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By Theodora Taylor | Comments: ( 347 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Introducing the fourth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, and the follow up to the Bestseller, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART After Layla Matthews chooses his identical twin brother over him, Andrew Sinclair moves to Montana, vowing to forget about the ex girlfriend that got away.But when she shows up in Montana, sassier and sexier than he rememIntroducing the fourth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, and the follow up to the Bestseller, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART After Layla Matthews chooses his identical twin brother over him, Andrew Sinclair moves to Montana, vowing to forget about the ex girlfriend that got away.But when she shows up in Montana, sassier and sexier than he remembered, and seeking refuge on his guest ranch, he doesn t know how long he ll be able to keep that vow or resist setting her Montana nights on fire.The only thing is, this Layla Matthews isn t quite what or who she seems.The craziest 50 Loving States entry yet, this book features two outrageously handsome twin brothers, a mystery that will keep you guessing, and an extremely hot case of mistaken identity.

  • Title: The Wild One
  • Author: Theodora Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Theodora Taylor

Theodora Taylor writes hot books with heart When not reading, reviewing or writing, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on dating nights with her wonderful husband, and attending parties thrown by others Visit her at theodorataylor and at Facebook theodorataylorauthor.

Comments The Wild One

  • Deloris

    I read this book but I had a problem with the plot I did not like Andrew going after his brothers wife even if he thought they were divorced. I felt it tainted the story he just rebuilt his relationship with his brother . The sex was hot but the story just did not do it for me.

  • Theodora Taylor

    But I don't think anyone's really asking me

  • Izu

    I love EVERYTHING Theodora Taylor has ever written. I picked up "His Pretend Baby" a few weeks ago, just after it was released, and it was so good I went ahead and picked up everything she's ever written and finished em all. Honestly, black women hardly get represented in popular romance, or by really good authors. I can't believe there has to be a genre for black protagonists. The color of my skin is neither a kink nor is it a genre. But whatever. I don't have time for a rant. Point is, this bo [...]

  • Jackueline Graves

    NonsensePart twoAndrew fell in love with Layla in college but she ended up falling for his identical twin Nathan. Layla and Nathan marry and Andrew moves to Montana. "Layla" shows up in Montana without Nathan and she an Andrew begin to have a hot and torrid relationship. Andrew who is supposed to be the good brother decides that he is not stepping aside for Nathan that Layla is his destiny. Problem "Layla" is different from girl he knew and more passionate with him then she has ever been. Spoile [...]

  • Red

    Pretty disappointed, I expected so much from this writer. I liked the previous one in the series so I was pretty excited to read this one and feel a bit duped. The story was just way over the top. Even from a soap opera point of view : there are GOOD soap operas, which may have a bit of over the topness but manage to stay believable; but this book take on it is not one of them. I pretty much got the whole thing from the start (mostly the heavy make up thing/never seeing her face), it was way too [...]

  • Anino

    ** Revised Review*****After further consideration, I've decided 2 change my review, but not the rating. My original review was not only snarky, but it was demeaning to the author, as well. For that, I apologize.Simply put, there were some serious problems with the storyline, development of characters, and the overall editing of the book.Other than that, the reality factor was almost nonexistent in a few areas. This could have been an awesome book like ''Her Perfect Gift,'' but it went off track [...]

  • Gisele Walko

    3.5 rounded up. This got so strange and far fetched I truly love bizarre things, but you have to suspend any grasp you have on reality to go with this. It truly is a soap opera. Murder, secret identities, stalkers times it's just too much. It's not boring. That's for sure. Steamy and funny. Ended well.

  • Taz Will

    After reading the first book and seeing the beginning of this, I couldn't wait to read it to find out what was going on. It was really good and that Andrew was a beast! Great job, I couldn't put it down.

  • Brandi

    A bit of a weird one for me but once I figured out where the book was going, it wasn't so bad. Might take you a minute but it is an enjoyable book.

  • Paganalexandria

    I didn't like this story as well a the author's previous works. The story read like a bad passions script.I wanted to love it but it was too wtf for me. That said I will buy theodora's next book too.

