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By Lee Strauss | Comments: ( 757 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Heinz Schultz s word could send a man to prison Though only a youth of fifteen, he was strong, tall, and blond The boys in his Deutsches Jungvolk unit esteemed him and feared him And they wanted to be just like him Emil Radle wanted to be just like him A dedicated member of Hitler Youth, Emil was loyal to the Fuehrer before family, a champion for the cause and a fan oHeinz Schultz s word could send a man to prison Though only a youth of fifteen, he was strong, tall, and blond The boys in his Deutsches Jungvolk unit esteemed him and feared him And they wanted to be just like him Emil Radle wanted to be just like him A dedicated member of Hitler Youth, Emil was loyal to the Fuehrer before family, a champion for the cause and a fan of the famous Luftwaffe Air force Emil s friends Moritz and Johann discover a shortwave radio and everything changes Now they listen to the forbidden BBC broadcast of news reports that tell both sides Now they know the truth The boys along with Johann s sister Katharina, band together to write out the reports and covertly distribute flyers through their city It s an act of high treason that could have them arrested or worse As the war progresses, so does Emil s affection for Katharina He d do anything to have a normal life and to stay in Passau by her side But when Germany s losses become immense, even their greatest resistance can t prevent the boys from being sent to the Eastern Front.

  • Title: Playing with Matches
  • Author: Lee Strauss
  • ISBN: 9780987807823
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook

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Lee Strauss

Hi Would you like the FREE Lee Strauss starter library that includes 5 novels and 2 short stories Visit my website laplumepress signupAs Lee Strauss, I m a bestselling author of The Ginger Gold Mysteries series cozy historical mystery , A Nursery Rhyme Suspense series Mystery Sci fi Romantic Suspense , The Perception series young adult dystopian , and young adult historical fiction When I m not writing or reading I like to cycle, hike and kayak I enjoy traveling but not jet lag 0 , cashew lattes, red wine and dark chocolate.I also write younger YA fantasy as Elle Strauss and sweet inspirational romance as Hope Franke Strauss.

Comments Playing with Matches

  • Ella Drayton

    Imagine being taught that a certain class of people are evil and a threat to your very way of life. Imagine growing up idolizing the people who helped eradicate that threat from your country. Now imagine learning that everything you thought was true, was good, was actually a liePlaying With Matches does something I haven't seen before. It tells the story of the Holocaust from the point of view of German boys growing up wanting to join the Nazi army. They are part of the Hitler Youth and believe [...]

  • Jenna

    Normally the books I have read are from the Jewish side of the war, now this is a first for me to read a war book from the German side. I wanted to automatically hate Emil and his Family but I couldn't, they were caught up in the Hitler charade to. Not really having a choice but the join the war.Emil was very young when the war started only 11 or 12 he wanted to be like the older guys from the Hitler Youth. But one day Emil and his friends find a shortwave radio and hear the truth. The boys Emil [...]

  • Alex Baugh

    Playing with Matches begins in 1938, when Emil Radle is 9 years-old and a member of the Passau (Germany) Deutsches Jungvolk, anxiously awaiting the day he will be old enough to join the Hitler Youth and begin to learn how to fly. Emil wants nothing more than to become a pilot in the German Luftwaffe. But the Jungvolk is hard work and the leader, Heinz Schultz, likes to pick on Emil's friend Moritz for being weak. Emil is aware that Moritz and their friend Johann aren't really supporters of the R [...]

  • Barb Klein

    “Playing with Matches” by Lee Strauss is a novel about the youth who were a part of Youth Organizations that were started by Hitler in Nazi Germany. It is about their families. This was an excellent story of the other side of Germany in World War II. We always read or hear about the Nazi’s and the atrocities that were committed by command of the Feuhrer. “Playing with Matches” gives us a view of those in Germany who did not want war and who were not fans of Hitler.This story is about E [...]

  • Anne

    Emil, Moritz and Johann and three friends growing up in Germany. Emil is fascinated by the Hitler Youth and loves going to the meetings. He is anxious to grow up and join the famous Luftwaffe. when his two friend discover a short wave radio, everything changes . Soon they are listening to the truth from BBC. They print flyers that they secretly distribute all over town telling the truth. Johann's sister, Katharina joins them in spite of the fact that they know what they are doing is very dangero [...]

