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By Mary Ellen Edmunds | Comments: ( 338 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Mary Ellen Edmunds takes a thoughtful and refreshing look at love in the family, the community, the world, and our individual hearts Through her experiences with the Grasshopper Hospital, her sister Charlotte, carrot seeds, refugees in Thailand, and many other people and places, Mary Ellen Edmunds shares a powerful personal view of how we can learn about love The weMary Ellen Edmunds takes a thoughtful and refreshing look at love in the family, the community, the world, and our individual hearts Through her experiences with the Grasshopper Hospital, her sister Charlotte, carrot seeds, refugees in Thailand, and many other people and places, Mary Ellen Edmunds shares a powerful personal view of how we can learn about love The we learn, the we are able to serve, making love a mighty force for good in the lives of those around us.

  • Title: Love Is a Verb: And Other Thoughts on the Greatest Commandment
  • Author: Mary Ellen Edmunds
  • ISBN: 9781570088971
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Mary Ellen Edmunds

Mary Ellen Edmunds has served as director of training at the Missionary Training Center and as a member of the Relief Society general board She graduated from the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University, has been a faculty member at BYU, and has served several full time missions A popular speaker, she is also the author of Happiness Finders, Keepers Love Is a Verb and Thoughts for a Bad Hair Day.

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Comments Love Is a Verb: And Other Thoughts on the Greatest Commandment

  • Etta Mcquade

    This sentence of Mary Ellen Edmund's stands out: Does He [God] give us experiences that help us increase and magnify our talents so that we have more to share? I see that is what happened to me when my first husband was killed at age 24. I memorized the 23rd and 24 Psalms for comfort, and then thought the two together would make a good reading. When I went to BYU, Janie Thompson, who became my sister-in-law, gave me the opportunity to perform in a red-hot variety show, doing something unlikely, [...]

  • Deena

    I could read firsthand accounts of Mary Ellen Edmunds childhood antics for hours! Everything from "fooling" her mother and switching beds with her sister, to creating a fully functioning cricket hospital. Of courseyou HAVE to injure the patients before rehabilitating them, RIGHT? Otherwise, there's no need for the hospital! I like my storytelling saints to have had a devious side (if only in their childhood). It helps me relate and hope for a cure for myself. I was impressed with the unusual and [...]

  • Verona

    Mary Ellen Edmunds is my kind of person. She is happy, upbeat, spiritual, down-to-earth, wise, compassionate, and many more adjectives I could use to describe her. I love being around her so to speak as I read her books. I feel as if she were talking just to me, that we are having a conversation instead of just my reading her thoughts. She uses real life stories to add the personal touch to the principles she is teaching. She uses examples that are not flattering to herself, but she uses them to [...]

  • Aleisha

    The newly-called Relief Society president of my previous ward wanted to give any sister interested a chance to read this book. I put my name on a list and then moved across the country. And forgot about it. She bought me a copy and mailed it out to me and I'm so glad she did.The author is genuine, she's quirky, and she's a great and humble example of putting love into action. Her examples and advice are both entertaining and inspiring and her writing style-while organized-sounds very fluid and c [...]

  • Buttercup922

    Mary Ellen Edmunds is a constant comedian, yet pauses at times for some touching moments which she shares her deep feelings of compassion and love. I laughed a lot through this book, and cried too. What a fun book to read at your own pace as each chapter can be read independently. Perfect for yourself or a gift for someone. I received it as a gift and am so glad I got to read it. *I was able to see her at a Time Out For Women Seminar this past year so I think it helps to have seen her to get an [...]

  • Annette

    This is a much lighter read than what I've been studying lately, but still thought provoking. The author uses analogies and personal experiences to inspire her readers to become better Christians. She has some funny childhood experiences as well as some touching ones from the many people she meets while serving missions all over the world. I can see why she would be a popular speaker, she could probably entertain an audience for hours. She has a great sense of humor. A thoroughly enjoyable read. [...]

  • Deena

    I could listen to her read the phone book as a speaker and love her as an author too. I love her sense of humor, but yet she has a way of inviting the spirit and making you feel like you too can be a better person. She mixes doctrine with her unique brand of humor and experiences to make anything she writes a fun learning experience where the spirit teaches.

