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Will Write for Food is for food lovers who want to express themselves, guiding them from their earliest creative impulses to successful article writing, restaurant reviewing, and cookbook writing Dianne Jacob journalist and food writing instructor and coach offers interviews with award winning writers such as Jeffrey Steingarten, Calvin Trillin, Molly O Neill, and DeborahWill Write for Food is for food lovers who want to express themselves, guiding them from their earliest creative impulses to successful article writing, restaurant reviewing, and cookbook writing Dianne Jacob journalist and food writing instructor and coach offers interviews with award winning writers such as Jeffrey Steingarten, Calvin Trillin, Molly O Neill, and Deborah Madison, plus well known book and magazine editors and literary agents, give readers the tools to get started and the confidence to follow through Comprehensive yet accessible chapters range from restaurant reviewing to cookbooks to memoirs Focused exercises at the end of chapters stimulate creativity, help organize thought, and build practical skills Will Write for Food is the first and ultimate ins and outs guidebook to the incredibly popular world of food writing.

  • Title: Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and More
  • Author: Dianne Jacob
  • ISBN: 9781569243770
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dianne Jacob

Dianne Jacob is the author of Will Write for Food The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More The first edition won the Cordon D Or International award for Best Literary Food Reference Book in 2005 The second edition won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2010 for best book in the USA in its category The third edition came out July 15, 2015, and featured a new chapter on making money Dianne is co author of the cookbook Grilled Pizzas Piadinas, with chef Craig Priebe Rizzoli will publish a second cookbook she co authored with Priebe, The United States of Pizza, in September 2015 She is also the writer of a Time Inc cookbook, The Good Pantry, published in May 2015.Previously a newspaper, magazine, and publishing company editor in chief, Dianne became a full time writing coach, author, and freelance editor in 1996 She coaches writers across the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia on book proposals and writing and publishing books, freelance articles, and blogs Some of the most prestigious book publishers in the US, including Chronicle Books Clarkson Potter Little, Brown Co Ten Speed Press Stewart, Tabori Chang WW Norton Co and William Morrow have published books by her clients She also edits cookbook manuscripts for publishers and helps authors through the publishing process.Her blog, Will Write for Food, covers food writing trends and technique, particularly in recipe writing and blogging The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Chow, Eater, BlogHer, and Food52 News have linked to her posts She started the blog in 2009.Dianne has taught many classes on food writing, including at the Smithsonian Institute and UCLA s Journalism Department She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism For five years she ran the annual Food Writing Symposium at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA She has been a speaker and workshop leader at the Association of Food Journalists annual conference, at BlogHer and BlogHer Food, the International Food Blogger Conference, Food Blog South, Food Bloggers of Canada, and at the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference She has also been the keynote speaker at Eat.Drink.Blog, the Australian food blogger conference, and has taught writing workshops in Vancouver, London, and Dubai.Dianne judges books for the James Beard Foundation and for the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual cookbook awards She has also been a judge for the Bert Greene Award for Food Journalism A feature she wrote about food blogs was a finalist for a Bert Greene award in 2007 A published writer since 1975, Dianne has written for Lucky Peach, Writer s Digest, Salon and the Ms magazine blog, among others She was the Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer in Residence for 2013 at the Stratford Chef s School in Canada.See her website, diannej, for information.

Comments Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and More

  • Hope

    For anyone thinking of writing food pieces in any medium, this book is a must have. The field is extremely competitive, but determination and work will result in publication, even if that publication will be developing a strong personal blog. Some food bloggers are making a living and have started major trends in writing. The most famous of these is food52, led by Amanda Hesser, editor of The New York Times Cookbook and regular NYT contributer. The Pioneer Woman, while not a pro, has an extremel [...]

  • Rebecca

    Good advice on good writing. Everyone I've ever read and respected makes an appearance, from MFK Fisher to Hemingway to Deborah Madison to the author of that Jewish cookbook Katie gave me for Hanukkah to the guy from Gourmet whose blog I just started reading. And, best of all, everyone I haven't read yet! My to-read list is now overflowing with gems of food writing. Oh, yeah, and there's all kinds of industry advice here that seems indispensably helpful if you're actually trying to get published [...]

  • Cory Van Horn

    I was so excited with I first bought the book. Since it had won an award for great writing, I figured with would provide me with new insights into the food writing world. Sadly, the book was so boring I had to retire it to the “will read later pile” after finishing the second chapter. The author seems switch between her own narrative and quotes from other books almost every other paragraph. This causes the book to take on a textbook feel.