  • Kyla

    Heart breaking story. You forget about the German people who weren't with Hitler but yet had no choice but to abide by the rules set into place. They fought to survive whether in the army or at home starving and working and all struggling. It may be a fictional book but it hits you in the heart because you know that the these things happened to real people and if you think about it, if wasn't that long ago

  • Kristin Ravelle

    When I started reading this book, I just had to briefly research the Hitler Youth movement to understand something of the power it had in Germany at the time.By 1934, Hitler Youth was the only legal youth organization in Germany. By 1940 it had 8 million members through apparent social coercion or enforced conscription. Hitler’s war machine gradually turned this organization into an arm of the military, eventually culling millions of the nation’s teens, and young boys into the war effort.You [...]

  • Gary Bourget

    A very heartfelt book will make u feel for the young men and womenI was engulfed in this book. Research was excellent, I was never in a war but was in the navy so I can feel the loneliness and heart break. Brought to life through a young boys mind. Excellent Book

  • Kirsty Vizard

    In my opinion, Playing With Matches is a story that has been waiting to be told. Books about the Jewish experience of World War Two, whether fiction or non-fiction, are well-known and I am sure that the majority of people reading this review have come across The Diary of Anne Frank or Schindler’s Ark. I think because of this there is an assumption that the lives of ordinary German people were full of unicorns and rainbows – until this book.Lee Strauss writes Playing With Matches with so much [...]

  • Stephanie

    Emil is growing up in Passau, Germany under Hitler’s rule. He attends his Deutsches Jungvolk meetings with fervor and wants to be a pilot. Emil begins to see the faults in Hitler’s plans as tensions arise and the hatred of the Jewish people grows. Emil’s friends Moritz and Johann discover the truth behind the German propaganda with the BBC news broadcast over a shortwave radio, not everything is going so well for the German’s during the war and fatalities are much worse than reported. Th [...]

  • Julie

    I received this novel from NetGalley.This novel is moving, heart-wrenching and honest, it is almost perfect in its telling of a young boy's progression through the ranks of Nazi's during WW1.This novel is well written, creative and original, its protagonist is believable and it hurts my heart to realise he is only 16 for the most part of the novel, so young and yet faced with unbelievable tasks. That is the horror of Hitler's reign.Completely moving, this novel, although aimed at YA readers, is [...]

  • Kat

    Excellent novel about coming of age during WWII as a young man. I found it touching as the protagonist noted his parents fearing what they said in front of him in case he might turn them in to the Gestapo as one of the other children on the street had done. He and three of his friends begin listening to the BBC on a radio of one friend's brother and writing out the news reports to scatter about town. They swear not to implicate each other should anyone be caught and then that fatal day happens w [...]

  • Niffer

    I received this book through a First Reads giveaway.This was a wonderful and yet terribly sad story about a boy in Germany who desperately wants to love his country and yet, as WWII begins and he sees the atrocities around him, he is forced to choose what is truly, morally right. And yet, even as he and his friends fight for what that believe in, he also learns about the simple struggle to survive. So many stories about WWII talk about the trials of the Allies. This book is about the trials of [...]

  • Joseph

    I'm a sucker for historical fiction, but I appreciated that the stories and characters in this book were based on actual lives. An interesting perspective of a young nationalist's coming of age, not through choice but by circumstance. The most interesting thing to me was the main character's lingering thoughts about what might be right and wrong despite what he has believed all of his life. Though opposed to the actions he would have to live with, he acts to survive in the hope of a redeemed fut [...]

  • Debbi

    Strauss weaves fictional characters throughout the history of the Hitler Youth. She brings to life the brainwashing of these children in school and in their various Hitler Youth groups. Fascinating to see how these 12 & up adolescents would put Fuehrer before family even when their parents instructed otherwise. The story centers around one youth who, with his friends, finds a short-wave radio and learns the truth about the war. Once enlightened, the four of them must learn to survive without [...]

  • Tere

    This is an excellent book for young adults. I'm an adult and I could not put it down. Playing With Matches gives a view of war from the citizens who do not favor what the ruling party believes. Sadly, the voices are those of children/teens and tell of the horrors they experienced. The book is dedicated to the author's parents and parent's in-law, who's memories are reflected in the story.

