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By L.A. Witt | Comments: ( 988 ) | Date: ( Dec 06, 2019 )

Love s compass is never wrong even when it points in two different directions Tooth Claw, Book 1 After pleading his case to his wolf clan s Elders, Levi is granted the right to bond with Ian, his male human lover, on one condition they must spend one year apart Then Levi must use only their spiritual connection to find Ian, or the deal is off Tracking down hisLove s compass is never wrong even when it points in two different directions Tooth Claw, Book 1After pleading his case to his wolf clan s Elders, Levi is granted the right to bond with Ian, his male human lover, on one condition they must spend one year apart Then Levi must use only their spiritual connection to find Ian, or the deal is off Tracking down his lover is easy, but Levi isn t prepared for the changed man he finds The agony of separation was too much for Ian In a moment of weakness, he reached out to a vampire Now he s a vampire himself, and Levi s devastation and rejection is like a stake to his heart But it s nothing compared to the fury of the clan that wants Ian brought to justice for desecrating their most sacred ritual Afraid for Ian s safety, Levi puts the pain aside and races to get to Ian first, but he faces unexpected competition Darius, Ian s maker When they come together, all hell breaks loose, Ian is on the run and the only way Levi and Darius can save the man they love is work together If they don t kill each other first Warning Contains two vampires and a werewolf who really, really, really want to hate each other Except when they want each other And have violent, sweaty, angry sex with each other But they still hate each other Mostly.

  • Title: The Given & The Taken
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

L.A. Witt

L.A Witt is an abnormal M M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain In between wondering how she didn t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever growing herd of rabid plot bunnies She also has substantially time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don t tell Lauren And definitely don t tell Lori A Witt or Ann Gallagher Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shutVisit her website at gallagherwitt.

Comments The Given & The Taken

  • DarienMoya

    ~THE STUPID AND THE STUPIDEST~I think this might be more a ragey rant than a review because The Given & The Taken is something else. It hit every bad nerve I have and just thinking about it gets me into a rage The Rundown: Ian and Levi are bonded and with Levi being a werewolf he begged his ass off to make sure he could be bonded to his human lover Ian. The catch is that they have to spend a year apart after the bonding, and then the official ritual will be completed and they will be werewol [...]

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

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  • Simsala

    3,5 starsI`m not sure how to call it:The book of gloom or the threesome of doomWerewolf loves human and both are forced by werewolf laws to be seperated for one year to complete the bond.The human can`t bear the seperation and seeks comfort in too many drinks and the arms of a vampire bartender who turns him into a vampire (view spoiler)[to prevent an act of despair. (hide spoiler)] Werewolf hates vampires and rejects his cheating former-human-now-vampire-now-ex-boyfriend at their reunion.Of cou [...]

  • Ryoma Gartre

    Ok, this is not my cup of tea and I'm reading because a truth or dare, I'll still try to be as objective as I can taking in consideration my likes and dislikes. I'm on page 43 and I hate it already.Ian is a selfish unapologetic bastard, he wants Levi, but he doesn't want to compromise for him, even accepting the bond feels like he really, REALLY just did it because he had no other choice, second you know if you're going to cheat on your boyfriend at least seek for another human/wolf, not a frigg [...]

  • Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books

    Well, that was definitely the fastest DNF I've ever had. Since I dnf'd at 5%- I won't be rating it but I am super disappointed. Some wolf+ vamp+ human smut sounded so amazing right now.SPOILER!!!(view spoiler)[So here's the thing. Ian and Levi are soul bonded but were forced to spend a year apart by the packs elders in order for them to accept their mating (because male and wolf/human). During the year they both suffered but when they find each other, we find out that Ian cheated with a vampire [...]

  • Jayhjay

    This review was originally posted on my blog Joyfully Jay.The Given & the Taken opens with Levi pacing in a snowy field, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his boyfriend Ian. They have been separated for a year after Levi's wolf clan required a test to ensure that as a human (and a male) Ian could bond with Levi and be a proper mate. The men were required to spend a year apart, after which Ian must find Levi using only the strength of their mating bond. Although Levi is nervous, he is confident [...]

