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By D.D. Barant | Comments: ( 593 ) | Date: ( Feb 24, 2020 )

Dark magic, unknown enemies, monsters of every stripe FBI profiler Jace Valchek has seen it all In this bizarre parallel universe, shape shifting werewolves and blood thirsty vampires don t even warrant a raised eyebrow That is, until Jace has to face what life might look like as one of themIt starts off as just another run of the mill assignment to track down the rogDark magic, unknown enemies, monsters of every stripe FBI profiler Jace Valchek has seen it all In this bizarre parallel universe, shape shifting werewolves and blood thirsty vampires don t even warrant a raised eyebrow That is, until Jace has to face what life might look like as one of themIt starts off as just another run of the mill assignment to track down the rogue don of a mafia werewolf family before he upsets the delicate balance of the underworld But Jace wasn t counting on being bitten and soon she s fighting the growing wolf inside her with a startling antidote vampirism Stopping a bloody gangland war won t be easy when Jace is feeling some new, and very inhuman, desires In Better Off Undead, Book 4 in The Bloodhound Files, DD Barant takes Jace farther than ever before and the result is A stellar addition to an already outstanding series RT Book Reviews.

  • Title: Better Off Undead
  • Author: D.D. Barant
  • ISBN: 9781429995726
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

D.D. Barant

Pseudonyms Don DeBrandt Donn Cortez Dixie LyleDD Barant lives in Vancouver, BC, and loves monsters, chocolate, animals, reading, comics and lying naked on the beach, while hating bullies, narrow minded people, Sea Urchin Sushi and gluten He has stated that DD Barant is a pseudonym, and that it is not the only pseudonym under which he writescmillan author ddbarantddbarant

Comments Better Off Undead

  • yann Devraux

    I will not bother with recaps.I will simply say I have mixed feelings about this one. While all the characters are still here and strong, and Charlie is back again stealing the show, this book is the clincher of a growing problem I have with the series. Namely, Jayce becoming a bumbling idiot whenever the plot demands it. The main selling point of the series for me is that every important character is both highly intelligent, and very, very complex. So when normally cynical enough to make Diogen [...]

  • Mistress of the Dark Path

    Imagine waking up one morning to be told you were going to an alternate earth, in a different dimension. Your earth being much like the one we know, but the other having some glaring differences. Oh, the countries and cities of this other earth appear much like our own, but other things are very different. The most obvious being the fact humans only make up one percent of the population. The other ninety-nine percent are vampires, werewolves, or golems. In other words, humans are a protected spe [...]

  • Justin

    It was doing good up until the end.All of the tension the book had built was turned into nothing by a convenient little deus ex machina. I feel as if I've had my hopes for change ripped out beneath me and replaced with normal, boring rug of status quo. Is it so much to ask for an episodic book series capable of evolving?

  • Shelley

    *Rating* 4.0*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review*Better Off Undead is the fourth novel in the Bloodhound files with our heroine FBI profile Jace Valcheck as the main protagonist. Jace, if you haven’t followed this series from the start, was taken from her own world by David Cassius the director of the National Security Agency, and brought to what she affectionately calls Thropirelem. Her mission: find and eliminate Aristotle Stoker who is the descendant of Bram Stoker and a known terrorist, then she w [...]

  • Ami

    Quick plot recap for my personal purpose:(view spoiler)[Jace is being asked by Tair (previously known as Dr. Pete) to do a favor for Don Arturo Falzo, a thrope Mob head, in return for his cooperation. The Don is said that he has loses his mind, going crazy, and Jace needs to confirm that. But things go south quickly, when the Don escapes, and Tair slashes Jace in an ritual gone wrong, quickly infects Jace with thrope virus. Cassius, Jace's boss, offers a solution to infect Jace with a pire virus [...]

  • Rachael

    Life is proceeding as normal, at least as normal as it gets for Jace. In her ongoing attempt to turn Tair back into Dr. Pete, Jace finds herself thrown into the middle of the thrope mafia and an illegal vampire/golem trafficking scheme. At the same time, Jace is infected with the thrope virus and is battling for her humanity by the only means possible- the vampire virus. Now Jace is in a race against time to not only stop the trafficking and take down a mafia don, but also for her very life.The [...]

  • Wendy

    My feelings about this book *sighs* I don't recall Jace being this gawd damn annoying. Some of her ranting is such a waste of word space, and her jokes!!e should leave that to her partner. Jace pretty much has free reign of whatever she does in this book without taking responsibilities for her own actions. Like(view spoiler)[why the hell does she keep chasing after Tair. Who the hell would believe he would just give in.Ms high-profiler obviously. Her reaction to Cassius when his bloodlust kicked [...]