  • creig speed

    Very good fictional accountThis book was very good and seemed true to history. The biggest crime in history perpetrated by a psychopaths. The German people were swept up by the times after the treaty they were forced to sign. The French should have known it was just an armistice for twenty years.

  • John Crowe-Lockerman

    Excellent book told from the side of German youth that did not believe in nor want to fight for Hitler's Dream. It shows their struggles with what is moral and what was expected of them. The things that they did to fight against Hitler's cause, risking death for them and their families by doing so.

  • Billye

    Excellent book about growing up in Germany during WW 2. It was the best way to realize how hard it was for the German people who were not Nazis to live in Germany during the War. This would be a great book for my granddaughters to read when they study about Germany and WW2.

  • Janet Leigh

    Playing with Matches is an intriguing story from the point of view of a German boy. I found the detail of the story compelling and I was surprised to learn of the hardships of the German people during WWII. I recommend this book.

  • brian miller

    AmasingLoved this book. I couldn't put it down. If you like historical fiction I recommend this book highly. Definitely a five star book.

  • Paola

    It is the best book I have read by far. I really felt like I wasinside the story. Love the story of Emil, his family and the experiences he hadgrowing up during the war.

  • Patrizia

    When Lee Strauss describes how Emil and his friends grow up and learn the truth about Nazis you can really relate to Emil, Johann, Moritz and Katharina. It is truly a slow process growing up from prepubescent boy or girl in the 'Jungvolk' to the teenagers who barely survived the WW II or died during this regime. His life in 'Nazi-Deutschland' is shown to us in such a unspectacular way that you see the true history people lived in, children lived in. 'Playing with matches' is a wonderful and sad [...]

  • Melissa Orrell

    FascinatingOften in our modern age we rage against war; yet, fail to contemplate the victims that exist within the faction of the aggressors themselves. Ms. Strauss gives a mind, heart and soul to those who fought, sometimes silently, within themselves and to the capacity they could, for what was right. Much applause for giving us Emil, Johann, Katharina and dear Moritz.

  • Omar Lopez


  • Kayla D

    A free digital copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.One of the reasons why I love World War II historical fiction novels so much is because the characters featured in them personify and embody the entire war. Defeat, confusion, guilt, anger; all of these feelings that are prevalent during wartime are really felt by the protagonists of every WWII-HF and Playing with Matches was no exception.Playing with Matches revolves around Emile, a young German boy wit [...]

  • Mary

    Heinz Schultz's word could send a man to prison. Though only a youth of fifteen, he was strong, tall, and blond. The boys in his Deutsches Jungvolk unit esteemed him and feared him. And they wanted to be just like him. Emil Radle wanted to be just like him. A dedicated member of Hitler Youth, Emil was loyal to the Fuehrer before family, a champion for the cause and a fan of the famous Luftwaffe Air force. Emil's friends Moritz and Johann discover a shortwave radio and everything changes. Now the [...]

  • Shawna

    I love historical fiction, stories written from a time long ago with a generous dose of factual information mixed in with just enough make-believe. This story is a bit different from other World War II stories I've read in that it comes from a different perspective. Young Emil is a proud and loyal member of Hitler Youth. He's never questioned the mission he and his peers are on as they fight for Hitler's cause. But when he and his friends begin to hear conflicting reports about the war effort, h [...]

  • Thomas Walsh

    This is a mesmerizing read. You can almost feel the terror of the nazi hate machine grow around you as you watch children get brain-washed and decent citizens become afraid for their lives. I often wonder: why and how did this maniac "H" bastard live? Somewhere, someone wrote: he should have been shot in his cradle. The evil propaganda seeds itself in the innocent children of Germany, who are told to turn in the names of anyone who speaks against the regime. Adults, parents, teachers and compani [...]

  • Ariana

    Definitely a good read. I am an avid ww2/holocaust book reader and this was a very well-written view from the pov of a German youth at once captured by the allure and promise of Hitler's ideas but who then listens to his own humanity and starts to see the truth. I recommend for 5th grade to middle school readers. Criticism: change the names of characters "Hans and Franz" as it made me think of the Saturday Night Live skit and removed me from the story. There is also an issue with agreement on on [...]

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  • ☆ Playing with Matches || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Lee Strauss
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