  • Melissa

    So I have been on a shifter kink lately and since I didn't (still don't) have time to sit down and read an actual book right now, I was able to borrow the audio version from my library. While the narration was seriously lacking, I was still able to enjoy the story. I look forward to continuing with the series, but I am not sure I will listen to the audio version. The narrator didn't communicate emotion very well. If a character is angry or sad, or sarcastic, or whatever, the narrator didn't chan [...]

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣

    3.7 StarsDamn it, I knew there were more books in this series but I thought they were more "other" stories for this triot more of THIS story, stories. Talk about a cliff-hanger.I'll admit it, too: Right up until (view spoiler)[she dies (hide spoiler)] I honestly thought Selena was in cahoots with the pack and had every intention of screwing Levi over for not being her mate after all. See what having so many stereotypical female bitch characters does to a person's expectations. I feel so bad give [...]

  • Lolita

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeed to read this or i will become like this day a young girl was using gr, someone had added a book to her tbr, about three gay men, she dreamed to read the books of course because she was still too young for these kinds of books and she couldn't got them.a while ago i remembered that girl which was me, but i didn't remember the book (s) title the one which swept me over the face of the earth, now i was looking around and i found it, and i fucking remember itd it is making me act l [...]

  • Christy

    If you've read my reviews before, then you know I adore the paranormal world. I'm also a huge fan of ménage. Now, you put paranormal together with three hot men in a ménage and I've pretty much hit the jackpot. Heck, I get so excited I start to squeal, at which point hubby closes the door so he doesn't have to listen. The description of this book interested me tremendously. A werewolf and his human lover suffer a year apart after being bonded per the elders' decree (pesky darn elders). The pai [...]

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)

    I struggled to choose between 4 and 5 stars for this, but I figured if there was even a question then I should go with 4. But I really really really liked this book.I typically do not like paranormal m/m. Vampires and werewolves - like 'em in het romance or urban fantasy, but in m/m they always seem cheesy for some reason. I don't know if it makes sense but it's just how I am, I guess. Add that to how convoluted the blurb for this was, and under normal circumstances I would have said "Nope, not [...]

  • Angie Elle

    I am going to be honest; this book pissed me off so much I’m not even sure I can write a decent review for it. So warning: rant ahead. I should have walked away and been done with it, but I was at work and didn’t have another audio to listen to, so I stuck it out. I loved the premise of this book, but the execution left a lot to be desired. Here is my biggest beef with this book – it makes a mockery out of mates. Yes, I know mating isn’t ‘a thing,’ OK? It’s a tool used in paranorma [...]

  • Deanna Against Censorship

    A bond between two lovers should be a good thing, but not when the two are separated for a year. How do they each deal with the pain? Levi has his clan to help even if it is not the clan he who raised him. Ian did not understand the pain that the separation would cause. He had no support. I still had problems with Ian's cheating. I had problems with him leading Darius on. I felt for Darius though out this story. Levi is shocked by Ian's situation. Shifters and Vampires are enemies. Wolf shifters [...]

  • Kelly

    Holy crap! I stayed up late two nights in a row to read this puppy (er, no werewolf pun intended) and it was worth it. I picked this one up because I saw a sequel was coming out soon. I love Witt's contemporary books, and I was interested to see how she handled paranormal. And I think she did an excellent job. The world-building was handled well, with just enough detail to orient me without overloading me with exposition.I liked the three main characters. The author has a deft hand at managing m [...]

  • Tammy

    LOVED IT!!! Their was so much drama, suspense,action and sexual tension I could hardly put this book down!! Total winner for me and I can't wait to start the next book in this excellent series! :-)

  • Тамрико

    Warning: cheatingI don't get Levi/Darius, sorry. There was nothing (bar pure hate) for the longest time, and all of the sudden there is an orgy and a half, butterfly kisses and ribbons and kittens (view spoiler)[and the "L" word (hide spoiler)]. Nope. Not working for me.I don't get why Levi had to lie, along with the stupid decision on Ian's behalf not to pick up a phone call to clear up the situation. You can listen, you don't have to meet face to face, that's the benefit of a phone call, right [...]

