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By Justin South | Comments: ( 425 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Paul Sam is a MM romance murder mystery Their story is plot intensive, with a degree of psychic chemistry, as the following brief description indicates 19yo Paul lives a lonely, tormented existence One night he meets Sam in extraordinary circumstances He discovers Sam hero worships him for saving his cousin s life after a cowardly beach incident two years earlier.Paul Sam is a MM romance murder mystery Their story is plot intensive, with a degree of psychic chemistry, as the following brief description indicates 19yo Paul lives a lonely, tormented existence One night he meets Sam in extraordinary circumstances He discovers Sam hero worships him for saving his cousin s life after a cowardly beach incident two years earlier.Blinded by infatuation for his hero and devastated by the recent death of Tim, his twin brother, Sam passionately pleads to Paul to become his partner While deciding, Paul is drawn into Tim s psychic maze of cryptic messages What is Tim s influence Does Tim empower Paul to identify the culprit who caused his cousin s near death Can Paul decipher Tim s cryptograms to solve the mystery surrounding his passing Follow Paul s journey to love and happiness Share the passion as two young men overcome insecurities and develop their innate strengths Admire the kindness and generosity of Sam s family as it assists others less fortunate Deliberate the madness of revenge leading to the exposure of evil judicial corruption and a suspenseful court caserox 44 620 words

  • Title: Paul & Sam
  • Author: Justin South
  • ISBN: 9781301917310
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Justin South

Professionally, I write articles for various accounts around the world Recreationally, I write sexy gay YA and M M romance stories, some with a degree of mystery suspense or murder suspense themes.Over recent years I ve counselled and assisted a large number of gay youths in Australia and some overseas My contribution to the M M Romance Group s video in support of the It Gets Better project provides some detail, commencing at the 7 mins 55 secs mark here videos 15564

Comments Paul & Sam

  • Dragonrouge57 - Bénédicte Girault

    Paul & Sam est un roman MM avec du mystère et un meurtre. Leur histoire est assez intense, avec une once de supranaturel, comme la brève description ci-dessous l'indique :âgé de 19 ans, Paul vit comme un solitaire, menant une existence tourmentée. Une nuit, il rencontre Sam dans des circonstances extraordinaires. Il découvre Sam pour qui il est le héros adoré pour avoir sauvé la vie de son cousin après une attaque lâche qui s'était déroulée sur une plage deux ans plus tôt.Aveu [...]

  • Lena Polskaia

    Voilà un roman un peu déroutant de prime abord, tant il mêle et mélange les genres. Du réalisme dur, du romantique, du sexy, du fantastique, du polar, le tout dans le contexte d'un quotidien familial, social et juridique australien dont il faut bien dire que nous autres, lecteurs français, ne connaissons strictement rien, ce qui accentue cette impression de décalage, parfois jusqu'au malaise jusqu'à ce que l'on écoute vraiment ce que l'auteur veut nous raconter, au lieu d'essayer de fai [...]

  • W.S. Long

    Sometimes you fall in love with a story because of the plot, the way the characters are written, or because at that time in your life, the book somehow resonates with you.In this case, Paul and Sam are two characters that I rooted for. The story of Paul is gripping. His character is real and, I suspect based on someone in the author's life, his experiences with folks like Paul, or a blend of several characters like Paul. {Although I suspect the way this character pops out at you, it's a characte [...]

  • Sid

    1.5 starsA mystery plot gone haywire – that’s the best way I could describe this story.If this could have been just a murder mystery, that would have been good but the author mixes it with some weird romance storyline that seems totally unrealistic. This is a make-believe story.Let me divide this story into two parts based on the murder mystery and the “love” story of Sam and Paul. The first half of the book majorly focuses on getting the two characters together.Paul has been living a ha [...]

  • Sherrie Henry

    Okay, first off, I do want to say I did enjoy the book. Read it in two sittings which is a rarity for me anymore. If I was a psychologist, I would probably diagnose this book with multiple-personality disorder. I couldn't really tell if it was supposed to be a contemporary romance, paranormal romance, taking place in a different time or on a different world or a combination of all of those. I couldn't tell where it took place; it never really said. I *think* it took place in Australia because of [...]

