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By Nina Jon | Comments: ( 126 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

The first of the new crime and mystery fiction series Jane Hetherington s Adventures in Detection.Following the premature death of husband, Hugh, retired librarian Jane Hetherington needs something to help distract her A lifetime of mystery solving behind her, she becomes a lady sleuth for hire.Here are the cases she tackled in her first month of business.

  • Title: The Night of Harrison Monk's Death
  • Author: Nina Jon
  • ISBN: 9780985120603
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nina Jon

Nina Jon is the author of the Jane Hetherington s Adventures in Detection crime and mystery series, which takes the reader through the first year of Jane Hetherington s new career as a sleuth.On ninajonbooks there are a series of blogs, aiming to introduce the novels to potential readers by giving them an insight into the storylines, characters and the series itself without giving the game away as well as some reader reviews.

Comments The Night of Harrison Monk's Death

  • Susan Doyle

    I enjoyed this book, which I received as a Giveaway. The layout of the book is very clear, which made it easy to read.The opening story takes you straight into Jane's world as she solves her first case. We then learn more of her life through her memories as she sets up as a private investigator in the style of Mma Ramotswe meets Miss Marple. The title story runs through as a darker thread which ties in to one of the earlier cases with a shock, and maybe promises more heavy subject matter for he [...]

  • Vid

    I received it as part of the GoodReads Giveaway. Im always interested in reading new authors, as it brings on the variety to my reading. Im pleased to say that I found this book an easy read and was an entertainer. It is a detective story set in the style of Agatha Christie / Miss Marple. I found each of the story a fast read and was crisp and to the point. And in between these shorter stories, goes the main story thread and also the life of Jane, which is what sets it apart - You get to know ab [...]

  • Jenny Bosher

    Really good read! was a bit hard to get into i thought but once it got going and she started to investigate properly it was a very enjoyable read! maybe next time there'll be a few bigger cases and the snippet of the next book at the end definitely makes me want to read on :)

  • Annie Witt

    Received this book as part of the Giveaway, I found it was an enjoyable and quick read with several twists. I loved the first chapter of the following book at the end. I look forward to reading others in this series.

  • Sue

    For a lover of mystery literature, the idea of a British housewife taking up crime solving appealed. Our lady detective charms and the network of plots are constructed with obvious great care. A pleasure to read and the opening chapter of the follow-up is a great idea.

  • Nick Lowe

    Enjoyable read, likeable characters, well worth a go.

  • Carol

    will try to find more by this author-I love it when the detective is a woman my age-and a Brit too

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  • ½ The Night of Harrison Monk's Death || Ù PDF Read by ✓ Nina Jon
    152 Nina Jon
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