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By C.C. Benison | Comments: ( 761 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Introducing a series utterly perfect for cozy fans of Alan Bradley, Alexander McCall Smith, and Louise Penny The Reverend Tom Father Christmas, the newest vicar of Thornford Regis, an idyllic rural town in England, turns detective when one of his parishioners turns up dead in a drum, and everyone in town seems to have something to confess Tom Christmas came to picturesIntroducing a series utterly perfect for cozy fans of Alan Bradley, Alexander McCall Smith, and Louise Penny The Reverend Tom Father Christmas, the newest vicar of Thornford Regis, an idyllic rural town in England, turns detective when one of his parishioners turns up dead in a drum, and everyone in town seems to have something to confess Tom Christmas came to picturesque Thornford Regis with his young daughter to escape the terrible experience of losing his wife in the city Her murder sent him packing to the bucolic and charming town, where violent crime isn t supposed to happen and the greatest sin is supposed to be nothing a member of the clergy can t handle Then, at the town fair, a woman is found murdered Tom soon learnsthat everyone in Thornford Regis has a secret to hide infidelity, theft, even past murders Twelve Drummers Drumming showcases a lovely place to live and or die, and marks the debut of a planned twelve book mystery series featuring the brilliant Father Christmas.

  • Title: Twelve Drummers Drumming
  • Author: C.C. Benison
  • ISBN: 9780385670135
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

C.C. Benison

C.C Benison is the pen name of Doug Whiteway, a journalist and author who lives in Winnipeg, Canada He has a degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa and has worked for the Winnipeg Tribune and the Winnipeg Free Press.He is the author of a series of murder mysteries set on the estates of Queen Elizabeth II where the crimes are solved by housemaid Jane Bee, with the Queen s help Titles include Death at Buckingham Palace, Death at Sandringham House, and Death at Windsor Castle He is also the author of Death in Cold Type, a murder mystery set in Winnipeg.In 2011, the first of the Father Christmas mysteries, Twelve Drummers Drumming, was published The novels feature Tom Christmas, Anglican priest, widower and single father, solving crimes in and around the village of Thornford Regis in Devon, England Eleven Pipers Piping followed in 2012 Ten Drummers Drumming is scheduled for publication in autumn 2013.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1997 Death at Buckingham Palace

Comments Twelve Drummers Drumming

  • Li'l Owl

    I am having a hard time with this book. I'm not sure what it is exactly, that is making this book so unreadable to me, so I'll just put it however I can First, I don't remember ever having more trouble following a story, especially when it is supposed to be a cosy mystery. Maybe it's just me, but I can't follow this story, to save my life. The first FOUR pages list the cast of characters. The story doesn't allow you to get to know the people, it's like you have to memorize the who's who, BEFORE [...]

  • Mandy

    Twelve Drummers Drumming was one of those books where I kept looking at how much more I had left to read because I didn't want it to end. Father Tom Christmas is a widowed vicar who retreats to a charming, quiet village to raise his daughter and recuperate from the murder of his wife in their former urban parish. Unfortunately, the quiet is shattered by an untimely death, and the suspects start to pile up. The cast of characters assembled in the novel range from a dottering old POW, a has-been r [...]

  • Mo

    2 1/2 starsWhat do you think the chances are, if an author wrote a book with a character named Father Christmas, and took the title of the book from a Christmas carol, and the cover of the book showed 12 nutcrackers beating drums, that the person buying said book might reasonably suppose that the book had SOMETHING to do with Christmas? I think the chances are pretty high.Yup, I was wrong. This book doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Christmas. Which I could almost forgive had the title char [...]

  • Mary Ronan Drew

    The discussion about being seduced by book covers continues. I have to add to it the seduction of the blurbs.A couple of months before a book is published the author and publisher have to solicit comments from other authors and reviewers. Not much fun, I'm told, even if your book is really good. And the results are usually mixed.Well, the testamonials for Twelve Drummers Drumming can't have been hard to scare up, judging from how wonderful this mystery is, and from who chippped in.Laurie R King: [...]

  • Laurel Bradshaw

    I am usually very conservative with my ebook purchasing, contenting myself with freebies and watching for books under $2, but I actually paid full price for this one. What can I say? It was Christmas, I was away from home, the title and reviews intrigued me, and I didn't want to wait until I could get it from the library. You could spend more on a movie and popcorn!It did not disappoint! I love British cozies. And I love stories involving clergy and their families, since I'm a PK myself. While t [...]

