series in a really long time, so I was a bit confused at the beginning of this.Completely forgot Derek was a human now Like how do I forget that?! Ugh. I also liked some of the things we learned about vampires going human, they were interesting and I bet make for a good plot twist in the next book.Sofia went through so much when she was held captive, and that really broke my heart because shes already been through so much, she didn't deserve for this to happen. And poor Derek [...]

  • A little birdie told me... Gardner

    I am so glad I am only one book away from finishing this infuriating series. I am angry that I have allowed myself to become so enthralled with this very ridiculous story. That's the nature of guilty pleasures, I guess.After this though, it's back to my usual smutty pleasures, though. This YA stuff is so tame and boring.

  • Laura Dobb

    This book certainly hasn't gripped me as much as the other 5 books. From about half way thorough I found myself just wishing that the author would end this book with a nice ending or even a bad ending, but either way, just end it. As per usual, this book ends on a cliffhanger, but I am not going to be jumping up and down when the next book is released. The impossible (if you believe vampires ARE possible) is starting to happen. Things we've been told throughout the entire series that can't happe [...]

  • J. Kahele

    After testing two of the vampires, Sophia's mother included, they think they may have found a cure. Derek feels as leader, he should be tested, instead of other vampires. Sophia is insistent on wanting to marry Derek before he takes their plunge.Early morning, after their wedding Derek takes the plunge that involves exposing him to daylight to see if the cure works. I was literally on the edge of my seat as I read this part. I had grown fond of this couple, especially Sophia and was excited when [...]

  • Tori

    I have felt conflicted my whole way through this series. Part of me has enjoyed the plot and characters enough to speed through them with ease, while another part of me has been disappointed by plot holes and a lack of character development.I think this series has introduced more characters than it can carry, which leads to much more confusion that it is worth. The original and main plot has become buried under a mass of subplots that only subtract from the story, not add to its appeal. I'm inte [...]

  • Kelly

    So release date is Friday March 14th! Who's going to spend the entire night reading this book?? ME!!! Super excited!____________________________________________________A-MA-ZING!!!! Didn't know I would be impatiently waiting on book 7 already!!!! No spoilers here, you just need to read this series! Love, hurt, pain, happiness, fear has it ALL! Will definitely leave you in tears and aching for book 7 to find out what happens! Thank you Bella Forrest for this amazing, captivating series! I may hav [...]

  • Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections

    This book was so tough to finish. The depravity and evilness of the Elders and their spawn was despicable. Their lack of humanity was daunting and beyond uncomfortable. I will read the next book just to find out how things turn out for Sofia and Derek. But, I cannot see myself reading beyond that if the remaining books are about Kiev. He has no redeeming value or qualities in my opinion and therefore, no reason to continue the series.

  • Sarah

    I thought this book was going to be the same as the others but I was wrong. The ending left me wondering did that really just happen? Can't wait for the next one!

  • Jamie

    This book had a lot happen. Witches are not what they are led to be thought of. Sophia must face a new darkness and Derek has a lot to learn. I loved seeing Aiden start to let go of his prejudices. This book is the darkest yet and most destructive! And the ending is a major cliffy that has be antsy for the next. It was addictive and I devoured it in a single sitting! Kiev and Clara are major nutcases! They sort of scare me more than the Elder since they are unpredictable.

  • Cindy

    DarkAlthough extremely depressing and dark, this was an amazing part of Derek and Sofia's story. I hate it when just as the couple are happy and everything is on the right path, all hell breaks loose. Literally. Lots of frustration and angst. Definitely not a book you want to read if you're looking for a happy ending.

  • Hannah Parsons

    amazon/Shade-VampireWell this is now the 6th book in the series and it took me far longer to read than the others, not because of anything to do with the book but because i have been ill on and off for a month and the really disappointing thing is i have been unable to read its awful to be sat around and be unable to read, but i digress.This 6th installment begins with Derek and Sofia enjoying some human me time on honeymoon with things reaching a sort of stalemate at the Shade. As normal with t [...]

  • Mel

    I liked this one. I thought it was better than the last book. It was one of the darker books in the series, lots more bloodshed and violence than usual. I loved Derek in this one. He's just titanium. I mean, no matter how weak or hopeless he feels at times, he just comes back stronger and more powerful than before. His resilience is incredible as is his unwavering love for Sofia. Even though things are as bad as they've ever been for them, he remains so dedicated to her. I liked Sofia in this on [...]

  • Corina

    A Gate of NightI’ve got so many feelings right now that it’s incredibly hard to process everything that I just read, in practically one sitting no less, I’m overwhelmed and jeez…this book doesn’t play around.A Gate of Night by Bella Forrest is the sixth book in the Shade series and if you thought Forrest was running out of ways to surprise her readers you’d be incredibly wrong. There were so many parts of this book that had my jaw dropping. As always the plot was strong and well-writ [...]

  • J.E. Benoit

    GAAAHHH!!! I think my exact words as I read the last line in this book were “What the f^*k?!” This book was by far the most heart breaking of the series so far, I cannot believe all of the loss that occurred throughout, both loss of life and loss of much of The Shade. There were some pretty well known characters that met their demise in this book, I was shocked. I knew The Elder was going to be trouble but I had no idea just what all of the elders were capable of. There was not one life that [...]

  • Erin

    ****3.5 stars****As a fan of this series, I've always been anxious to see the well-deserved HEA while enjoying the ride along the way. Derek and Sofia are such captivating characters that you can't help being swept away in the adventure and danger and romance that they share. After a momentous turn in their lives found them married and celebrating a beautiful honeymoon together while The Shade faced turmoil, there was a clear-cut division between the way things could be and the way they would be [...]

  • Kendall Berg

    This was my least favorite so far of the books.The casualty list in this book is staggering and yet everyone just sums it up with one sentence: "Oh so & so and a bunch of other people died and it made me sad."I'm likee on y'all. SHOW ME SOME EMOTION!!!Sofia is struggling to be the light she always has been and is separated from Derek"You are strongest together and weakest apart."WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO VIVIENNE!!!!And Derek - while he is off in "true sanctuary" (and no one notices the name [...]

  • Book Vamp Jade Williams

    The synopsis to the 6th book is as followsDerek and Sofia are finally enjoying a well-deserved break. Staying at a resort with good food, sun and sea, Sofia is thrilled to witness Derek's re-introduction to the human world.They would almost be mistaken for a normal young couple, if it were not for the red-eyed monster lurking in the shadows and watching their every move, waiting for his signal to pounceRight of the bat, let me say this, I enjoyed this book a bit more than the others. That doesn' [...]

  • Kim

    This book was a little drawn out in places and somewhat boring at times but other times it was page turning and action packed. The time spent at the blood keep and the sanctuary were boring. I feel like everyone is switching sides or becoming something different. Hunters and vampires working together, vampires and witches turning into humans, humans turning into witches, an immune becoming a vampire I mean, really?! This is turning into a complicated mess. Everyone at the shade is possessed or d [...]

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  • [PDF] ä Free Read ¹ A Gate of Night : by Bella Forrest ✓
    469 Bella Forrest
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