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By Wendy Sparrow | Comments: ( 136 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

Cursed by Cupid by Wendy SparrowDear Reader, this letter is to inform you of Cupid s curse, which will fall upon you if you don t pass this email on to three friends within three hours.Tilly Morrow didn t believe in the curse and now she hasn t had a second date in three years because all her first dates end in disaster In fact, she just accidentally punched a guy in theCursed by Cupid by Wendy SparrowDear Reader, this letter is to inform you of Cupid s curse, which will fall upon you if you don t pass this email on to three friends within three hours.Tilly Morrow didn t believe in the curse and now she hasn t had a second date in three years because all her first dates end in disaster In fact, she just accidentally punched a guy in the face, leaving her without a date for Valentine s Day Bryant Murphy isn t sure if the curse is real or not, but if dating Tilly means occasionally getting assaulted with a chocolate shake or nearly electrocuted, it s worth the risk Armed with lucky charms than a bowl of cereal, Bryant will have to battle flying swords, Russian mail order brides, and shrimp linguini if he s going to win the girl.

  • Title: Cursed by Cupid
  • Author: Wendy Sparrow
  • ISBN: 9781622664771
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Wendy Sparrow

At home in the Pacific Northwest, Wendy Sparrow writes for both an adult and young adult crowd in many genres but always with a happily ever after She has two wonderfully quirky kids, a supportive husband, and a perpetually messy house because she hates cleaning She s an advocate both online and in her community for autistic children in addition to actively trying to raise awareness about obsessive compulsive disorder Most days she spends on Twitter procrastinating doing the dishes.

Comments Cursed by Cupid

  • Bethany

    Looking for a cute, funny, fast read then Cursed by Cupid would be your book. I enjoyed this short sweet story, it even made me laugh out loud a few times.Three years ago Tilly Morrow ignored a chain letter from Cupids cursed. Never being a person to believe in curses she didn’t think it was a big deal to delete the email. That was till she became extremely clumsy and all her dates never got past the first date. After literally stumbling and dumping her milk shake all over Bryant Murphy’s bu [...]

  • Kelly

    4.5 Stars If you're looking for a really sweet and funny read with romance in it, then Cursed by Cupid is made for you. I wasn't bothered by the short lenght of this novella. And I didn't feel left off at the end though, so that's a good thing. Tilly is so clumsy since she broke that chain letter three years ago, it becomes really funny to see what goes wrong when she tries to date someone. It doesn't matter who she's going out with, there's always something that makes her date running away from [...]

  • Irene

    3.5 starsCursed by Cupid was a cute romantic and fun read.Poor Tilly believes she is cursed after not sending out a chain letter 3 years ago.She can never get past the first date, she's clumsy and if something can go wrong it probably will go wrong if Tilly is around :)Then Bryant enters her lifeBryant is such a sweetheart, he knows they share something special and goes all out to show Tilly that it's not bad luck but good luck as it all had a hand in bringing them together.I really enjoyed Curs [...]

  • Monica Cullip

    Cursed By CupidWendy SparrowI was given this story in exchange for an honest review.With the holiday of Valentines' Day upon us this was the perfect book to have. It takes place right around the actual day itself. Poor Tilly Marcov is cursed. It seems that three years ago she broke a chain letter. Tsk, tsk, tsk, she did not send the letter out as instructed and now is paying the consequences as foretold. Her fiance at the time has left her and she has not managed a second date with anyone since [...]

  • Laura Greenwood

    Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy pf Cursed by Cupid from Netgalley in exchange for my review.Three years ago Tilly didn't send on a chain letter, and now she believes she is cursed. In those three years she has never had a second date and is always unbelievably clumsy around single men. When her karate instructer sets her up with Cody, he doesn't expect her to punch him in the face (she thought he would block her), and she doesn't expect their valentine's day [...]

  • Kimberly

    My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2014/02Cursed by Cupid is a wonderfully zany read that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Anyone who’s ever had rotten luck in love will surely appreciate Tilly’s trials. Three years ago she broke what should have been a harmless chain letter and found herself horribly cursed. Luckily for her, Bryant isn’t one to be scared off by rogue chocolate shakes or flying prop swords. He’s determined to help Tilly break her curse and I was ut [...]

  • Alisha Tarran

    Ya know those chain emails that tell you if you don't forward it to your friends, something bad will happen? Well Tilly Morrow didn't believe in the whole " you will be cursed by cupid if you don't send this on" thing, and now? She hasn't had a second date in three yearse all of her first dates end in total disaster! Don't believe me? Well the guy she has a blind date withe just accidentally punched him in the face, black eyes and everything. Now she's dateless for Valentines Day. When she trips [...]

