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From Hamlet to Romeo and Juliet to A Midsummer Night s Dream, Shakespeare s celebrated works have touched people around the world.Aliki combines literature, history, biography, archaeology, and architecture in this richly detailed and meticulously researched introduction to Shakespeare s world his life in Elizabethan times, the theater world, and the Globe, for which he wrFrom Hamlet to Romeo and Juliet to A Midsummer Night s Dream, Shakespeare s celebrated works have touched people around the world.Aliki combines literature, history, biography, archaeology, and architecture in this richly detailed and meticulously researched introduction to Shakespeare s world his life in Elizabethan times, the theater world, and the Globe, for which he wrote his plays Then she brings history full circle to the present day reconstruction of the Globe theater.Ages 8

  • Title: William Shakespeare & the Globe
  • Author: Aliki
  • ISBN: 9780064437226
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

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Aliki has written and illustrated many books, both fiction and nonfiction, loved by readers throughout the world The books were inspired by a word, an experience, or the desire to find out Aliki lives in London, England.

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  • Dolly

    I enjoy reading Shakespeare and I love going to his plays. Our girls have been to one play, and I was impressed that they 'got' it so well. I really want to continue to expose them to the wonders of his works, but I don't want to overwhelm them by merely reading the plays aloud. So when I saw this book, I thought it was a great way to introduce them to his life and his impact on our language. This book is primarily a biography of William Shakespeare's life, weaving snippets of his plays througho [...]

  • Emma

    “All the world’s a stage, And All the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their enterances; And one man in his time plays many parts. As You Like It, II, 7The words of William Shakespeare permeate the lives of English speakers around the world. Did you know he is credited with some 2000 words and expressions, such as, “good riddance” and “wild-goose chase”? But what of the man behind the words?! Aliki presents the story of Shakespeare (and the Globe) in a series o [...]

  • Amy

    My oldest liked this book, alot! :)

  • Kara

    Shakespeare, Plays, Acts, Facts

  • Charlene Olson odu

    The picture book William Shakespeare and the Globe gives a brief synopsis of the life of William Shakespeare. The book also explains the efforts of Sam Wannamaker to reconstruct the Globe Theater. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford upon Avon, England. He was educated at the local grammar school, and he married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18 even though Anne was eight years older. He and Anne had three children: Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith. Shakespeare went to London where he was a [...]

  • Victoria

    Aliki does a great job writing and illustrating her book William Shakespeare & the Globe. The pictures are vivid, colorful, and look to have been made using various media types (e.g. paint, crayons, colored pencils, etc.). The table of contents is arranged in play format, starting Act One: Scene One with the life of Shakespeare, but the focus of the book seems less on the playwright himself and more on the history of the Globe Theater. Also, there isn't a bibliography or reference page to sh [...]

  • Holly

    This book tells the history of William Shakespeare’s life and the Globe playhouse which was built by he and his friends. It also tells about Sam Wanamaker, who rebuilt Shakespeare’s Globe in modern-day London.Personal Evaluation:I love how the book is laid out in Acts and Scenes for the “chapters.” It has excellent, not-well-known information that even adults would enjoy learning about. The language is simple, and there are lots of interesting pieces: Shakespearean quotes, his bibliograp [...]

  • Heather

    This was a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare. I felt like it gave them enough information without going too indepth. It talked a bit about Will himself, as well as some of his contemporaries. It discussed the playhouse and social system of the time. The book was written like a play, Act 1 Scene 2 and such and each page had a small quote from one of his plays. It also went on to describe Sam Wanamaker who started the project to rebuild the Globe in London.Our favorite part was at the end wher [...]

  • Gail

    I absolutely plan to use this text with my World Literature classes in future years. Reading the entire text is unlikely, but I would use significant portions to review (as students have studied Shakespeare during freshman year) the background of Elizabethan England and some information on Shakespeare himself. The format is also a review in itself, as it uses play terminology (aside, act, scene, etc.) to format different segments. The play quotations that are scattered throughout are also both r [...]

  • Aby Vela

    With whimsical costumes, Elizabethan language, and historical phenomenons, Shakespeare and the Globe brings life back to the past. Although there is not much information available on the mysterious William Shakespeare, this book gives you much detail of what they did know and what life was like back then. The illustrations are vivid with color and animation, making each page draw you into its action and activities. The animated people looked just as they do in the plays and movies we see with al [...]

  • Charity Humfleet

    This book was written as a biography picture book for the play write William Shakespeare. The book describes some on Shakespeare famous plays and main characters. It also goes through the building of the Globe theater which is where many of Shakespeare's plays were performed. This biography picture book included well illustrated diagrams so the reader can really visualize the theater and the characters. This biographical picture book would be great for children because it is an exciting way to l [...]

  • Tracy Holland

    A chronological look at the life of William Shakespeare and the time in which he lived, wrote, and prospered. This book gives a look into the elusive life of one of the greatest authors ever to put pen to paper. While Shakespeare is not favorite literature to read, I appreciate the impact that he has had on literature and theater. Having been to London several times, and to many of the places cited in the book, it was interesting to read about the historical time, recognize the places and distri [...]