  • Meghan

    If you are interested in writing a book about food or filled with recipes, I would definitely suggest you read this book. Very interesting and full of information, plus the author interviewed several authors who are actually writing in this genre to find out what they had to say. Each chapter has writing activity suggestions to help you put into effect what she has taught you. Just one warning: Be prepared to take a lot of notes. :)

  • Nicole

    This is a great reference chocked full of practical information, frank advice, and examples of how to work intelligently. I am impressed that the author got so many famous food writers to share their personal stories, too!

  • Rose

    Great for anyone beginning to think about writing professionally. Good tips on crafting and refining. I enjoyed all of the stories from well known food writers.

  • Willow A.

    I applaud this book on being incredibly thorough. You'll find reasonably detailed information on virtually every aspect of food related writing you can think of here, from blogging and cookbook writing to freelancing and fiction – including various ways people make money with each, and plenty of grounded reminders of the amount of time, work, and sometimes luck involved for those who do it successfully.Whatever kind of food writing you want to do, you are likely to find some useful advice in t [...]

  • Lizzy Seitz

    4.5 out of 5 starsThis book was assigned for a food writing class at my university. So I read most of it at the beginning of 2016 however I wanted to finish it because this book is really well done and jam packed with information about writing with food. Overall seriously enjoyed it

  • FreshGrads .Sg

    Especially in foodie-haven Singapore, food writing is everywhere – in magazines, newspapers and most prevalently on the world wide web. If you are an aspiring food blogger or simply a foodie looking for extra sources of income to supplement your guilty indulgences through writing, this is the book for you.Will Write for Food is based on the author Dianne Jacob's own experiences as a blogger, cookbook author, freelance writer and former magazine editor. The comprehensive book covers, in individ [...]

  • Robin

    According to , I’ve been reading this book since April 24, and it is now November 17. It’s time to admit that it’s likely I won’t finish it right now, and to put it back on the shelf. How ironic that I got stuck in the chapter “Memoir and Nonfiction Food Writing,” since this is the closest chapter to what my food blog, Seasonal Eating is about. IMHO the best way to read this book is to go right to the chapters that are about the kind of food writing that you do or aspire to do and re [...]

  • Mike

    When I saw ‘Will Write for Food’ on a bookshelf in the Ferry Building in San Francisco, I was surprised and excited that a book existed for such a narrow topic. I don’t usually do this, but in this case, I bought it immediately without even browsing the chapters and rolled the dice that the author (Dianne Jacob) had done her homework. As I was walking home, I realized how easily a book like this could be slapped together and sold to people like me, who just started a food blog (WithoutTake [...]

  • Lauren

    A bible for all things food-writing, I highly recommend this for anyone that has any interest in the area at all. Written in a tone that seems like you are having a conversation with a friend, this is a must-read that you won't want to put down. Chapters include information on writing a food blog, developing a cookbook, the art of memoir, fiction that includes food, freelancing, writing restaurant reviews and getting published.Jacob not only provides a wealth of information for the aspiring writ [...]

  • Murissa

    I am a food and travel blogger and I have been wanting to write a novel with a food focus. I also have been writing food and travel articles for free and was thinking about getting my work published. I bought this book to help me in all aspects of my writing. I graduated university with a major in creative writing and found myself out of my element when it came to writing articles about restaurants, food history etc. so I looked to this book for help and direction. I definitely found every chapt [...]

  • AJ

    Blogs must not have been big in 2005, when this book was published, because otherwise I'd be shocked at their almost complete lack of existence in this book about food writing. A food blog is why I picked up this book, to get some helpful ideas for writing my own recipes, critiquing other peoples' recipes, reviewing restaurants and the like. Will Write for Food takes a comprehensive look at the food writing "industry" and informs readers how to hone their food writing skills in many ways, and no [...]

  • Pearse Anderson

    Jacob did complete the goal the back of the book promised, just not very well. She seems obsessed with food blogs and cookbooks, focusing on them over what I really came for: how to write about food and write food fiction/journalism. The book is too focused on certain aspects that don't apply to me or anyone, really. A lot of the book felt like Hell to get through, just dry, bad writing. She makes a lot of statements I had to highlight and add a massive "?" to because they were so ridiculous. Wh [...]

  • Jes

    Will Write for Food is a pleasant overview of various forms in which food writing can manifest. Dianne Jacob's voice is largely one of encouragement to follow your dreams of food writing, with an underlying and persistent parental tone reminding the reader that your journey is going to be less glamorous than anticipated, filled with hard work in writing and other unexpected tasks, and peppered with frequent disappointment. As a 'complete' guide to food writing Will Write for Food certainly can b [...]