  • Debbie

    "Love is a Verb" is a collection of thoughts by Mary Ellen Edmunds. I enjoy her talks, but this collection contains fairly random stories without a cohesive storyline. Sometimes the stories seemed rather pointless. I really didn't care for the writing style of this book, but the general ideas were good. I doubt that I would recommend this book.

  • Elizabeth Kennedy

    Mary Ellen Edmunds writes like she speaks (for those of you who have heard her speak at the MTC or elsewhere), which is a good thing. She is wise, witty and kind. This is one of the best "inspirational" (not sure what a better term might be) books I have read. I want to be like Mary Ellen when I grow up!

  • Lee

    I enjoy reading and listening to Mary Ellen Edmunds and I especially like how she teaches Gospel principles with humor and such a strong testimony. Thinking of love as a verb is indeed a powerful exercise. What a great read and reread.

  • Jodi

    I love Mary Ellen Edmunds as an author and a speaker. I've really enjoyed many of her other books, but this one didn't seem quite as good as her others. But it was still a good reminder of the importance of showing love and kindness to others.

  • Amanda

    Loved this book. While reading, I found myself thoughtlessly doing random acts of kindness. Definitely a motivational book. It was funny, yet had a great lesson in each chapter. It was worth the time it took to read.

  • Ashley Barnes

    I love the personal experiences she shares to illustrate her points. She has a great sense of humor and kept me engaged. Quick, easy read that encourages us to be more compassionate and aware of others' needs.

  • Becca Proper

    What a great book! I am really enjoying this book. I have learned a ton about what it really means to care about people. When you put them first it really makes a huge difference in your relationship and what it's made of and what it can withstand

  • Amy

    This book really inspired me to be a better person. It's a really uplifting book, and I think she has a cute sense of humor. I was introduced to this book by my sister-in-law who loves Sis. Edmunds. I believe she told me Edmunds was a teacher at the MTC when she was there.

  • Wag-a-muffin

    I really enjoyed this book. Mary Ellen's conversational (I'm talking to my best friend) tone makes it feel like she knows me. It is positive without being Pollyanna-ish. And I will go back and revisit chapters often.

  • Wendy

    I was given this book by a close friend years ago and started it a few times but never finished it. I am so glad that I finally did. It's easy to read and really makes you think about things. I'd totally read it again.

  • Terrie

    Very uplifting and thought provoking book. I especially liked the last chapter where the author breaks down all of the qualities of Charity. In spite of realizing that I fall very short of the Pure Love of Christ, I was motivated to try a little harder to be more Christ-like.

  • Christy

    I love Mary Ellen Edmunds!! She was head of Welfare Training when I was in the Missionary Training Center and she is amazing! She gives deep spiritual insight flavored with wonderful humor.

  • Jodi Walters

    One of the best books I've read. Enlightening and entertaining all at the same time.

  • Maree

    MEE is one of my favorite authors. I LOVED this book so much that I had to buy it and give it to some friends. I love being reminded that LOVE is a VERB--it's action. GREAT read!

  • Esther

    I find Mary Ellen Edmunds very funny and yet at the same time inspiring and reflective. I often see life differently or change my life to be different after reading her books.

  • Annie

    Love this book! It's full of great thoughts shared in true Edmunds style. She has such a unique, entertaining, and thought provoking way of viewing the world!

  • Lorinda

    Easy-to-read, greatreal-life examples of service.

  • Marla Milligan

    Mary Ellen is a Latter Day Saint author and I have enjoyed all of her books. This one is as good as the others - if you ever get the chance to hear her speak you should go, you will enjoy her

  • Rebecca

    Love this book, it is a great book club read. It was the best meeting we have had.

  • Wanda

    This is a wonderful book about showing love to others with great examples and humor. I will seek this author out again.

  • Tisha

    This is a good Sunday read. It definitely made me want to be a better person - more loving and charitable to everyone around me.

  • Natasha

    I loved this book! It is so heart-warming, but with a great sense of humor. Oh, there were parts I was laughing so hard - especially about the Grasshopper Hospital!

  • Michelle

    Laughed. Cried. Loved it.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ↠ Love Is a Verb: And Other Thoughts on the Greatest Commandment : by Mary Ellen Edmunds ´
    242 Mary Ellen Edmunds
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