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By David Wisniewski | Comments: ( 908 ) | Date: ( Dec 07, 2019 )

Two brothers, one a warrior and one a wise man, each pursue a quest to capture the five elements An original fairy tale that draws extensively on Japanese culture.An exciting, well told story.The cut paper illustrations are outstanding.A beautiful first book from a highly accomplished artist Kirkus Reviews.

  • Title: The Warrior and the Wise Man
  • Author: David Wisniewski
  • ISBN: 9780688078898
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

David Wisniewski

David R Wisniewski was an American writer and illustrator best known for children s books.He attended the University of Maryland, College Park but quit after one semester to join the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Clown College, graduating in 1973 He worked for several years as a clown before moving to Maryland and joining the Prince George s Country Puppet Theatre where he met his wife Donna Harris In 1980, they started the Clarion Puppet Theatre later known as the Clarion Shadow Theatre which toured in schools, theaters and at the Smithsonian After his children were born, he become a full time author illustrator, using layers of cut paper to illustrate children s books His book Golem, won the 1997 Caldecott Medal.In his acceptance speech, he said of himself I am a self taught artist and writer who depends on instincts developed through years of circus and puppet performance to guide a story s structure and look.

Comments The Warrior and the Wise Man

  • Erik This Kid Reviews Books

    The emperor must choose a son to be the one to take over the throne and rule Japan. The emperor tells his sons that the world is made of five eternal elements and each element is guarded by a monster. The first son to bring all five elements to him will be the next emperor. The brothers go on the journey, but do it in very different ways. Who will be emperor?Why I liked this book – This book has a great message about kindness is always better than violence. I love that message! I really like h [...]

  • Bullcitytaheel

    Liked this one better than his award-winning Golem. Probably because I liked the (Japanese-based) story better, but I also liked the artwork better. Story with a "truth" message - "Strength, though vital, must always be in the service of wisdom" (last page). Cool paper-cut artwork.

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    Wonderful illustrations.

  • Bryan Wanlass

    I liked it because one was nice and the other wanted the kingdom. And the nice one got the kingdom eventually.

  • Mckinley

    Liked the story and the illustrations.

  • Jean-Marie

    Amazing paper-cut illustrations complement this story with a moral.

  • Nathan

    Beautiful art, excellent story.

  • Jim

    well done story pitting brawn against wisdom. the art is ART. that wisniewski has a Caldecott is no accident

  • Lara

    Certainly one of his best illustrations and story

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Warrior and the Wise Man | by ☆ David Wisniewski
    321 David Wisniewski
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