  • Mel

    Paul & Sam is a YA romance about young love, first love, coming of age and self-discovery. It’s a story about acceptance, the importance of friendship and loyalty and overcoming obstacles to find one’s place in this world. It is written with a classical beauty; a poetic quality, that at times is almost lyrical. The story has a sweetness and innocence that immediately draws you to the main characters. Paul, having been kicked out of his home at the age of 16 for being gay, has become expe [...]

  • Tracy

    I don't usually read any books under 220 pages not because of any other reason than I prefer full novels. The product description and reviews had me curious about this book so thought I would give it a go.I have to say, the first few pages had me wondering if I had made a mistake, everything seemed to be happening very fast and I found myself thinking this just would not happen this way in real life. As I continued to read and got more drawn into the the story I understood that it didn't matter [...]

  • Spring Horton

    I think romance writers could learn a lot from Justin South. So many romances are written in such a formulaic way. There are two people who don't like each other, but are secretly in love; then the author spends half the book coming up with reasons to keep them apart and then, when they do get together, something has to break them up. It's very frustrating to read. Paul & Sam was not that kind of book at all. It is a story of two people who fell in love, simply and beautiful. And not only di [...]

  • James

    This is my first read by this author. I had no expectations upon entering his realm and I must say, I was not at all disappointed. The characterizations are descriptive yet holds the reader's interest without distracting from the story; enticing you to become their friends. The scene descriptions and plot development are easily imagined, coaxing the reader to continue the journey and discover the author's intent.[Caution: possible tiny spoiler alert. But it's non-descriptive and vague and really [...]

  • Eric Renoult

    Je le décomposerai en 2 parties, une première qui est emplie d’espoir, d’amour, de tendresse, bref de sentiments très positifs. La seconde en revanche est plus sombre car il est l’heure de certaines révélations pourtant l’espoir est toujours présent, ce qui empêche le récit de s’alourdir de noirceur.La première partie est assez déroutante car je ne sais pas si on peut réellement compter cela comme un point négatif mais l’excès de "positivité" n’est pas habituel. On se [...]

  • Susan65

    I am not really sure how to rate this book. It is written very eloquently and almost poetically. The words, the descriptions and the storytelling are told with a very upper crust, highly educated flair. At one point I compared the writing to high school classicsd a little Shakespearean, but with farts. Strange, but true.So my 3 star rating has nothing to do with the quality of the writing. My main issue was twofold: The story line and plot were a little unbelievable and unrealistic, and the styl [...]

  • Betryal

    I completely adored both of the characters in this long awaited story. I say long awaited because I've been anticipating it for quite some time and when it finally came out, I jumped out of my chair in excitement. The story does need a little editing, but meh, it's nothing that can't be fixed. If you can get over that you'd enjoy the story also. Justin always amazes me with his creative stories and I do and always will look forward to reading more in the future that he publishes. Kudos to you Ju [...]

  • Smith Barney

    After beginning attempts. get to the plotwe're going to call it a day and go with the best thing about this self-loathsome woes-me-I'm-such-a-POS point of view of Paul. going to be this beautiful cover art. The omnipresent depressive narration was like a mountain I had no inspiration to climb.

  • Sammy Goode

    3.5 starsRejected and scorned by his homophobic parents, Paul works a part-time dead end job, occasionally whoring himself out and always searching for a true friend, a companion, anyone who can ease the loneliness and pain of his squalid existence. After a particularly nasty off page rape occurs, Left alone on a darkened beach, Sam finds himself approached by an older man who takes him home to tend to his needs. There he is introduced to the Saunders Family and as fate would have it realizes th [...]