  • Rogue Reader

    Excellent reference work on writing about food - it's a style guide that's customized for food writing. Jacob offers comments and insights from well known and much loved writers along with her own perspectives gained from her experience and her blog by the same name. A nice feature are the writing exercises that are included at the end of each chapter. Great for beginning writers and wanna bees with good content for the experienced writer. And no recipes to detract from the writing! Well deserve [...]

  • Julie Davis

    #66 - 2010Not sure why I picked this up except that, flipping through, I noticed there were nuggets of insight offered by many big food writing names. Reading books about writing can be interesting even if you do not plan on writing, as reading On Writing by Stephen King proved to me. I skimmed some sections, such as those on writing recipes or writing cookbooks, but read all the others. Probably only people somewhat familiar with the food writing world would be interested in reading this if the [...]

  • Mightyko Jackson

    This book is so important if you are interested in any kind of food writing-- books, blogs, news It gives a lot of background to the food writing industry, techniques on improving yourself as a food writer, as well as insight on good writers' lives and beliefs about writing. This book also helped me to focus in on what my purpose is as a writer and whether I wanted to be more serious/realistic about it. Dianne's blog is also wonderful for issues in food writing. I encourage you to follow it.

  • Itisme

    A library loan. It is informative and in many respects dull. Such is life.I don't doubt for a second that this author was anything but thorough in her explanations about the industry of food writing.The chapter on writing cookbooks bored me to tears but the memoir section was good.Again it was useful as probably the most truthful information about getting published and self-publishing. Worth my time to get it out of the library a second time when I was ready to read it. What a difference a year [...]

  • Karen

    pretty interesting and this author talked to everyone who is anyone. my opinion is i really didn't think the author's writing was that good. as a result, the book was lackluster and could have been huge. i did learn some things. my favorite sentence was "Who are these people who like muffins?" i was amazed with the story of Judy Kancigor's family cookbook turned Melting Pot Memories. pretty awesome though i can't find it's still in print.

  • LeighKramer

    Great resource for anyone interested in writing about food. While I don't personally have that goal, I do read a lot of food memoirs and cookbooks and thought this would have good behind-the-scenes insights, which it did. I read the 2005 version, which did not cover the rise of food blogs (they had not yet risen) or even how food memoir has grown even more popular in the intervening years. This appears to be included in a revised version.

  • Linda

    If you are a writer, or read a few books on writing/getting published, you might not get anything new from the “how to” parts of this book. But, I enjoyed the stories by established food writers about how they got started & what inspires them. She interviewed some of the best in the field, although in spots I felt she was just name dropping. The bibliography itself was worth the walk to the library to pick it up.

  • Serge Pierro

    Dianne Jacob's book on food writing is probably the best source of information on the subject currently available. However, the book does lack a certain "spark" and seems to be more of a gathering of anecdotes, than an original source of instruction. Lots of topics are covered, and for the neophyte, lots of foundational information. But for the food writer with any previous experience, the material is somewhat pedestrian.

  • Fee

    Practical, basic and complete. Some good advice, writing exercises and background stories from other food writers. However, I could have done with less background and name dropping and definitely less references throughout the text. A list in the back with other recommended books for instance would have been fine with me.

  • Lori

    This was an excellent book on food writing in lots of ways. I read the updated version that is not on which includes a ton of information on food blogging. I learned lots of things that I am putting towards my own blog and I can see an improvement in my own writing already. This is a must read for anyone who wants to be a food writer in any capacity. Highly recommended.

  • Nicole

    The Bible for anyone that wants to be involved in the Food business: whether it be cookbook writer, food writer, or food blogger, you need to own this book now. Jacob puts everything on the table in a clear and concise way so you know what you're getting into and how to improve your chances on getting published. Excellent.

  • Tiffany

    A great how-to guide and resource for aspiring writers. Jacob offers the same advice I'm finding in many of the writing books I'm reading - write every day, use the active voice, read, learn, etc - but she also adds lots of online and print resources not only for selling material, but for self-education as well.

  • Angela Boyle

    This book read like a conversation with the author. She has such a friendly style and she includes so much useful information. I can't recommend it enough. I think you could even apply the information in this book to other types of niche writing, like knitting. There are many examples that would not apply specifically but will still get the point across.

  • Erin Nudi

    An essential guide for anyone who is currently involved in, or wants to be involved with, food writing. Everything is covered from food blogs to writing cookbooks to restaurant reviews - even food writing in fiction is briefly delved into. Definitely a book I will be referring back to frequently.

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