  • Sara

    Yeah, sois book, for me? Was a big NO. 400+ pages of chasing, riding in trunks and trailers and bumping into werewolves (how come there was no trace of other vampires on that whole daunting trip?). But maybe I should start with the beginning.(view spoiler)[ Ian and Levi, human and werewolf, respectively, have a strong, fulfilling relationship, in spite of the werewolf clan's diaspproval. So naturally, one must rock the boat. One bonding ritual later, the two are living in two different parts of [...]

  • Ayanna

    O:I really, really want to read this. I really like the blurb. I even like the product warning. But then, it's Witt and in my experience xe is one of the better authors. I hope this'll be good >.<I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but stillIt was all "I hate you, you hate me"And then this happened.Trust me; there's outside corroboration. (end of page 5-beginning of page 6)I hereby conclude that they're all bearded vultures.But anywaysIt's that phenomenon again. That one I observed.If s [...]

  • caroline wilson

    The book descriptive really made me sit up and think yes please and so I went and downloaded it. The beginning was promising and I thought I was on to a winner but I'm afraid for me it just went down hill after the woods scene and I ended up flicking. The book starts with Levi who is a werewolf going off to reunite after a forced parting for a year to his bonded mate Ian, this happened because Ian's human and the werewolf elders didn't want Levi to mate with Ian so they enforced this but when he [...]

  • Meg

    The Given And The TakenORThe Give Me a Break And Just Do Each OtherI wanted to like this book. I have a soft spot for more than two partners in a part, I really do. A three way arrangement full of hate sex? I am sold! But the book didn't live up to that sell. This this just wasn't any fun. For one, it's really angsty and dreadfully introspective. We spend the first half of the book having the same three conversations again and again with slight variations of person and script while one character [...]

  • Ms. Nikki

    Exactly how not to start a threesome. This read was all wrong for me and I feel compelled to explain why due to the fact that Witt was/is? on auto-buy. Usually when I read Witt I get so invested in her characters that I love when they love, hurt when they hurt, and feel what they feel. I can honestly say I felt no happiness for Ian, Darius, Selena, or Levi. Just a sad sense of acceptance. A "this is how it is so let's move on." Every conversation "told" me what Selena gave up so that Levi and Ia [...]

  • Adara

    Argh. Loved it, but it's not all there! =) This is how I felt after reading An Uncommon Whore: there's a lot more to the story after this. This is only part one. It's a very good part, but I'd like the rest now, plzkthx.There is plenty of guilt to spare in this story and none of the three feels good enough for the others. This is believable due to the situation, though I can't decide whether I was hit with it over the head too much or not. I guess since I'm having the thought that maybe I was. I [...]

  • C

    L.A. Witt is an auto-buy for me, I think she is just fantastic. But this book was just okay for me. Didn't hate it, didn't love it.Part of that is that I'm not really big on vampires and shifters, I like some, but I don't seek out the genre. I'm also not huge on love triangles (quadrangles?), so while I think the story was good, and very exciting, it just wasn't ever going to hit my buttons.The kicker to my so-so review here, is that I'll probably read the sequels :) Like I said, L.A. Witt is an [...]

  • Shannon

    I made it to about 40% before I started skim reading. It was just way too drawn out and kinda depressing and dark. And hopeless feeling even. The writing was excellent and I love her books but this one was just too long-winded for me. But I finally finished and we'll see if I can read the next one if there even is one.

  • Dana

    I listened to the audio version of this book, and really loved it. Threesomes are hot, and when they are made up of werewolves and vampires, even hotter. Good narration, and lots of action.

  • Carolyn88

    I loved this book. It was a good long read. Lots of action and sex. Just the kind of book to sink your teeth into.

  • Marsha Spence

    I really enjoyed this one. I was seriously pissed at the Elders and I felt so much for Ian first and then Levi & Darius. It was just horrible situation. Already looking forward to Book 2.

  • Emilie

    3.5 stars

  • Sandra

    Own 2nd in series also!

  • Achim

    3.5There's cheating but it's about M/M/M and so there has to be cheating somehow because 3 men falling in love at the same time together would be nearly impossible to make me believe in. So there's also a world of guilt and reasoning but all in all L.A. Witt found a way to make it comprehensible and the guys don't get an easy way to get over the starting reason of their triangle with Ian falling for Darius while being in a relationship with Levi but somehow it seems Ms. Witt's muse got exhausted [...]

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    237 L.A. Witt
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