  • John

    Not sure what to think here it had the promise to be be a good story, but I could never become invested in the characters or the outcome really.Aside from the cute gimmick of a minister called Father Christmas (although he usually insists on "vicar" if not just "Tom"), there was the issue of his wife's murder, with no clues a year or so earlier, and his carrying on with raising their daughter as Jewish; his wife's sister takes her to services in the nearby city of Exeter. And there's his having [...]

  • Ray Palen

    The first in a series of Father Tom Christmas mysteries is a compelling and engaging novel. Set in modern times --- this mystery, contrary to its' Christmas carol title --- is no tea cozy of a novel. A young girl is viciously and inexplicably murdered and stuffed inside a large Japanese drum. The small English village of Thornford Regis is full of characters and each is offered as a suspect in some way.Like the work of Agatha Christie, TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING dips into social, political and his [...]

  • Sopha

    What made me pick up this book was the quote on its cover: "A crime novel that Agatha Christie might have been justly proud to claim as her own." - Margaret Maron. And that was a mistake on my part. No one can achieve what Mrs Christie had done in this genre.I could not get into the book at all, nothing to grip my attention and interest. I'm 3/4 through but I just can't seem to finish it and unfortunately, it doesn't bother me not knowing who committed the murder.

  • Leslie

    2½ stars. While the mystery aspect was decent, there was something in the setting or writing that struck me as a bit wrong - I can't really describe what it is. I will try another one to see if this feeling is specifically related to this book or affects the whole series

  • Joeyr

    The story was intriquing to start.Not a bad cozy. I'm not a fan of the male point of view in cozies, so I wasn't taken by the whole thing.

  • Lori

    What a treat of a book. Very excited to find a new series to dive into. Twelve Drummers Drumming, like traditional British mysteries, is set in an Idyllic English country village but, set in modern times with modern characters (aging rock star and goth daughter, part time organist in an increasingly unhappy marriage and a retired army officer still struggling with his life as a POW ) with modern problems (drug abuse, gambling debts and shady pasts). Father Tom Christmas, the protagonist in this [...]

  • Shirley Schwartz

    This book wasn't what I expected. I'm sure others thought it would have a Christmas theme because of the title and because of the other titles in the series. Father Tom Christmas is the name of an English vicar who has recently located to a small English village called Thornford Regis. Father Tom has recently lost his wife to a violent act and it happened in the church he was posted to in the city. He moved to the small village with his young daughter in order to try to raise Miranda in what app [...]

  • Lauri

    Normally, if you give me a mystery set in a quaint English village with quirky English villagers, this is a sure hit for me, but I could never get into this one and gave up about a third of the way through.

  • Cecily Kyle

    Though there is some gnarly imagery that goes well with the title of this book, the overall feel of this book is a little slow, and also a bit small town gossipy. I am reading these books for a challenge that have to be Christmas themed. Otherwise I probably wouldn't continue the series. Here is to hoping the next one is better.

  • Erin L

    this book was an odd one for me. Given the cover and the description, I kind of expected a cozy mystery, but it isn't a cozy. Once I got past that, I settled into the book. I think the author handled numerous suspects and plotlines well and I was never really sure who actually did it and why. It's a perfect little village mystery with all of the little village secrets just waiting to spill out.

  • Bonnie

    This is the second book that I've read (or rather listened to) in this series, but as I listened I realized that it's the first book in series order. I liked it. As with the first one that I read, I could really do without the letters written by the housekeeper to her deaf mother. It's a somewhat longer book than necessary and the letters just add to the length without really enhancing the story.

  • Badseedgirl

    A cozy mystery with a Church of England priest named Tom Christmas, that's right he is "Father Christmas." Which would explain the title. Man I love a good cozy mystery, and this is a great start to a promising cozy mystery series.

  • Peter Ackerman

    A Great Mystery Novel (a hard boiled “cozy”)As an Episcopal priest I enjoy mysteries with clergy as the detectives. The Rev. (Aka “Father”) Christmas is wonderful. A widower assigned to a small village parish where he can raise his daughter is what sets this mystery. The writing is excellent. The author has a way with words that alone captivated me. Though some reviews refer to this as a “cozy”you will not find baking recipes and the like here. This is a mystery as mysteries are mean [...]

  • Teri-K

    Happily for the writer and publisher, some people will like this book. Unfortunately I'm not one of them. I should have investigated it more closely, but I've seen the cover of this and the later volumes in the series, and I made some assumptions. I assumed they were Christmas-themed cozy mysteries, light and humorous. So it's partly my fault that when this first book in the series fit a category I needed for a reading challenge I just grabbed it and started reading. On the other hand, if you ca [...]