  • Aislynn

    At some point or another in all our inboxes we’ve had one of those annoying, weird and zany chain letters the promise true love, or luck for the rest of our lives if we pass it on to this many friends who pass it on to that many friends and so on and so on. We’ve all hit that delete button and not thought much of it until Tilly did just that.Since that fateful day Tilly has had nothing but bad luck – and bad luck isn’t even the right word – it’s the worst possible luck ever! Disaster [...]

  • Alan D.D.

    Primero en reseñar el libro ¡Me siento importante! ¡Ok, a hacerlo bien entonces!First one reviewing the book I feel important! Ok, let's do it good then!Me gustó bastante la historia, fue diferente, cómica, romántica y trágica a partes iguales. En un momento sentí muchísima pena por Tilly, es una buena chica y no merece que le hagan algo tan feo por una tontería. Realmente te hace pensar que es injusto todo lo que le sucede a esta pobre mujer.I liked a lot the story, it was different, [...]

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)

    Posted on What I'm ReadingHow many of you remember getting those email chained letters? I know I have gotten a few. Of course, I did what they said, but eventually I quit. I think eventually the whole fad died out, who knows. Anyway, in Wendy Sparrow's new novella Cursed by Cupid we meet a Tilly Morrow who decided to break a chain email. It has been three years since she's had any luck in love. Seriously, the girl is unlucky. Tilly believes its all due to the broken chain. Then she finally meets [...]

  • Stephanie

    ORIGINAL POST: fangswandsandfairydust/201Wendy Sparrow’s CURSED BY CUPID What do YOU Think About Chain Letters?Book provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.This is a very cute short story, very sweet and pretty clean, unless you count soot and a spilled milkshake dirty. I enjoyed the characters, their off-beat personalities and that Bryant, in particular, had an unusual job. A little too much is made of a part [...]

  • Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)

    Cursed by Cupid is a cute short story about how a young woman ignored a cupid chain letter and as the result she thinks she has been cursed by cupid because every date she has usually ends up horrible. She hasn't been on a second date in three years and has become extremely clumsy.Her clumsiness get's her noticed by the man who runs the embroidery shop where she was going to get her patch for her karate gi fixed. She accidentally trips and spills a chocolate milkshake all over the door to his sh [...]

  • Angel

    Very cute, quick story about someone who has a lot of bad luck with regard to dating. I think a lot of people can relate to this. In this story, Tilly credits her bad luck to a chain letter she ignored. She has all kinds of examples to back up her theory. Then she meets Bryant, after tripping and spilling her milkshake all over the front of his store. Even though this is a fairly short story - lunch break read I think I may have seen it called - the characters are still well developed and intere [...]

  • Angie

    I received an ARC through NetGalley.Cursed by Cupid is an utterly adorable cautionary tale about the power of chain letters. Dun dun dun! Tilly has had bad luck in love for the last three years after ignoring a chain e-mail. It's Valentine's Day and she's been set up on a blind date, except she accidentally punched him in the face. Then she meets a super sweet, funny guy and he asks her out even after she admits to being cursed. From there it's a lot of freak accidents and hilarity. Tilly really [...]

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)

    Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsCursed by Cupid is a story that will leave you smiling. Everyone has received those chain emails saying that if you forward them to three friends within a certain amount of time, that good things will happen to you and if you don’t bad things will happen. Well, this is the story of a girl who refused to forward a chain letter.For the past three years, Tilly Morrow has been having bad luck. I’m talking the girl falls off a dock and loses her top [...]

  • Jasmyn

    Every now and then you run across a book that seems to hit everything just right for you. This was one of those books for me. Each and every page had just enough humor on it to keep me smiling without overdoing it and making it old. A quick read that actually made me feel better about my day. Tilly and Bryant couldn't be more opposite - especially when it comes to believing in Cupid's Curse. Each date they go on ends (and sometimes even begins) in catastrophe. Tilly blames it on the curse, Bryan [...]

  • Teri Beth

    Review included in my Week in Review at Lives and Breathes Book Blog.Cursed by Cupid is a delightful read. It’s really short—it took me all of an hour and a half to read—but I enjoyed every bit of it! It’s cute and entertaining. I found myself laughing the majority of this book. Tilly is absolutely adorable in her clumsiness and Bryant was a total sweetheart. This is the kind of story that’s the perfect pick-me-up between more serious books. It’s light, simple, and fun!ARC provided b [...]