  • Thenia

    A very imaginative and fun read, keeping up with the previous books in the series.The world is well built and elaborate, the characters multilayered and the story original and interesting.Jace faces a great deal of trouble in this part of her story, fighting to keep her humanity while chasing bad guys and trying to figure out what's really going on. Her sense of humor remains undiminished and I especially enjoy her internal monologues. There have been a couple of turning points for her in this b [...]

  • Ria

    Oh Jace, how I've missed you! This series is the best kind of mental and I cannot believe I waited quite so long to pick up book 4. By far, my favourite thing about this series is Jace's narration. The plots are always engaging and the supporting cast are fantastic but Jace and her snark always come out on top for me. As she faces impending lycanthropy, her humour and energy remain. The eleventh hour 'development' came a little out of the blue (though arguably if I had read this soon after book [...]

  • Mangrovejane

    This was a surprise. I really did not expect to be as captured by this book as I was. It was clever, funny and thought provoking. Werewolves, vampires, humans, an alternate universe, a sassy female detective with a straight man stoic golem as a partner, twists and surprises and political intrigue.I seriously could not put the book down and I could not have asked any more from an author. I can't wait to read the next one and the three prior to this one. I may not sleep for a week but WORTH IT!!!

  • Fangs for the Fantasy

    Despite the fact that everyone has told her to give up on Doctor Pete, Jace is determined to kill Tair and bring back her friend. To that end, without securing back up, Jace attempts a magical rescue mission of sorts, only to end up scratched by Tair and no closer to Doctor Pete. Now Jace has to deal with the potential of turning into a werewolf - that is if her boss cannot cure her with vampirism. If that weren't enough to deal with, Jace now finds herself chasing down a mob boss gone rogue, as [...]

  • Amy at Read What I Like

    After several months off I decided to revisit the Bloodhound Files series and see if I could finish the last three books. The last book left me wanting and I was hesitant to dive into the next one but apparently, enough time had passed and I enjoyed following a smart alec Jace around as she solves another case for this other world NSA.After rereading my review of the last book I can see why this one worked better for me. All the supporting characters that I love were back including Charlie her g [...]

  • Goldingurl

    in this installment our hero jace is faced with mortal issues missing her own kind is only the tip of the iceberg can she get over her issues and still be effective at her job? She has a deal to uphold after all, without capturing stoker she will never get home. Bad guys keep popping up now it's the furry mob and Tair, distracting her from the main bad guy she needs to find in order to be sent home. When all else fails she has to rely on gut instinct. Though she has massive hurdles to over come [...]

  • Deb Groom

    This book did not disappoint. It had the classic humour, layered plot, and great characters. What I really like is that while it is part of a series it can stand alone as an enjoyable read. This time Jace is faced with a whole new challenge that could bind her into this alternative universe. This is my favourite of the series so far. I am just glad there are more books left in the Bloodhound Files. D D Barant is a highly skilled writer and I look forward to picking up the next one.

  • Michelle Boyea

    This was the best one of the series so far. And here are my reasons why:1. Tair is in custody2. Dr. Pete is not completely gone3. Jace and Cassius FINALLY got togetherEach book is hard for me to get into at first. But approximately halfway through, it becomes irresistible and difficult to put down. The last quarter of the book becomes a devouring session where I cannot stop reading until it is over.

  • Heather

    Well Jace has to solve another case but things get crazy when; Tair escapes, she gets scratched by a thrope, and bitten by a pire, kidnapped by mafia mobsters and so much more. So most of the story is hunting down the out of his mind mafia Don all while dealing with side effects from the scratch and bite.

  • Reshy

    Lycanthrope version of a Pregnancy Scare.I dunno, I was rather disappointed in this book because it was predictable. It's like a pregnancy scare in other series, all drama with no substance. She gets scratched by Tair (Not bitten) and starts to turn, but that's okay because a bite from a vampire can kill the virus but probably kill you in the process. Don't worry though we can use magic to make sure you live through it but someone has to die. But don't worry about that either because the person [...]

  • Miki

    This review was first published on my blog Lecture Toute une Aventure I really love this series but this book kind of disappointed me. The rhythm is still rapid, the action well described, the plot and investigation well written but the humour was not as present as in the first book while the romance is put up front.Jace wants to help doctor Pete and still feeling guilty for what happened because of that she isn’t as cautious as she was in the first book ( and it was already quite a lot to say [...]

  • Sarah (saz101)

    Jace Valchek returns, and is back to form! Hopefully, if you're reading Better Off Undead (the fourth installment in the Bloodhound Files series), you're familiar with the story: FBI Profiler Jace Valchek is sucked into a parallel universe where the paranormal is normal. She needs to catch an insane human serial killer to get her ticket home. Here, as a human, she's an endangered species, but Valchek might just be getting her wolf on. Oh, and she needs to catch an insane werewolf mob boss, too.A [...]