  • T.M. Smith

    Paul’s life has been anything but a fairy tale. Mistreated, abused and abandoned by his family for being gay; Paul continually makes the wrong choices in his life. He’s had his moments though. Like when he pulled a young injured surfer out of the water and saved his life. Circumstance and another bad decision will change his life forever this time. The question is, will it be a change for the better? or worse!Sam lost his twin brother Tim to a random act of violence. He almost lost his cousi [...]

  • joani

    You have got to kiddingYou have got to kiddingThis is a teenage bad run on day dream so totally far fetched one talks like this and long winded and descriptive. The hole time I was waiting for this over dramatized sticky sweet Brady bunch family to turn into crazed ax murders such luck!! This story did not move me what so ever. Tears do not make a deep emotional story and not the 20 descriptive words used to say their crying. Reality is harsh and can be really brutal. the scars that burn into yo [...]

  • Kevin

    This enjoyable fantasy is simplistic and totally unrealistic. Paul wishes for a loving boyfriend after being tricked by some cruel guys. Those guys end up being the culprits for all the horrors in the world. They and their parents are stand-ins for the worst in humanity. Meanwhile Paul gets swooped up by an angel and his family. They take him in, adopt him, and demand he become their son's lover. This son happens to look identical to a guy he's been lusting after, and Paul just happens to be the [...]

  • Wendy Ann

    This is a story that runs the gamut between the despair of depression and the hopefulness of young love. It has a lot going on in different directions (a bit of murder mystery, some ability to communicate with the deceased, a young romance and new family) but does carry a strong positive message indicating that things can get better when you least expect it. I would have liked to see a little more angst in the development of the relationship between Paul and Sam – it felt just a little too arr [...]

  • Kelly

    A new to me author, I tried this after reading a glowing review. It sounded like the kind of angsty story I love, and it kind of was. Some of the dialogue seemed unrealistic, and it could have used a another round of editing. I liked the mystery part of the plot, and Sam's innocence. But most of my issues are with the first third of the book, which arend of creepy.SPOILERSAll of the hero worship stuff and long-distance crushes were fine, but the whole thing with the dad offering him Sam in some [...]

  • Angela

    I really enjoyed this book. I have never read an Australian author's works before, so I find his writing different and interesting. The only word I would use to describe the book is quaint. It is like reading something from a previous era. This book tell the story of Paul, as a homeless gay teenager, and how his guardian angel instrumented a chance encounter for him to meet the person who will change his life forever for the better. How he met Sam, but it is much more than just their story. Ther [...]

  • The Novel Approach Reviews

    There was a point in this story—a plot that’s part hardship, part murder mystery, part supernatural drama, part implausible machination—in which some of the characters were portrayed as so entirely flawless that I anxiously, and gleefully, awaited the “Stepford Wives” moment, the moment in which it would be revealed that these people who had so insistently dragged Paul (a downtrodden, sexually assaulted, homeless boy) into their midst, were up to far more sinister pursuits than it appe [...]

  • Sarah Shaw

    I am giving this book 4 stars because in places it was really good and I enjoyed it. The reason it isn't getting the full 5 stars is because there were places I found it just didn't seem real. For me those parts didn't make much sense. But other than that I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book. Cover: 4 starsSex/steaminess: 3 starsStory line: 3 starsCharacters: 3 starsOverall rating: 4 starsPersonal rating: 4 starsBook Pairing: M/M

  • Jazett

    HeartwarmingThis was a better sweet story, with so many twists and turns. I can't understand how Paul's family could be cold and stupid. Everyone should have a family likes Sam's they are there for their sons no matter what. There truly some sick people in the world, and some special ones that look out for you even when you can't see them.

  • Lauri James

    Got lost on the way to the end of this crazy murder mystery. I had to also suspend belief while reading. I loved Alex and Drew Paul and Sam was just weird. I couldn't find the book on amazon to leave a review. Best part of the book the cover hot hot hot.

  • Blaze

    Review is coming. I promise ^o^

  • Rachael Watson

    I really enjoyed this book, the way the characters were linked as story developed. I was in tears by first page in chapter two. Looking forward to Reading Justin's books when published

  • Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews


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