  • Helen

    No, it doesn't take place at Christmas, the drums are taiko and poor Tom Christmas found himself with a call to ministry so there he is, an Anglican priest doomed to be Father Christmas. He also was orphaned twice, has four mothers and was a stage magician for some time. That's a fair bit to be dealing with but he has lost his wife to a murderer in his parish in Bristol and is now looking for a quiet parish where he can raise his 9 year old daughter. The one thing he doesn't seem to have any dif [...]

  • Luanne Ollivier

    I was off sick one day last week, cuddled up under a quilt on the couch, just waiting for it to pass. I picked up C.C. Benison's latest book Twelve Drummers Drumming to spend the day with me. What a perfect choice this cozy little mystery was!The Reverend Tom Christmas takes a new posting in the village of Thornford Regis after his wife was murdered in the city. He hopes this English village will offer a place to heal and and a chance to move on for both himself and his nine year old daughter Mi [...]

  • Larraine

    I read about this book in a one line post on the Cozy Mystery Blog,a blog, on which I rely, to keep me informed about the new books coming out in the next month. I took for granted that it was a Christmas-themed mystery. So when it arrived at the library for me, I almost deferred reading it. I'm glad that I didn't. It is NOT a Christmas mystery at all. It actually takes place in the spring in an English village called Thornford Regis. It's the first in a new series that features Father Christmas [...]

  • rabbitprincess

    * 1/2Low ratings always make me sad, especially for authors whose previous work I have enjoyed. (In Benison's case, it's the "Her Majesty Investigates" series.) But I should have listened to my inner skeptic when it thought the idea of a vicar surnamed Christmas and nicknamed Father was just a little bit twee. In the end, the book did not suffer from twee so much as it did First in Series Syndrome: lots of backstory to introduce, and a hell of a lot of backstory for one character. The protagonis [...]

  • Jeff

    Pretty fun book. I liked it but did not love it. I liked the dry humor of the author and the main character. But the story was a little cliche, following pretty much every other story about an amateur detective happening to solve the crime because everyone else is just not getting it. The author did put in several new twists that made the book fun. My biggest problem however was the time that the author took to get the main story going. He kept going back into time to introduce the main characte [...]

  • Mary Warnement

    This was an enjoyable mystery, although I was often annoyed by the author's device of ending a chapter with the prospect of a revelation and leaping forward in time in the next so that the reader only learned the revelation as a flashback. The housekeeper's letters to her mother contained important information as well. Did I entirely appreciate the change in point of view? I won't look immediately for the next in the series.

  • Christi

    I read a bunch of Christmas themed cozy mysteries this December. Twelve Drummers Drumming was my favorite. It isn't even set at Christmas! But it does feature Rev. Tom Christmas who has relocated to a little village in England with his daughter after his wife is murdered.I think this will be a great series to keep up with. I liked getting to know the people in the village and the mystery kept me engaged and guessing.

  • Lindsay Gentles

    Sadly, I saved this for the holidays because the title made me feel it was appropriate for my Christmas mystery and NOPE it has NOTHING to do with the holidays BOOOO!

  • Diane

    Tom Christmas is a vicar, so it logically follows that he is often called Father Christmas. He's a widower with a young daughter and has recently moved to a village in Devon after the violent murder of his wife. He's taken over at a parish where the previous vicar vanished to parts unknown. He wants a safe place to raise his little girl. But a young woman is discovered murdered and stuffed in a large Japanese drum, shattering the security of village life. Tom gets drawn into the investigation th [...]

  • Beverly

    I really don't think I gave this book the chance it deserved. When I started I couldn't quite get into it, then with the first murder I suddenly picked up some interest, then it lagged a bit and finally I enjoyed it more toward the end again. I just don't think I was concentrating on it like I should. But I really did enjoy the character of Father Tom Christmas (don't be tricked into thinking this is a Christmas mystery is not) and his young daughter who are new in town after the death of his wi [...]

  • Beverly

    This was a good mystery, just a little plodding. It was very well written and the murderer was well hidden until near the end of the book. I had my first suspicions about 2/3 of the way through the story. All the characters of the village were very likable. I've already got the second book of the series and will tackle it after Christmas. I am hoping the pace picks up in this second book so I will want to read the rest of the series.

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  • ✓ Twelve Drummers Drumming || ☆ PDF Download by ¼ C.C. Benison
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