  • Olivia Lagore

    A wonderful book describing how Shakespeare's company worked, the men in the company, and Shakespeare's life as well as the eventual rebuilding of the Globe in London, this book could act as an excellent introduction to a first reading of Shakespeare for students, explaining how the plays were meant to be read, perhaps paired with a filmed staging of one of his plays, or, even better, a field trip to one. The illustrations were just as descriptive as the text, and the two worked together to get [...]

  • Kennedy

    This was a fun book that made learning about Shakespeare far more interesting, especially for younger children. This book describes the life and times of William Shakespeare including: what theatre was like at this time, what the arts in general were like, the patrons, etc. I loved the illustrations and how the book was divided into Acts and Scenes like a play would be. I found that really clever. This would be a good book to use in schools if the kids were learning about writers and didn't want [...]

  • Franklyn Kornn

    This is a good book about the Globe where the Shakespeare plays were played. This would be good to use in a text set on Shakespeare. I really like this book for the older children, upper middle school-high school age students because I feel that this book gives a lot of valuable information about the theater and Shakespeare. Our students start reading Shakespeare in the upper grades and I feel that this book would lay a good foundation for them to build upon by reading some of the plays such as [...]

  • Yasmin Gomez Geng

    Aliki does a wonderful job of telling the story of William Shakespeare, and Sam Wanamaker, through a unique format that uses the phrasing of "Act, Scene" as well as the format of a storyboard. Aliki also infuses some of William Shakespeare's work throughout the book through the use of short quotes from various works.I think kids would really enjoy looking through the pictures and seeing the life of William Shakespeare come to life.Grade: 2nd Grade to 5th GradeTopic: Literature, Poets, England, L [...]

  • Kristi

    This book is about the life and work of William Shakespeare. It includes details about him growing up, moving to London, and creating some of the most famous stories of all time. This book also includes the idea of create The Globe in London during the 1980-90's. Also, this book includes incredible illustrations and maps to help visualize some of the details of the stories. I could include this book during multiple lessons about history, social studies, or English about England, William Shakespe [...]

  • Mary Sesar

    Children start learning about Shakespeare at a young age. This would be a great book that tells his story, from when and where he was born to where and when he died. It tells of his works and accomplishments throughout life and even tells us who he married and who his children were. I would use this in the classroom, with older students, along with reading an actual story written by Shakespeare to help give the students a larger background on the author.

  • Deanna

    Another good one by Aliki. This book covers the life of William Shakespeare and also the history of the Globe including the rebuilding of it and its first performance in 1997. This book doesn't go into depth about any of his plays. It includes some history of the time period such as London Bridge, Elizabeth I, cock fighting and James I to name a few.

  • Shelli

    This is a fascinating picture book biography on William Shakespeare and the history of the Globe Theater with quotes from his writing woven throughout. I particularly loved the last section that showed some of the 2000 words and expressions that Shakespeare coined such as: schoolboy, anchovies, fair play, radiance, fairy land, quarrelsome, dauntless, never-ending, We have seen better days, & Eaten out of house and home.

  • Don Heiman

    Aliki's "William Shakespeare & the Globe" book published in 1999 is a wonderful tribute to the legacy of Shakespheare, his contribution to English thought, and his ability to engage readers for over 400 years. The book is ideally suited for children. I enjoyed the book's illustrations very much. The volume makes an ideal cocktail table book.

  • Amanda Day

    Gave information about teh life and work of William Shakespeare and the creation of his Globe Theater. It tells his story by giving facts and using lots of pictures. The chapters and sections in it are also called 'Acts' or 'Scenes' which I thought was cute. It also goes on to talk about the man the rebuilt the Globe theater for people to visit today.

  • Brigid

    This book is nothing special, but just the list of words and expressions Shakespeare is credited with inventing makes it worth reading. (Or you could probably just read about that on the internet.) (But holy cow Shakespeare invented a lot of words and expressions. Puppy-dog? Anchovies? For goodness' sake!)

  • Savanna Grace

    This book is a good one to introduce Shakespeare to kids. His work is often introduce in the middle school years and is not enjoyed as much because of it. The book is divided into Acts that tell the story of his life. This could potentially get kids to develop an interest while they're young that will increase as they get older.

  • Shelly♥

    This was a wonderful book introducing student to the life of Shakespeare and the history of the Globe theater (recently rebuilt in London). It is written in scene and acts much like a play. Really enjoyed it and my kids have now pulled it out on their own to explore.

  • Amy

    With Story of the World, Vol. IIThe main narrative works as a read aloud but all the other asides and quotes make it hard. Wish it all flowed together more but otherwise it was well done and informative. Illustration were great as usual.

  • Alicia

    Loved this! The history of Shakespeare and the Globe Theater in an easy to understand package. Great way to make connections too! At the end, there is a glossary of all his works and the words and phrases he invented that we still use today.

  • Tiundra

    I would use this book in the classroom to talk about history, poetry, and theater. This book will be great to use to show the contribution William Shakespeare made with his creative process of writing.

  • Bethe

    Bookaday 76. Detailed illustrations accompany easy text about the famous author and his theater. Little quotes from his writings on every page, lots of white space makes for a clean, bright page.

  • Jeanne

    A great intro to Shakespeare and his theater. The big bonus for us were all the little figures from his plays. We copied them and turned them into finger puppets and used them in a variety of ways. Love, love, love this book!

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  • Best Read [Aliki] ☆ William Shakespeare & the Globe || [Poetry Book] PDF ↠
    450 Aliki
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