  • Karen's Bookshelf

    I found this one hard to finish. It just a little unrealistic, and hard to follow in the begining.

  • Sada

    GreatAnother great story from a talented author. I loved the twin thing. If you love entertaining stories, read this .

  • Ms Lady Jones

    Loved it

  • M Virginia

    Double doubleI enjoyed this read, though there were moments of dragging on and the ending though sweet was an bit much, kind of pushed it. It was still worth the read and nice closure for the brother that was left behind.

  • P.

    This book was a bit too convoluted and twisted, not in a good way. I had issues from the beginning. Why would you want a woman that's been with your brother (twisted)? Why would you think that a woman would want you after you've keep her away from the guy she loves for ten years and your dead wife tried to kill her (convoluted)? Sorry, too far out there and then to throw in twins. Now the part about their derangled mother that was a keeper but I thought the story could have been arranged differe [...]

  • Ja'Mia

    My actual is 4.6 Stars Just by looking at the comments and ratings I can tell it was either a hit or miss, and for me it was definitely a hit. This is my second favorite,Her Viking Wolf being my first,in the the series.I was hoping Andrew would get his own book and when i found out he did I was ecstatic; this book will be just as dramatic, if not more, as the other books, but is still fresh in it's own way. If you liked the previous books in the 50 loving states series, I highly recommend this b [...]

  • Caroline

    The reviews were so harsh for this one that I refused to download it. However, I was bored one day and thought I'd give it a try. Glad I did. Yes, the story was contrived, yes it's gross to lust after your sister-in law, yes it's gross to want to fight your brother over a woman. But despite all that, it was a great over the top melodramatic read.

  • Angelia

    2.5 star ratingDidn't care for this one that much.The first one was really good and that's one of the reason I kept on reading.This book was a little far fetched and had me saying WTH through a lot of it.After a while I started to scan through some of the pagesThe last 3 chapters is what earned this book just about 3 stars

  • Roshunda

    Quirky in it's predictablnessSo this story was very predictable, but what kept me reading was the love scenes and the humor. I mean it was a light read but you get a lot of steamy sex and absurd drama. Nothing too serious just lusty enjoyment. Sometimes that's all you need.

  • Brenda Holder

    A Very Sweet Interracial RomanceThe Wild One is a very exciting and sweet romance that earned a rating of four stars. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading exciting romance novels.

  • Kimisha

    This was an interesting plot twisting story but it took me too long to like the characters and believe in their love. Once the truth was revealed it would have been nice to see their relationship build without the extra drama.

  • Iamme

    I feel really bad for giving this a low rating considering the fact that I loved the first story. I just felt that the storyline was a lil far fetched. I loved the character Layla and looked forward to getting more from her in this installment. I didn't get that.

  • Rena

    TwinningI was confused and curious about how Layla just switched between brothers like that. But, I am so glad my confusion got cleared up. I enjoyed reading the story between Andrew and Roxxy. It kept my attention and was filled with plenty of drama and sex.

  • Brenda

    OMGeeeee! This was a GREAT read! First chapters were kinda slow, but quickly heated up! Had me on the edge of my seat. Suspence and great sex scenes. Ms. Taylor, thank you I loved this and will definitely read more if your work.

  • Karry

    Awesomeness! Absolutely loved this book. The twists in the plot were fantastic. The storyline as a whole was great! I want more!

  • Jooniebug

    I didnt like this story.

  • Claudia Naidoo

    Loved itwat a twist!

  • babyfishmouth

    I didn't enjoy this at all. The plot is pretty ridiculous and I didn't particularly enjoy either hero or heroine.

  • Sexyladi Barnes

    Action pack dramaabstraction a great read , love it. psycho mom mystery, intrigued,hot sex and double twist. Very 'very good read!!!!this series keeps better and better.

  • Sonya

    I enjoyed the book it was not as strong as some of her books but still enjoyable. the characters were shallow and a little underdeveloped and the plot was a bit unbelievable but still a fun romp!

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  • Best Download [Theodora Taylor] ✓ The Wild One || [Contemporary Book] PDF ✓
    287 Theodora Taylor
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