  • Kc

    So far, we've seen Jace tackle the challenge of going home. She was brought to Thropirelem against her will and employed to find and take down the bad guys. After doing that, she pursued the task of trying to get herself home via hunting down the man responsible for bringing her to Thropirelem in the first place. After having failed that, what's next?Why, struggling with the challenge to keep her humanity intact while chasing after a mentally unstable man in power. As if a girl doesn't have enou [...]

  • Amyiw

    4 1/2 starsI almost want to say to people, "if you liked the first book and don't like confusing alternate realities and timelines, skip book 2 and 3 and get a synopsis of what happened in them and move on to 4."So book one has Jace being pulled from her reality, which is ours, to a reality that humans only make up 1% of the population. The Vampires, Lycanthrope, and Golems (Vamps, Thropes and Lems), don't understand human craziness but need to so they steal an FBI criminal psychologist from a w [...]

  • Lesley

    4.5 StarsI love this series! I always wonder why more people haven’t read The Bloodhound Files because it has to be one of the best urban fantasies I’ve read. Not only are these books hilarious and action packed, but with Better Off Undead we also get a little romance. As always, the characters are awesome. Charlie is just as cool and deadpan as usual, and, although Azura wasn’t in this one, we get to spend more time with Tair, getting into his head and trying to figure out what has happen [...]

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)

    DD Barant's latest in the Bloodhound Files was totally amazing! Better off Undead is probably gonna be my fave in the series so far! My mind was a little fuzzy on the details of last time, but I was quickly immersed into the plot and story of this book!Jace is thrust into yet another case, but this time it doesn't involve Stoker, the serial killer she was asked to bring in. This time Tair, the man who was once Dr. Pete, is on the loose and helping another criminal. It's a little complicated to e [...]

  • Mark

    I enjoyed delving once again into the world of "Thropirelem," as FBI profiler Jace Valchek calls it, an alternate Earth where magic is very real, and vampires, werewolves and golems make up the majority of the population, and humans like new arrival Valchek are in the one percent minority. Only when Jace catches a human serial killer who has wreaked havoc across this strange new world will she be transported back to her own Earth home.However, Valchek may not be human for very long when she's wo [...]

  • LadyTechie

    This series just gets better and better. I am thinking the alternate, swapped realities, in this series is really original. I have not read all there is out there in the Urban Fantasy genre but, I have not seen anything like it and I love it. I put off reading this latest book for a while and then I began it and within the first few minutes I wished I had not put it off. I forgot how funny D. D. Barant is, even when he is writing the most kick-butt scene. Yes, I said he. I really thought the aut [...]

  • Jed Moulton

    ok so the Vegas mission did not go exactly as planned, still they got everything put back like it was suppose to be however they did not get Stroker and now Asher is not only an enemy but still universe hoping. Nothing says no extradition like a parallel earth. Now Jace is dealing with trying to help her friend Doctor Pete, who calls himself Tyir now after a run in with a time altering sword. Taking a desperate gamble to restore her friend it should come as no surprise that the plan did not work [...]

  • Daffodil

    4.5 starsSince arriving on Thropirelem, her name for this alternate Earth, Jace has had to make quite a few adjustments. Not only do Lycanthropes, Vampires and Golems exist, but humans are a less than 1% minority. Karmic (comic) Books are outlawed spells that can set future events. And a time-warping sword can completely unravel a man's life, mentally change his key decisions and remake him into a cold-blooded killer, all while those around him still remember the man he was. Jace has real hope t [...]

  • Karyogini

    After reading so many book, especially this genre, the stories all become similar. Some are downright copies, others are slightly different, and there those are are completely unique I would probably classify this as slightly different. Since the underlying theme of this book (not series) is vamps vs. thrope. But who cares if you just really love reading? So what if the story sort of remind of a different book. Authors draw inspiration from somewhere right?Anyway, I got distracted, what I really [...]

  • Cindy

    D.D. Barant has created such a wonderful, colorful world of Thropes, Vampires, Golems and humans (humans are a minority) in a parallel universe that I ripped right through this edition of "The Bloodhound Files". Jace Valchek is an FBI Profiler brought to an intriguing universe to find and take down a serial killer that this world has no hope of finding because serial killers just don't exist there. Jace gets sidetracked when a Thrope she caught and imprisoned tricks her into taking him out for a [...]

  • Darcy

    This series puzzles me. There is so much about it that I like, Charlie, Gally, the Adams pack, and the world itself, but I find I do get bored reading the books. I end up reading 50 pages at a time then switch to a different book, them come back. Usually I will just give up on a book when this happens. But there is just something that keeps me reading even though the books are just ok for me.Jace has grown on me in this book and I don't find her so annoying. She really goes through the ringer in [...]

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