  • Amy A

    Cursed by Cupid is a cute quick read about what can happen if you don't pass on those chain emails that overflow your inbox. Tilly has been unlucky (or "cursed") in love for three years ever since she didn't pass along the chain. Every date ends with a first date never a second. Until she meets Bryant who just may want to stick around long enough for a second and break the curse. Cursed by Cupid is a short story, but it doesn't lack for anything. Wendy Sparrow did a great job of making a full st [...]

  • Tobi Forget the Housework, I'm Reading...

    First thoughts after…Super cute! I'm definitely going to look up other books by Wendy Sparrow.How distracted did I get??Cursed by Cupid is a fun romantic read and it's perfect for a couple of lunch breaks or an evening reading at home. Tilly poor cursed Tilly… I loved her. I'm not cursed and I'm klutzy an can see myself getting in the accidents she does! Bryant he grabbed my heart as soon as he popped up in the story. He has a great sense of humor and a hottie mctottie to boot! This story is [...]

  • Amalia Dillin

    short and sweet and cute and and adorably thoughtful hero -- Poor Tilly. The premise of this book with the broken chain letter is fantastic and a lot of fun. Pretty much this was exactly what I was hoping it would be, light and fun and a quick read.Sidenote: I wanted to punch Cody, too. Ugh. Ordering for your date as if they are incapable of making up their own mind. DO NOT EVE. Sidenote to the Sidenote: I have been known to insist on El Husband speaking to the server for me when my order is mes [...]

  • Rebecca Emin

    This novella is perfect for a quick read when you need a smile, as it does contain some funny moments. I did wonder if it would be interesting to read Tilly in first person rather than third.The story line is very basic and runs at quite a fast pace, I would say an hour of reading time at most, which is great when you want a light read.Actual rating 3.5/5.I read an ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)

    **ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**This is a very short, fun story about a girl suffering after getting a chain mail email three years ago and not forwarding it on.Calamity after calamity happens until Mr Right shows up and helps her break her bad luck curse.I did laugh out loud (ok, I snorted) a few times at the mishaps that happened to Tilly. Its was light-hearted, it was fun and it filled my lunch hour completely.Loved it.

  • Jen

    Short, sweet, cute and HYSTERICAL!! I needed a Valentine's romance and this not only fit the bill, but it was full of funny, well-described imagery. I could envision what the author wrote with little difficulty or thinking to hard about it. Definitely worth the read. I love Tilly and the curse is too funny. Well, maybe not for her, but it is to the reader. :)

  • Mariel Hoss

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***This is a very short but cute novella. It is the first date that will go down in history and will be told and re-told to the grandkids. Tilly and Bryant must work around the curse of the “broken chain letter” to have a decent first date. Quick, funny and to the point.

  • Riki

    If you love your romance with a healthy dose of laughter, you won’t want to miss this fast-paced look at love through the eyes of a woman cursed. It all starts with an ignored chain letter and spirals out of control with one crazy mishap after another that will leave readers laughing and cheering Tilly on. This book is quick, cute, and absolutely compelling.

  • Janet

    Great fun short story, perfect for valentine's day or anytime. Wendy Sparrow writes with wit and humor. She has a nice balance between character development and story, tough to accomplish in this format. The premise was fun and the story doesn't disappoint. I would read more from the author.*I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Romantic Reads and Such

    Cursed by Cupid had me laughing so hard I cried. If it can go wrong for Tilly it does and it’s hilarious every time it happens. It’s tiny, just about 50 pages, but it sparkles every one of those pages. You have to be in the mood for humor but you’ll get a warm and fuzzy to go along with it.Full review available at romanticreadsandsuch.wordpress

  • Cathy

    "Cursed by Cupid" by Wendy Sparrow. Although a super-short story, it was very enjoyable. I laughed quite a bit. Tilly and Bryant - how cute were they! She was so afraid to hurt him (physically) and he was so patient and considerate and kind. Wished it was a bit longer - would've enjoyed hearing more of Tilly's dates' mishaps!! (Received from NetGalley)

  • Xandra James

    What a great book! I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did, but within pages I was giggling and couldn't stop reading. With believable characters, lots of laugh out loud moments, and a cute little plot, this book is highly recommended. My only complaint was that I wanted to keep reading! I'll definitely be looking for more books by this author ;)

  • AJ Fairchild

    *More like 4.5 Rating* Poor Tilly.at is what you will be thinking through most of this short story. Cursed by Cupid was a sweet and funny short story that I wish were longer. I read it the day before Valentines day and it was very appropriate for the holiday.

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